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Welcome to the Devil's Crossing. Quite some time ago I was informed by very reliable sources that there was an area in Cuyahoga County that was used by people that were involved in "Witchcraft" or "Satanic" type activities. Myself and a friend decided to investigate the general area and we found this very old bridge. This bridge is located in the woods and is not any part of the Cleveland Metroparks. We have scouted out the area pretty closely and have found many "strange" things. Under the bridge there are several pentagrams and various other unidentifiable "images" along with a candle ect.There are markings on the trees throughout the woods pointing to the general direction of this bridge. We have taken quite a few pictures in the day time and night. Some of the pictures have provided some strange and unexplainable wierd images.(probably camera flaws) At both ends of this bridge are 2 small compartments, aproximately 20 feet square ech. They include what appears to have been doors or windows attached at one time. The bridge has quite a bit of spray paint on and around the bridge, including "Hells Bridge" painted on one of the top rails. The sparay paint is definitely pretty old, probably 5 to 10 years. There are aslo strange holes around the bridge, some of which are made of brick. The bridge itself is quite unstable and feels unsafe to walk on despite its large size. Also underneath the bridge is a much smaller bridge that appers to be for walking and appears to be the same age as the large bridge. Further into the woods is another bridge about the size that would be confortable for a horse and carrige. This whole general area gives one a very strange heavy dark feeling in the day time and obviously at night. Further back in the woods there is another much bridge that appears to be about the size of what a horse and carrige would use. I must say that we both belive that we have stumbled upon something that could prove to be quite interesting. We are planning to complete further investigation including the history of the area and more of the surrounding area. If we feel that this site is worthy of letting others know the location for their investigation, we will do so. We plan first to complete our investigation. If anyone recognizes this bridge or has any information please contact. I will be posting more pictures in the future despite the reult of any of our findings. Floyd