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Name: Angelica Nightrun
Age: appearance of 23
Height: 5'6"
Weight: 120 lbs
Hair Color: Black with Red shine
Eye Color: Greyish with red tint
Martial Status: Happily Married to
Prince Dalton of Gd
Children: Sherilee (17)
Kwanda and Shane (Twin sons)

Hello to all, My name is Angelica and this is my story, I was born in the land of Tyran to Angel and Darius. My parents never married, but seemed to be on an off and on status in their relationship..after so long i just got fed up with it and left my home. I was on my own with no one for a long time and decided it would stay that way, for i didnt need anyone i was doing just fine the way things were..that was until one day i stumbled upon the castle of an old friend of my mother's.. her name, Darksherry, and she was the queen of Gothic Dreams..I spoke to her of all that i had gone through and she invited me into her family..I accepted and became one of the preistesses of Gd. I was happy with what i had and what i was given, but Sherry wanted to give me more..

She came to me one evening saying she had someone she wanted me to meet, turned out to be her son, the prince Dalton.. I can remember the first time i saw him, my eyes lit up..any who say love at first sight does not exist is out of their minds, cause i know for fact it can happen. We began to date, we had many wonderful times together.. One night Dalton suprised me with two very unsuspected things. He told his mother that i was carrying his child, even i had no idea of this, then he fell upon his knee and asked me to marry him, of course i accepted happily. a few weeks later we were married in a beautiful ceremony done by Darksherry, I never felt happier. Not too much longer after our wedding and our life started together as husband and wife, Dalton left for a journey, I sat day after day, night after night waiting for him to return, then one day he did , he made it back in time for the birth of our daughter , whom we named after Darksherry, the name given to her was Sherilee.. Dalton's eyes lit up when he held his daughter for the first time and mine welled with tears of happiness as i watched father and daughter bond. Things were going so good that no one could of known what would happen next, The disappearance of my husband caught not only me and our daughter, but the rest off guard as well.

After so long of waiting for him to return, I began to lose hope, I said my farewells to Darksherry and the rest of the Gd, and with Sherilee left to find a new home..things were very difficult for me and my daughter, we had such a hard time adjusting to life without Dalton, espcially Sherilee, she missed her father terribly. As Sherilee got older , things got worse, she became too much to handle and i saw more troubles and problems arising everyday. I knew it would happen just didnt think so soon, I returned home one night from work and found my daughter gone, I knew where she went, back to her Grandmother..Even knowing she was safe there, i missed her but knew I had to let her go...As time went by I just got used to being alone again..I felt like a failure, at both being a wife and mother and never looked for love again...One day while sitting alone at home i felt the strangest sensations..something or someone told me to return to the GothicDreams Castle..As i made the trip back all i could think of was that feeling, what did it mean?..I soon found out as I entered through the castle doors, my answer was standing there, It was Dalton..he had returned and all i felt was my body lift from the ground as he wrapped his arms around me holding me close, it felt like a dream..But i know now it is real, I am back with my husband, and family that always loved me and accepted me...I now only hope to one day mend the rip in the bond of me and Sherilee.. perhaps soon perhaps later, but the happiness I feel within my husband's arms tells me i can go through yet another day with the love of him and his family at my side...