A New Path by jessie

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A New Path


Cordy walked into the library after her last class, like usual, to find it empty. That wasn't usual.

"Um, hello? Buffy? Willow? Xander? Uhh Mr. Giles?" Cordy said, scared that something had happened. Willow and Giles she could explain. Willow was teaching because of the fact that Jenny got killed and Giles *was* a Liberian, he had things to do. But Buffy and Xander didn't have anything to do and they should be here.

She walked over to the checkout counter and looked behind it but no one was there. Deciding that it couldn't hurt, she walked back into office to see if they were back there.

"Oh my god! Xander! Buffy!" Cordy screamed in outrage as she saw her boyfriend, no make that *former* boyfriend, making out with the slayer on Giles' couch.

"Oh my god Cordy. . .um, I can explain," Xander said weekly.

"Oh so you can explain being on top of Buffy and making out with her? Really? Now this I gotta hear," Cordy said snidely, "God I should have known better than to get involved with the *zeppo* of the group."

"Oh Cordelia, what's the matter? Couldn't hold on to your man?" Buffy mocked the cheerleader.

Cordy was practically fuming at the slayers words but kept a face of uncaring, "Oh yeah, I'm so sad that I lost *Xander Harris*. Puh-lease. I mean come on, he's a little twig that for some reason, I can't even remember right now, I thought was worth my time. Hah! Think about it Buffy, you went from super hottie, who oh yeah wants to kill you and killed Ms. Calender, to this little twerp. Very nice I give you a round of applause," Cordy finished actually giving a little clap as she saw Buffy's face fall.

With that Cordy turned around and re-entered the main library area, just in time to hear another fight going on in there.

"I can't believe you! Just because *Devon* thinks that it's bad for the bands *image*! You're such and asshole," Willow screamed at the boy in front of her.

"Willow, I'm sorry but I'm investing a lot in this band. I mean, we could like get a label. I don't want to do anything to screw that up."

"I can't believe you! Uggh, get out, just get out!" Willow cried in frustration.

"Well Willow, this is a public library. I mean I'm not that partial but still, if I want to be -"

"Just get out you. . .you. . you -"

"- Horrible excuse for a human being! No wait you're not even human, I'm sorry. So why don't you go back to your little *garage* band. Oh and have fun getting fucked up the ass by Devon, because that's all you're gonna be doing for the rest of your carrier in that band. So, tah, have fun," Cordy finished giving a little wave in the direction of the doors.

Willow, and Oz, just looked in astonishment at the woman in front of them.

"What did you go deaf or something? Go!" Cordy said as Oz turned and left the library.

Willow just kept staring at her. 'She just stood up for me. Oh my god Cordelia Chase just stood up for me. When I couldn't even think of something to call him, she just came right up and really knocked him a new one. Wait, why did she do that again?'

"Umm thanks. . I think," Willow said slowly, "Umm . . why did you do that?"

"Because he was being an ass! He's breaking up with you because it's 'bad for the band's image'? Puh-lease, you would do something *good* for their image. Besides, he is so not good enough for you," Cordy said casually as she sat down at one of the desks.

Xander and Buffy were still standing by the door way to Giles' office with their mouths hanging open at the scene they had just witnessed. Cordy had just stuck up for Willow and told her that Oz wasn't good enough for her.

Buffy came out of her stupor suddenly and said, "Why do you care anyway? What are you playing at?"

"*I'm* not playing at anything. It's not like I'm going around making out with *her* boyfriend," Cordy said with a glare at Buffy.

"Wait. . .what do you mean making out with her boyfriend? What does that have to do with Buffy? I mean it's not like Buffy was making out with Xander or anything," at Buffy and Xander's guilty faces Willow continued uncertainly to Cordelia, "They weren't making out. . . were they?"

"Yep, in Giles' office. I got the *pleasure* of walking in on them, it was great," Cordy said with obvious sarcasm.

Willow just looked at Buffy with hurt in her eyes. 'Okay so yeah, I was going out with Oz and Xander was going out with Cordy but still. What about the best friend code of conduct, 'Thou shalt not mack on they best friend's crush'! How could she do that to me?'

Seeing Willow's look Buffy responded defensively, "So what? We were just making out. There's nothing wrong with that. It was fun for me and by the sounds he was making it was good for him too."

Cordy and Willow had equal looks of hurt, pain, and anger on their faces.

"Come on Willow, lets go get some. . .oh I don't know. . .ice cream?" Cordy said, getting up and grabbing the redhead's hand.

"Yeah, I think that, that's a really good idea. Yeah, lets do that," Willow said in a far off voice.

As the two walked out of the library doors and into the hall Buffy turned around to look at Xander and said stupidly, "What? Was it something I said?"

Once they got outside to Cordy's car Willow was feeling a little better. Still shocked and very pissed but not speechless anymore.

"Thank you," Willow said as Cordy started up the car.

"For what?"

"For what? What do you mean for what? Not only did you stand up for me with Oz but then you. . you. . .well with the Buffy and Xander thing. I don't know but thanks," Willow said as she looked at the beautiful brunette.

"Look Willow, I'm not much for the bonding. All the 'friends' I've ever had haven't really been the kind that I 'share' with. So yeah, I'm not much with the bonding. God I don't even know how. So do you think that we can skip that part for now?" Cordy said in a uncertain tone that wasn't snotty but sweet.

"Okay, I think that would be a good idea. I mean you know, considering that you were like, my worst enemy, since kindergarten and all," Willow said with a smile.

"Yeah and it's not like I can just *stop* being Queen C. I mean come on, I'm the biggest bitch this town has ever seen, I'm not a softy," Cordy said playfully as she pulled up to the ice cream place.

"Alright, Queen C. why don't you buy me some ice cream."

"Buy you! Now, why would I do that," Cordy said with a playful quirk of her eyebrow.

"Because you offered and I'm broke!" Willow said as she quickly got out of the car and ran towards the ice cream place.

Cordy just laughed at her antics and got out of the car. 'Hey, maybe this won't be so bad after all. I mean Willow's not so bad once you get past that soft exterior.'

Willow and Cordy sat at one of the tables in front of the shop after they ordered their ice cream. They were silent until Cordy finally asked, "Are you okay? I mean because of the whole Buffy/Xander thing."

Willow looked up from her vanilla and caramel cone, surprised that she cared but also glad to have somebody to talk to, "I don't know. I mean I thought that I was over him you know? I had Oz, he had, well . . .you. But he was still like my *first* love, you know? So Buffy, being my best friend, shouldn't have done that. Not to mention the fact that he was *dating* you. I think what made it really bad was the whole Oz thing, I mean how could he do that?"

"Yeah, I'm sorry Wills. You've gone through so much hell today. Oz being a total asshole and then Buffy and Xander making out in the office."

"Speaking of which, how are you? You seem so concerned about me but Xander was your boyfriend and you and Buffy really *really* hate each other."

Cordelia hesitated at the question, wondering if she should actually open up to this girl. Deciding that it couldn't hurt to have *one* true friend Cordy answered, "Well truthfully? I feel like my heart has been ripped out. I mean, I trusted Xander. I really think that I fell in love with him and then he goes off and starts cheating on me with Buffy?"

Willow was shocked at the truthfulness of the other girls' answer. Instinctively moving closer Willow put her hand over Cordy's, "God Cordelia I'm so sorry! I knew that you and Xander were getting serious but I didn't know that you were in *love*. Wow."

The cheerleader looked up at the redhead and smiled, "Yeah, I mean I didn't think that he loved me back or anything. I just loved him and that was that."

The redhead and her ex-enemy sat at the table for a couple more hours talking about not only Buffy and Xander but also other things in their lives. Cordy talked about how her parents were getting investigated for tax fraud and Willow told about her practically nonexistent parents. They only got up when Cordy noticed how close to dark it was and offered to give Willow a ride home.

The next day Cordy pulled up at Willow's house as the redhead closed and locked the door. Honking the horn Cordy called, "Want a ride? Walking to school ever day must get *pretty* boring."

Willow jumped at the sound of the horn but smiled when she saw who it was. Quickly walking to the car, Willow jumped in and smiled at her new friend.

"Why thank you, I think that getting a ride will be a *very* nice change," Willow said with a big smile.

"So Willow what are you doing tomorrow?" Cordy said as she started driving towards the high school.

"Well tomorrow's Saturday, so nothing really. Well you know unless there's a super baddy and Giles needs help with research," Willow said thinking it over.

"Boring! How about *we* go shopping," Cordy said with a smile.

"See now I knew that you were going to find a way to change my wardrobe. You said something yesterday at the ice cream shop! I don't know if I should feel thankful that you want to give me a makeover or insulted that you don't like my clothes," Willow said with mock thoughtfulness.

"Ha ha. So what do you say, pick ya up around eleven?"

"Eleven! That's a lot of time to go shopping," Willow said, suddenly uncertain if she wanted to go shopping with Cordy.

"Nahh, it'll be great! We'll get you something that will show all the guys just how hot you are! Bad for the band's image my ass!"

"Okay well, only if you promise nothing too drastic. I mean I'm all for looking good but I don't want to go slutty."

"Don't worry I won't give you Buffy's wardrobe," Cordy said with a laugh as she pulled into the high school parking lot.

The two got out, grabbed their bags, and headed towards the library. Giles, Buffy, and Xander were already there and talking about a demon that Buffy had seen last night on patrol.

"Oh Cordelia, Willow, glad to see there you're here. I came in yesterday and Buffy and Xander said that the both of you had already left," Giles said as the girls walked into the library giggling about some comment Cordy had made about how much hotter Angelus was than Angel, even with the docking points for being evil.

"Oh hi Giles. Sorry about that but there were some. . . issues," Willow said as she sent a glare in the direction of Xander and Buffy.

Giles, seeing the glare that Willow shot at the two currently occupying the table, cleared his thoat and said, "Well anyway, do you think that you could get on that. . . *infernal* machine and see what kind of demon Buffy ran into last night."

"Well if it's big, green, and has horns I can tell you what kind of monster it is," Willow said under her breath so that only Cordy could hear. Her comment causing the cheerleader to laugh out loud.

Buffy walked over to Willow as she sat down at the computer, "So Wills where were you last night? I swung by your house after you left school but you weren't there."

"Really? Why would you care where I was?" Willow said with contempt.

"Well, I wanted to know if you had any ideas about how to resoul Angel," Buffy said as though nothing had happened the day before.

"Oh so you brake the biggest rule in the book of being a best friend and then you wanna talk to me because of your evil ex?" Willow said in exasperation.

"What do you mean? Willow you're supposed to be there for me," Buffy said in what could only be called confusion.

"How about you making out with Xander? I mean I know that I was going out with Oz but still, he was my first love. You're supposed to respect that an *not* make out with him!"

"Oh Willow get over it, I have problems too you know!" Buffy said as if Willow were the one who was acting wrongly.

Willow held her breath and counted to ten. 'Okay do not backhand the slayer, do not backhand the slayer. . ' Willow said to herself like a mantra, "Okay *Buffy* look. Obviously you're a self centered little. . little. . ," Willow wanted to say, god did she want to say it but should couldn't, "well you know what you are. You're the worst best friend in the history of the world and. . and. .well I'm not going to deal with it anymore. You can have Xander and hope that you're *happy*!"

"Oh please Willow! So what, you're not gonna hangout with me? Well lets see then, I'm with Xander so if you don't hang out with me than you can't hang out with Xander, hmm who are you gonna be with then, huh? I mean Oz left you and nobody else likes you! Oh and add the fact that I'm the *slayer* and if you leave me than you also leave my watcher, *Giles*," Buffy said evilly.

Willow teared up at the thought of loosing her best friend since kindergarten but knew it would be for the best. It also hurt that she would loose the man that had become like a father to her. But she was strong and she wouldn't take this from Buffy anymore, "Actually Buffy there is someone who would be very happy to 'hang' with me, thank you very much."

"Oh really?" Buffy said with a laugh.

"Yes really," came a strong voice from behind Buffy, "Come on Wills, we have Bio."

Willow stood up and grabbed her things with a smile, leaving a stunned Buffy behind. On their way out they could hear Buffy telling Xander what was said and could hear Xander sputtering.

"Well that went well. . . .I think," Willow said in a confused voice.

"Yes it did, it went *very* well," Cordy said with a smile, "Did you see that bitch's face? My god I thought she was gonna have a stroke!"

Willow and Cordy had fun making fun of Buffy and Xander. They walked into their Bio class and Willow was all of a sudden unsure what to do. Even though Cordy had become, some what, friends with her group she had still stayed friends with Harmony and the others. Should she sit by Cordy or just find another spot to sit?

Cordy looked back and saw that Willow was still standing by the door, with a huff she turned around and linked arms with the other girl saying, "Well come on Wills, the desk isn't gonna walk over and wait for ya!"

"Um Cordelia, what is *she* doing here?" Harmony said in a condescending tone as Willow and Cordy sat down.

"She's cool, she hates Buffy, and she's with me. Got it?" Cordy said in her best Queen C. voice.

"Oh. . well if you put it that way," Harmony said in a small voice.

"Good," Cordy said in a final tone.

One of the girls in their little 'group' looked at Cordy and said, "Um excuse me but why are you even here? I mean come on, you couldn't even keep that Xander guy, he was making out with Buffy this morning and weren't you going out with him just yesterday?"

Cordy fixed the girl with a glare, "Well excuse me, why would I even try to keep him? It's not like I was putting my full effort into the relationship and think about who you're talking about here. Buffy as in the sluttiest girl I've ever met and that's saying something! Obviously he just wanted a piece of ass and I'm more than that. By the way, get a new outfit no make that a new *wardrobe* that is so last season," Cordy finished as the girl cowered in fear.

Class wasn't very eventful after that and as soon as the bell wrang Willow and Cordy were out the door. They walked to Willow's locker first only to find Xander pacing in front of it.

"Can I *help* you?" Willow said evenly.

"Willow! Look I'm so sorry about yesterday and today and everything. Please, don't do this, I mean come it's me, the Xan man!" Xander said in a pleading tone.

"Xander, I can't be friends with Buffy but if *you* want to be my friend that's fine," Willow said sweetly.

"Wills! I can't do that! I mean, she'll like. . disown me or something. Please just come back to the library, you know you want to," Xander said in a funny voice.

"No actually Xander, I don't!" Willow said getting pissed and now wanting to deal with him, "Just go back to your little slave driver and have fun there, I'm happy thanks."

Xander looked at her dejected and walked away with a sigh.

"God! I can't believe he would choose that bitch over me! I'm supposed to be his best friend!" Willow said angrily.

"I know but it'll be okay, I'll be your best friend," Cordy said honestly, getting a smile from Willow, "Plus bonus points for saying bitch!"

Willow looked up startled, "Oh my god! I called Buffy a bitch? Oh my god I did it again! Wow that actually feels kinda nice," Willow said happily as she got the rest of her books and started off with Cordy.

"Oh I know, big bad Willow. I'm getting the tinglies," Cordy said, getting Willow to laugh out loud.


Willow huffed as she walked out of class and to her locker. She had never wanted to get out of a class that badly in her life, come to think of it she'd *never* wanted to get out of a class! Well except when there were evil baddies afoot. But today had been hell! She had been sitting with Buffy on one side of her telling her to get over her 'deal' and Xander on the other side begging her to talk to him. Willow put her books a way and slammed the locker shut with an, "Aarg!"

"Willow Rosenburge being angry with *anything* that has to do with school, what has the world come to?" Cordelia said with a smile as she walked up to her friends locker.

"I just got out of World Studies," Willow practically whined.

"Yeah. . so?" Cordy said confused.

"Buffy on the right, Xander on the left," Willow said as she leaned back against the locker and looked at Cordelia.

"Oh god Wills, I'm so sorry!" Cordy said in a sympathetic voice.

"What, you've done something horrible to her already? Wow Cordy, that's got to be a new record. I thought that even you could keep friends longer than a day," Buffy said scornfully as she walked up to the two girls with Xander in toe.

"Ugh, I wasn't apologizing about something that I did, I was talking about her having to deal with *you* *two* in World Studies," Cordelia returned with a scowl.

"I don't know what you're talking about! Why wouldn't Wills want to be around me and Xander? I'm her best friend and Xander has been her buddy for, like, ever," Buffy said testily.

"Oh yeah, you're a great best friend! You broke the first commandment in being a best friend," at Buffy's confused look she continued, "Thou shalt not mack on thy best friend's first love!" Cordy said using Willow's words.

"Oh and you're so much better? Have you ever even had a best friend? Or a friend for that matter? All you have are little minions," Buffy snarled back at the cheerleader.

"Oh and you do?" Willow jumped in, defending her new friend, "All you have is a little *boy* who worships you because you have breasts, a watcher who only puts up with you because you're his charge, and well, oh yeah, nobody else!"

"Oh really? What about you Wills? I do remember seeing you in the library researching every night and staying over at my house for sleep overs and gossip," Buffy said, angry with her friend for making it sound like she wasn't loved.

"I *was* a little geek who did everything that everybody wanted me to do! Our little 'sleepovers' were you just talking about Angel or Angelus. I'm tired of being who everybody wants me to be! I'm tired of dressing how Xander says, 'our dependable Wills' should or your 'research girl' should. I'm going to dress and act how I want to! I'm tired of doing what other people want me to!" Willow said in exasperation.

"Oh and you're not now? Let me guess, you're gonna let Cordy take you shopping and you'll be a mini Cordy right?" Buffy said, not understanding why Willow wasn't acting normal.

"No I'm not! I'm going to get clothes that *I* like and I'm going to wear them!" Willow said defiantly, "And you and Xander can just. . .just. . fuck off!"

With that Willow and Cordy turned around and walked out of the building, leaving a stunned Buffy and Xander behind them.

"My god Wills that was just. . just. . wow," Cordy finished lamely as she opened the door to her car. "Yeah, it felt good to get that stuff out. Do you think it was okay?" Willow said as she got in on the opposite side of the car.

"Okay? Okay! God Wills that was fucking amazing! The looks on their faces were priceless. God I can't wait to see them on Monday after I take you shopping, you're going to be a knock out!" Cordy started the car but then turned to her friend with a concerned tone, "Umm Wills, you know that if you don't want to go we don't have to. You don't have to wear anything that you don't like."

Willow looked at Cordelia with surprise, "Oh god Cordy, no! I do want to go shopping and I want to get the clothes that I *like* and think are sexy. I want to be more daring and dangerous and I'm glad that you're there to keep me in check."

Cordy laughed and said, "Well I don't know if I'll be keeping you in check much, I plan on being very daring and dangerous myself."

"Well than, lets go have some fun with our bad selves," Willow said with a laugh as they pulled out of the school parking lot.

Cordy took Willow home and reminded her to be ready by eleven. Willow just shook her head and went inside. The next day Cordy was at Willow's house at exactly eleven o'clock.

"Come on Wills lets go!" Cordy said as she shoved her friend out of the front door.

A half asleep Willow just grunted and said, "Coffee?" "Fine, we'll get coffee. . .once we get to the mall," Cordy said in a *way* too chipper tone.

"Ugh, shoot you. Gonna shoot you," Willow said as she crawled into the front seat of the car.

"Ha ha Wills. I thought that you got up early and stuff? You know, you're school girl," Cordy said with a laugh.

"I drink a pot of coffee in the morning, I no have coffee yet. Do you understand? You are dealing with cave woman Willow here!" Willow said as she tried to wake up.

Twenty minutes later they were in the mall and Willow was downing her *first* huge coffee and was holding her second one in a ready to go fashion.

"Wow, that really explains the hight issue," Cordy said with a smirk as she watched Willow drink her coffee.

Cordy quickly ducked as an empty paper coffee cup was thrown at her, "Fuck off."

"Oh my god! Did you just say fuck?" Cordy said in an impressed tone.

"I'm half asleep and you're rubbing off on me, happy?" Willow said as she drank half of her second coffee in one gulp.

"Wow, I'm just shocked. Willow Rosenburge saying fuck, cancel Christmas!" Cordy said in mock exasperation as she put her hand over her heart.

"Go ahead not like I celebrate that fucking holiday," Willow said, rather liking the way that 'fuck' slid off her tongue. 'I could really get used to saying that.'

"Uh oh, Willow's gone bad!" Cordy said as she heard her friend say fuck again, "lets get you some clothes to match!"

Pulling Willow down the hall, Cordy entered the first shop that sold leather that she could find, "Oh no! Cordy, I really don't think -" the rest of her sentence was cut off as Cordy gave her a sharp tug towards the pants.

Seven hours later and fifteen trips back to the car, the girls were done shopping. Willow had a completely new wardrobe and a nice new piercing.

"I can't believe you talked me into getting my bellybutton pierced!" Willow said for the ump-teen-th time in car.

"What? It looks good with all the shirts we got you," Cordy said with a smile.

"Yeah I know. I don't think that even a one of them goes down to the pants. Speaking of pants, my god! I think that there's enough leather in those bags to start a ranch!" Willow exclaimed over *their* new purchases.

"Yeah but you know that you look good in them!" Cordy said as she pulled into Willow's drive way.

To the girls, unfortunate, surprise Buffy was waiting for them on Willow's porch.

"Willow! Where have you been? I've been trying to get a hold of you since noon!" Buffy exclaimed as she ran over to Willow.

"We've been shopping," came Willow's short reply as they started to unload the bags from Cordy's car. "What? But you hate shopping?" Buffy said in obvious confusion as they unloaded the car.

"No, correction, I hate shopping with *you*. You're always whining about Angel or Angelus. I'm tired of it, so just fuck off Buffy. Me and Cordy have *things* to talk about, plus *we're* going out tonight," Willow said as they dropped the *first* load of bags in the entry way and went back for more. Buffy just starred at her friend after hearing her swear, *again*. She was still standing there when the girls had finished unloading the car, locking the car, and finally went inside.

"Wow, you'd think she'd get the point huh?" Cordy said as the loaded up again to go up stairs.

"God sometimes I just want to. . to. . to punch her in her stupid slayer face! There I said it!" Willow said as she dumped bags in her room.

They finished transporting everything and sat down in a huff on Willow's bed.

"Now we just have to pick out our outfits for tonight!" Cordy said happily as she got up from the bed.

"Yeah, I just can't believe that we're going to this club. I mean, the only club that I know of is the Bronze but this is a little outside of Sunnydale, what if something happens?" Willow said worriedly.

"Don't worry Wills, nothing will happen. We'll be fine. Plus we get to strut out stuff without having to worry about stupid *kids* from the high school bothering us," Cordy said happily.

Cordy picked out a short black skirt and blue halter with black boots with a happy grin. Willow took a little more time but ended up choosing a pair of tight, obviously, leather pants and a dark green halter with some black boots also. Smiling at themselves the girls walked back out to Cordy's car and started driving to the little club right out of Sunnydale.

Unfortunately for them, the car broke down about four miles from the club and ten from Sunnydale. Cordy's phone wasn't working and they were stranded.

"I knew something was going to happen! You jinxed us," Willow said sadly as she waited for evil to come and kill them, it was a hell mouth after all.

"Oh settle down, it'll be all right," Cordy said as she patted her friends arm.

Just then an alarmingly farmilar black Desotto pulled up to where the girls where standing on the side of the road. . .


”You know I have to give you props,” Spike said as he drove the Desoto down the road, “Sending Dru down past the border with that stupid little lackey. It’ll be great to finally be free of her stupid mumblings!”

“Ahh but Spike I thought that you *looooooved* her,” Angelus said in a schoolboy tone.

“Ha bloody ha, you know I only put up with her because she’s my sire. Have to act like I love her or else something’ll happen to her you know,” Spike said as her carelessly drove passed the ‘Welcome to Sunnydale’ sign.

“Yeah yeah, what ever you say boy,” Angelus said with a smile, “Still say I should have been able to drive though.”

“My car, I’ll bloody drive,” Spike said defensively.

“Well looky looky what we got here,” Angelus said as he pointed to the two girls on the side of the road.

“You thinking what I’m thinking mate?” Spike said as he eyed the two girls.

“Oh yeah,” Angelus said even as Spike was pulling over.

Spike rolled his window down and leaned his elbow against the now empty window area while sticking his head out to say, “Well hello ladies. Need a ride?”

Willow, to Spike *and* Angelus’s surprise, was very collected and didn’t look scared at all. Cordelia was the one in front of the window and she had her arms crossed a pissed off look on her face.

“No, now go away before I stake you undead ass,” Cordy said in a clipped tone and was happy to see Spike’s shocked expression.

“That’s not a nice thing to say to someone who could rip you bloody throat out, now is it pet?” Spike said menacingly.

“Oh puh-lease,” Willow said with a laugh as she walked up next to Cordelia, “You’ve been trying to kiss us forever and haven’t been successful. ‘Oh look at me I’m a big bad scary master vamp arrg. I’m gonna kill all of you *bloody* *wankers* and now I’ve got Angelus too!’ Woo-fucking-hoo,” Willow mocked.

Spike and Angelus were both shocked into silence after they heard the redhead not only *mock* them but also *swear*. They had expected Cordelia to have that kind of attitude, if not at least be a *little* scared, but not the redhead! It was then that they noticed the changes in Willow. The attitude (obviously), the way she held her self was more confident, and she was wearing *leather* and looked fucking hot!

“Alright if you *boys* are done staring than maybe you could move along, we have a club to get to. That’s right shoo shoo,” Willow said as she made swishing movements with her hands.

Spike and Angelus looked at each other and quickly got out of the car, this was turning out to be a *very* interesting night.

“Well look at that the little redhead’s got some spunk in her, I’m bloody shaking in me boots,” Spike said as he walked up to Willow and was chest to chest with her but was disappointed when she just pushed him off with her hand and looked uninterested.

“That’s the best you can come up? Shouldn’t you be all,” Cordelia made claw like gestures with her hands, “grry? I mean really, you two are supposed to be the evilest vamps in history and you’ve got two *high school* girls laughing at you.

“That so little girl?” Spike said as he pressed his body flush against Cordy’s, “Laughing huh?”

Cordy couldn’t look away from his, gorgeous, piercing blue eyes. ‘Okay, breathe Cordy. Just because there is a hot, sculpted, sexy body pressed up against yours doesn’t mean that you are going to hyperventilate,’ Cordy thought to herself, ‘Okay seriously thinking of taking up necrophilia if it means that I can bone this hunk of delicious vampire.’

Willow got a little concerned at the fact that Cordy was stilled pinned between Spike and the car and went over to help her friend.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Angelus said as his hand shot out in front of her and stopped her from going any further.

Willow looked up and recently soulless vampire and could feel her knees going week. It wasn’t from fear, okay maybe a little fear, but damn did Angelus look good. ‘What is it about a guy in leather pants?’ Willow wondered idly, totally forgetting about her friend who was still pinned against the car.

Angelus smirked as he got a nice view of Willow. ‘Damn does she look *good* in leather,’ Angelus quickly decided, ‘Hmm that halter sure does do something for her too. Where the hell as she been hiding all of this?’

As Willow and Angelus were checking each other out Spike and Cordy had started a nice little conversation.

“So, cheerleader, what are you doing out here without you little whelp?” Spike said as he rubbed his hand along her hip.

“Caught him a Slutty the Vampire Layer making out in the office. Good fucking riddance,” Cordy said as she swatted at his hand.

“Feisty little pet aren’t we?” Spike said with a knee wobbling smirk and leaned in close and whispered in Cordy’s ear, “I like that in a woman.”

“Really, well isn’t that super?” Cordy said in a bored tone. ‘I’m not gonna jump him, I am not gonna jump him. . ‘ Cordy repeated like a mantra in her head.

Spike looked at her for a second in surprise and then smiled, “Oh yeah, very feisty.”

Meanwhile. .

Willow stopped staring at Angelus and just grabbed his arm and wretched it up. She quickly walked underneath it and towards her friend again. Before she could get two steps in Angelus grabbed her around the waste and pulled her so that her back was flush against his stomach.

Leaning his head down Angelus said, “I think I like this confident Willow, always knew you had it in ya.”

Willow was determined not to let his closeness get to her and she said evenly, “Well that’s great, good to know that I’ve you *your* approval,” the way she said it made it perfectly clear that she didn’t give a shit about how he felt.

Angelus quickly turned her around and pressed her against the Desoto, “Ahh, why so mean? I’m just paying you a complement.”

Willow pushed him away and said, “Look if all you’re going to do is harass us than fuck off. Otherwise put your wheels to good use and give us a ride back to my house.

Cordy pushed away from Spike after his ‘feisty’ comment and walked over to where Willow and Angelus were, “I’m gonna have to agree. Being molested by a couple of dead guys on the side of the road really isn’t how I get my kicks.”

“I’ll second that,” Willow said as she slipped out of Angelus’s hold.

Angelus and Spike looked at them in shock and then just shook their heads.

“Get in ladies. It’s not a limo but the company’s better,” Spike said with a smirk as he opened the doors for them to get in.

“Somehow I doubt that,” Willow said as she got into the car.


Spike and Angelus dropped the girls off at Willow’s house but only after saying that they’d be back tomorrow night.

“Okay is it just me or should I be way more scared and less excited that two master vampires are coming back to see us tomorrow night?” Cordy said as the two girls collapsed on Willow’s bed.

“I know god,” Willow said as she turned to look at her friend, “They were so hot and . . Hot!”

“Ugh, I know! Spike was all lean and muscular and sexy and whispering in the ear,” Cordy said as she rolled over onto her back.

“I know! God I know that he’s evil but Angelus is so *hot* in those leather pants!” Willow said as she pictured him in her head.

“Mmm, I know. God, Angel was hot but Angelus is just. . .nummy. Plus you have to give them *both* props for proper use of leather,” Cordy said excitedly.

Willow laughed, “Always thinking about fashion, god.”

“I should probably call my parents,” Cordy said sadly, she really didn’t want to leave.

“Yeah you do have to tell them about your car,” Willow said as a thought came to her, “You wanna stay the night?”

Cordy smiled and quickly agreed, “Alright where’s the phone?”

Willow handed Cordy the phone and listened while Cordy told her parents that she was staying at Willow’s and where her car had broken down. When her parents had asked why she was out of town Cordy had said that her and Willow had been talking and they where just cruising, without missing a beat.

The two girls quickly changed some of Willow’s large shirts and boxers. Willow went down stairs to pop some popcorn and get some soda while Cordy looked through her collection of DVDs. They ended up watching ‘Interview With a Vampire’ and ‘Queen of the Dammed’. Though they did laugh their asses off at how the vamps were depicted, they had to agree on one thing: Lastat from ‘Queen of the Dammed’ was hot! They giggled and did the girly thing before finally retiring and getting some sleep.

The next day they woke up around noon and went down stairs to eat some food. They ate their cereal without talking much. Deciding that they were *both* never going to wakeup without coffee they went up stairs to get dressed.

Cordy looked through her bags that she had gotten and grabbed same blue jeans and a light yellow halter. Willow grabbed some of her new blue jeans and an indigo tank top. They quickly made and exit and headed for the Coffee Shop.

Since they didn’t have a car they walked into town. They were still chatting about Spike and Angelus and about how excited they were about that night, when they reached the coffee place. They walked into the place with huge smiles on their faces, ready for their coffee fix. What they found was Buffy and Xander.

“Oh great,” Willow groaned to herself, she really didn’t need this. ‘Please let them just leave us alone! I really don’t want to have to deal with them *again*.

“Willow! Oh my god what are you wearing!” Buffy cried as she saw the redhead and Cordelia walk in.

“Clothes,” Willow drawled tiredly.

“But they’re. . they’re. . Tight!” Xander squeaked out.

Willow just rolled her eyes and walked up to the counter. Smiling at the cutie working the cash register, who’s name tag read ‘Chris”, Willow said, “I’ll have a large Double Chocolate Mocha and Cordy’ll have a French Vanilla Cappuccino.”

“Alright that’ll be done in a sec,” Chris said with a flirtatious smirk.

Buffy looked stricken. ‘I was totally hitting on that guy and he didn’t even give me a second glance! Now he’s looking a Willow like there’s no one else in the world!’

Cordy smiled as she saw her friend flirt with the cash register guy, ‘He is a hottie. Nothing compared to Spike or Angelus but. . ‘

Willow paid Chris and as he handed her their drinks he also gave her a napkin, with is phone number on it. Willow gave him a sexy grin and thanked him.

“Here ya go Cordy,” Willow said as she handed her the Cappuccino and pocketed Chris’s number. They walked out of the Coffee Shop with Buffy and Xander trailing behind them.

“Hold on a second!” Buffy cried angrily, “What is wrong with you? Wills this isn’t you, you don’t act like this!”

“Yeah Wills. Look I’m sorry that you have a thing for me and I’m sorry that you saw me and Buff making out but really, come on. Get over it,” Xander said in an exasperated voice.

“Xander Lavelle Harris! How dare you!” Willow screamed at her old friend, “I’m over you! I’ve been over you. It’s not just that you two were making it, it’s that no one seems to care at all how I feel. I’m not saying that everything should be about me me me but I’d like it if some one actually cared! I’ve been listening to Buffy’s whining about Angel and your bitching about how *horrible* your relationships turn out but what about me, huh? Have any of you asked how Oz and me were doing? Did you even think that maybe *my* relationship had problems? No you didn’t because you didn’t care. Obviously you don’t care about me, so you don’t need me. You should be perfectly fine without me.”

“Wills. . .Wills? Wait Wills I’m sorry,” Xander said as Willow turned her back and left him standing there next to Buffy. ‘How did I manage to make my best friend in the whole world hate me?’

“You know, I really can’t believe him,” Willow said as she took another sip of her Mocha, “He really thinks that this is because of him? Well I guess in a way it is because if they had actually paid attention to me than this never would have happened. Ugh, well forget them, they’re of the past. I’m looking towards the future and speaking of the future,” Willow said as she nudged Cordy in the side, “we have hot date tonight, with two evil, soulless, vampires. Odd how I’m not as fazed by that as I should be.

“Yeah but the fact that said vamps are super hot doesn’t have *anything* to do with that of course,” Cordy said with a grin.

“Oh no, of course not,” Willow said as she put her hand over her heart.

The two girls laughed happily as they walked back to Willow’s house.

~In a mansion across town~

“I can’t bloody believe this!” Spike said to an equally pissed off and confused Angelus, “We are two *master* vampires! People are scared us, they run from us!” Spike sat down and said disbelievingly, “And we have a date with two high school girl’s that laughed in our faces last night.”

“I don’t understand it. They should be cowering at our feet. They should be *begging* us to fuck them. They should be on their knees begging to suck us off! But no, they laughed at us!” Angelus roared.

“And that’s why we want them so fucking bad,” Spike said dejectedly.

“Yep,” Angelus said in total agreement.

“Fucking pathetic.”

“It’s sad.”

“What time is it again?”

“Only three hours till sunset.”

“Thank god, I’m going crazy,” Spike, said happy that he’d be able to see Cordy soon.

“Me too,” Angelus said as thoughts of a certain redhead fluttered through his head.

~Back at Willow’s~

“Well they should be here soon,” Cordy said as she watched the last bits of light disappear behind the horizon.

“Wonder if I’ll get lucky,” Willow said absentmindedly.

“Willow!” Cordy chided.

“What? He’s hot and I’m tired of being little miss goody too-shoes. I wanna have some fun, be reckless!” Willow said as she sat down by the window.

“Okay, so maybe I was thinking the same thing,” Cordy said with a smile, “But I don’t wanna sound like a wanton hussy or anything!”

“Yeah I know. God, who knew that getting laid would be so hard,” Willow said as she screwed up her face in thought.

“I know, this is supposed to be *easy* for us! We’re women! We’re supposed to have the control!” Cordy said angrily.

“Well maybe I’ll just,” Willow stopped as she saw a car pull into her drive way, “rides here.

“Huh? What?” Cordy said confused at the sudden change of topic, “What ride?”

“Spike and Angelus silly,” Willow said as she slapped her friend’s leg.

The two girls walked out of the door and Willow stopped to lock it behind her. Spike and Angel got out of the car and met them half way up the walk.

“So what did you guys have planned for us tonight?” Willow said eagerly.

Spike and Angelus shared a horrified look as they realized that they hadn’t even started to plan what they were going to do.

“Oh my god, you’re kidding right? You guys forgot to plan out what we were going to do?” Cordy said disbelievingly, “My god, even Xander always had the date planned.”

Willow had a look that matched Cordy’s as she said, “I dated a guy in a *band* who just took me to his shows but that was better than nothing! But then again he did dump me because I was ‘bad for the bands image.’ Stupid fucking wolf boy,” Willow finished under her breath.

“Well we could always go to the Bronze,” Spike said an evil look.

Angelus gave Spike a look that could have turned him to dust and started say it was a horrible idea when he saw the looks on the girls faces.

Cordy and Willow had turned to each other and were wearing matching expressions of evil.

“I think that going to the Bronze is a wonderful idea,” Willow said sweetly.

“Defiantly a stroke of genius,” Cordy said in the same sweet tone.

Willow linked arms with Angelus as Cordy did the same with Spike. Then Willow said off handedly, “Maybe we’ll run in to Buffy and Xander.”

Angelus and Spike looked at each other with looks of mirth. They had *defiantly* made good choices with these girls, they were truly evil.


Angel and Spike took shotgun, even though Angelus *wanted* to sit in back with Willow. The girls were in the back smiling evilly at the thought of running into their *friends* at the Bronze.

“Well, you know I gotta say, the conversation is tantalizing,” Willow said sarcastically. Then Willow thought to herself, ‘shouldn’t I be worried about making sarcastic comments to two master vampires? Nah, I mean hell, we are on a date with them.’

“Mmm, right. So. . . kill any baddies lately?” Spike said conversationally.

“Do pictures of Buffy count?” Willow sweetly.

With a wolfish smile Angelus said, “No. . But that’s better.”

Cordy leaned over and whispered in Willow’s ear, “Ten bucks says that Buffy looks, and is dancing, like a whore when we get to the Bronze.”

The two girls laughed but Willow said seriously, “Cordy! That’s a horrible thing to say! Buffy *is* a whore.”

The two vampires in the front seat, who had heard every word of what Cordy had said, couldn’t help but burst out in laughter at Willow’s comment.

Willow looked up to the front seat with an offended look on her face, “Eve’s dropping? Well that’s just horrible! You’ll be punished for that.”

“Most defiantly,” Cordy said with the same look, even though they had both known that the vampires could hear every word that they had been saying.

The vamps gave each other a wicked look. Things seemed to be looking up for them. . .

They pulled up to the Bronze and the girls quickly hopped out of the car. The girls weren’t dressed up but they both looked good and Spike and Angelus were just. . .yummy.

Spike was wearing his normal black jeans with a black t-shirt overtop. He had thrown on a red silk over shirt, which was covered by his trademark duster. Angelus was wearing black leather pants, a white t-shirt, and a waist length leather jacket.

The girls grabbed their respective guy’s arm and sauntered into the Bronze. It didn’t go unnoticed that they were getting *lots* of looks. People were not surprised to see Cordy with such a hunk but many people were surprised to see Willow, and not just because she was on the arm of a total hottie, one that some recognized at Buffy’s ex. Willow looked hot; there was no other way to put it. She wasn’t dressed up, or in leather again, but she pretty much screamed, ‘SEXY!’ to anyone that was in the club.

People reactions didn’t go unnoticed by the two remaining members of the Scooby gang either. Xander had noticed people’s heads being turned in the direction of the door and some amazed whispers. “Wanna go see what’s making such a big deal around here?” Buffy said to Xander, who quickly nodded his head.

They both gasped when they saw Angelus and Spike. . .with Cordy and Willow! The girls were smiling happily at the sides of those two. . .monsters.

The crowd quickly disbanded and people went back to their normal conversations. The foursome got a table, ordered their drinks, and started up a conversation. Buffy didn’t like it, at all. She quickly walked up to them with Xander following behind her.

“Willow! What the hell are you doing?” Buffy said furiously as she walked up to the table.

“Drinking a Diet Coke?” Willow said in a confused tone.

“With THEM!” Buffy said as she waved to the other people at the table, “They’re evil!”

Willow got pissed when she saw that she had included Cordy in that statement, “Well, right now we *were* having drinks and talking. We’re *going to* go dance.”

With that the two girls grabbed their date’s arms and walked towards the dance floor, without even asking if it was okay. Angelus and Spike just gave each other a look that said, ‘Oh boy. . ‘ Buffy just stared after them but didn’t dare trying to confront them while they were on the dance floor.

Once on the dance floor, the girls practically covered the guys with themselves. The guys, obviously, having no problems with this enjoyed themselves. The girls quickly forgot about Buffy and had fun rubbing themselves up against Angelus and Spike.

Buffy and Xander sat at their table and fumed as they watched the couples dance. Buffy was stock still and glaring and had already broken one glass in her hand out of rage. Xander was just in complete shock. Willow, *his* Willow, was out there. . .practically fucking Angelus on the dance floor. Plus, when had Cordy learned to dance like that!?!

After a few more songs, they finally went back to their table to finish their drinks. They had pretty much forgotten why they had even gone out to the dance floor, even though they had a *really* good time. Unfortunately they quickly remembered why that had gone out there as a pissed off blond quickly came back to their table.

“Look, I don’t know what you are playing at but stop it before you get killed!” Buffy silently screamed at the redhead and Cordelia, “They’re just going to kill you!”

Angelus was getting tired of the slayer’s whiny, bitchy, and just plain irritating voice and said, “Ahh come on now Buffy, why would we kill them?” Holding up his hand to stop her response he said, “Yes I know, ‘we’re evil’ but that doesn’t mean we’re stupid. Why would we kill the only two people that *I’ve* ever met who hate you more than me *or* Spike? Plus look at these gorgeous lasses, they’re perfectly ripe and plump,” Angelus said as he eyed Willow’s breasts, “See, nice and perky.”

Willow slapped him on the chest good-naturedly, “Why don’t you go back to your little boy toy Buffy? I mean really, do you think that you could really stop us from dating them?”

“No. . .But I can kill them once you leave this club,” Buffy said smugly as she put her hands on her hips.

At the Slayer’s threats Spike and Angelus just gave each other a small glance but were *very* surprised at Cordy and Willow’s reactions. They were laughing, they were outright laughing. Both of them seemed to be having trouble breathing and looked like they were going to start cry, they were laughing so hard.

Willow wheezed and finally got herself under control enough to say, “Is that so? Well lets see here, you couldn’t kill Spike *before* Angel went bad. You’ve never been able to kill Angelus, because,” Willow went into a mock Buffy voice, “Angel’s still in there, somewhere!” laughing she continued, “What makes you think that you can kill them now? Plus do you think that Cordy and me are just gonna stand there while you try to stake our date? We may not be slayers but we can still throw down a good ass whooping’ when it’s needed.”

“Pshh, like we’d need slayer strength,” Cordy said as she looked at Willow, “she’s got the strength of vampires, that’s why she’s so *special*. Well, I’ve dusted vampires before,” Cordy said dismissively.

Buffy just looked at both girls in shock with her mouth wide open. Angelus and Spike were quite impressed. These girls, that they had just started to get to know, had not only stood up for them but also said that they would go against the slayer for them. No, they didn’t *need* them to but, damn, just the fact that they *did*.

“Well, I’m bored, let’s go,” Willow said as she grabbed Angelus’s hand and started to walk away. Cordy did the same and soon all that Buffy could see was their backs leaving the back door of the Bronze.

Once outside of the Bronze Willow looked at Angelus and said, “Sorry about her, she’s well, a bitch. But then again, you’d know that.”

Angelus gave her one of his wolfish smiles, saying, “Not a problem, I like a woman who stands up for herself. Especially against a slayer.”

“I’ll have to second that, not everyday you find a girl brave enough to tell the slayer they’d fight her. ‘Specially for someone who you don’t know and could kill you at any second.”

“Alright, first of all, brave? Puh-lease, I’m scarier during my period than she is. Second, kill us at anytime? I think that *if* you were going to kill us, you would have already. Plus, you can go ahead and try. I promise, it won’t end in your benefit,” Cordy said challengingly.

“Yep,” Willow said as she stepped up next to her best friend.

“Is that so?” Angelus said as he circled around Willow.

“I’m thinking that I have to disagree,” Spike said with a smirk at Cordy.

Faster than any human eye could see Angelus had his arm wrapped around Willow’s throat from behind. At the same time, Spike pushed Cordy against the wall behind her. Willow, to Angelus’s surprise, lashed out by kicking backwards and getting his shin. Angelus let go of her throat in shock and went to grab his shin but while bending down was met with a knee to the face. Groaning he stumbled backwards while clutching his nose.

“What can’t hold your own against a little girl, Peaches?” Spike said with a smirk from his position in front of Cordy. Spike turned back towards Cordy with that smile on his face only for it to fade when he saw her expression, it was one of evil humor. Cordy quickly brought her knee up and nailed Spike in the balls, while simultaneously punching him in the nose.

“Little girl? *We* are *not* little girls,” Cordy said from her position over Spike. Spike quickly kicked his legs out to bring her down with him but she easily jumped over them. She then walked over to him and placed a black boot on his chest saying, “Who’s the master?”

With wide eye’s Spike looked up at the woman, who was clearly, saying that she was the dominant one and wanting him to acknowledge that. Spike couldn’t help the feeling of arousal that shot through him at the thought of being dominated.

“You are master,” Spike said as he looked up at Cordy.

Cordy looked over to see Angelus getting up after being kneed in the nose by Willow. He tried to tackle her but Willow quickly moved out of the way and kicked Angelus in the butt as he passed her, this caused him to go headlong into the *other* brick wall. Angelus was on his back and panting unnecessarily.

Willow mimicked Cordy by putting her black boot on his chest and saying, “Like Cordy said, who’s the master?”

Angelus was about to make a sarcastic comeback but then heard his what Spike had said. He looked over and Cordy had quickly gotten down and to stratal him and was currently jointed with Spike at the mouth. Spike had also “risen” to the occasion and was kneading her ass happily.

Angelus looked up at Willow when she kicked him in the face, saying, “You’ll look at me! Now, who’s that master?”

Angelus answered quickly, “You are master.”

He was rewarded by the redhead smiling and saying, “There’s a good boy,” before she got down and stratal him. Unlike Cordy, Willow didn’t automatically go for the mouth. Willow felt his erection jutting into her and gave him a wicked smile and saying innocently, “This for me?”

Willow then started rocking her hips to and fro, right on top of him. Angelus couldn’t suppress the moan that he let out as he grabbed her hips and thrust up. Willow, then, bent over and started kissing him. Angelus was in heaven, metaphorically speaking of course, as Willow’s clever little tongue danced around his mouth. He felt like she was mapping out his mouth and he really didn’t mind at all.

After a little while Cordy stopped kissing Spike, to his obvious displeasure, saying, “Okay, out of the stinky alley and back to somewhere more comfortable.”

“Mmm, I’m gonna have ta second that,” Willow said as she pulled away from Angelus’s mouth, and to his displeasure, stopped rocking her hips.

“May I remind you lady’s that you’re not the ones laying on the filthy ground?” Spike said, obviously pissed that they were going to stop.

“Even more of reason for you to want to get off of it then,” Cordy said with finality, as she stood up.

“Good point Cordy,” Willow said as she got off of Angelus.

Angelus groaned at the loss of contact and quickly got back up. Moving behind Willow, he wrapped his arms around her waist and start sucking on her neck.

Spike got up, picked Cordy up and threw her over his shoulder, causing her to squeal.

“Yeah, so, lets go,” Spike, said as he slapped Cordy’s ass once for good measure.

“Hmm, good idea,” Angelus said as he scooped up Willow and threw her over his shoulder.

The guys quickly walked to the car and set the girls down. Willow got into the back seat and pulled Angelus in with her, quickly getting on top of him. Cordy got into the passenger side seat, while Spike got into the drivers seat. Spike groaned at the thought of driving all that way to where ever they were going without Cordy on him.

“Where are we going anyway?” Spike said in an annoyed tone as he started up the car.

“My house,” Willow said quickly as she came up for air.

Spike pouted, that was fifteen minutes, well ten since was driving, while having Cordy next to him but not on or touching him.

Cordy seemed to read his mind and once they had started driving she moved over and stratal him.

“Wahh?” Spike said, not upset but surprised.

“Shut up,” Cordy said in his ear as she moved so that he could still see out the window. Cordy decided that she wanted to mark him so she spent the whole trip sucking and licking at his neck. This was driving Spike crazy mad with lust and the trip only took five minutes.

Once they were at Willow’s house, Spike picked up Cordy and started for the door. Cordy obediently wrapped her legs around Spike’s waist and resumed kissing him. Willow and Angelus made it out of the back seat in *very* rumpled clothing. Angelus started kissing Willow and she walked backwards to the front door of her house.

Pulling away from Angelus, Willow slipped the key into the lock. Opening the door Willow and Cordy quickly slipped inside. Angelus and Spike looked them with lust filled eyes and came at them, only to find an invisible barrier in their wake.

“What not gonna invite us in pet?” Spike said in a cocky tone.

Willow and Cordy just gave the two evil smiles.

“I told you you’d be punished for eve’s dropping,” Willow said sweetly as she shut the front door.

Spike just looked at Angelus and said, “You’ve got to be bleeding kidding me!”

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