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*^*My Everything*^*

*^*Eric,My Everything.I am So In Love With You.Everything About You Makes have a feeling I've never had.The Way You Would Hold Me Close and Tell Me you Loved Me..The Way Your Lips Felt As You Would Kiss Me Softly.I felt so safe when I was wrapped in your arms.I felt like I was in a dream,a dream I never Wanted To Wake up From.Until I had to,You Left me.Little did you know As I Sat on the front steps..Heard your truck crank up,I new you were gone.Left And Took my heart with you.You still have it.I wished You knew what this is doing to me.The nights I just cry all night long,Cry until my body is so weak I fall into a deep sleep.I miss you so much.I fill like you dont Love me anymore,Even though my love for you will always Burn deep in my heart.You complete Me.I need you.I just wish you knew.I have made mistake.But Im willing to do whatever it takes.I love You so much baby.Please,You have my heart.Please ,Please Dont Break It..