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*^*All Bout...Me!!*^*

Hey,This Pagie Is About Well Me..Yeap All About Me Me Me!!Anythang Ya wanna kno itz on this page.I mean Anythang and everythang!!

Hey,My Namez Krista Nicole Brady..Im 15 yrs old..& live n a small ,small,small,town,Called Pitkin..Yea Its in Louisiana...Umm My hobbies wud be drinkin,music,guyz,girls..YEs Im Bisexual..I like to hang out have fun and drink,I love to drink lol,love it almost as much as I love Sex..I Love It..Im not a real big druggie but I have my moments..Im really into music,I like Country-Rock-Techno...Most of the country I listen to is Old,Like George Jones,Hank Willams,Hank Williams Jr,Merle Haggard,Gud Ol Willie Nelson,Garth Brooks,Johnny Cash,Johnny Paycheck,George Strait,Kenny Chesney,Collin Raye,Tim McGraw,Randy Travis,Vince Gill,BlackHawk,Brooks N Dunn,Conway Twitty,Clint Black,DAVID ALLEN COE,Clay Walker,And So Forth...I like alotz of Rock,Like Marilyn Manson,Pantera,Ozzy,Slipknot,Godsmack,Creed,Tool,Coldplay,Default,NickleBack,Korn,Deftones,Kitty,Alot Of Linkin Park,Rob Zombie,Slayer,ShineDown,ACID BATH,Smile Empty Sole,Staind,System Of A Downed,Trapt,Juss Peoples N Dat Area Ya know..Den I like My Old Shyt..ACDC,Guns N Roses,Poison,Kiss,Prince,Phil Collins,Rolling Stones,A LiL Red Hot Chili Peppers,Pink Floyd all Da way bay!Anyways Enuf about that...My Favorite Country Song Iz..The Good Stuff-Kenny Chesney...My favorite Rock song is prolly Drag The Waters-Pantera,Or Bleed Me a Ocean-Acid Bath...My Favorite Oldie Wud be- Purple Rain-Prince....Yea ima hick,most pplz will tell ya I gotta big country accent and maybe i do if i do and u dont like it kiss my big ass...I dont care wat ppl think about me,if sum1 dont like me o well i dont care I aint gonna change for u....Ima very str8 up person....I Love Army Guyz n Cowboys..Hot Damn I love Wranglers lol...I love to Party To..Partyn Kikz O Yea I love ya shawn lol..Shawn mah lil suga daddy huh lol ;) ;)....Ok Lemme think what else..O yea Im Like Short yes,but ya kno wat dey say bout dem short girls...So dont pick on fukn short ppl our i will kill u lol...Ima nice person til u piss me off dem I will beat da fuk outta you..O yea Eric is a playa so watch out ladyz...Um Lemme think wat else...O yea I luv to fish,ride 4-wheelerz,get a lil muddy all that outdoor kinda shyt...Well Fuk I dunno what else to put..Ill add sum more when I think about it...