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Update: October 28
STILL NOTHING! I might back-up another page here, for safe keeping.

Update: October 20
My page is still dumb. It still has zero content. Are you heartbroken?

You successfully wasted several seconds of your life visiting my page at Angelfire. Please don't come back.

March. 12: Zapping BK again.
March. 7: Girl AGAIN again... grrrrrr. I'm going to start zapping BK again when BFP is returned to HIS normal gender.
Feb. 10: Girl again... grrrrrr.
January Update:You know... I was thrilled when BFP became a boy again. I was also fairly stoked when he turned shadow because he matched my other pets. ELECTRIC, however, is unsettling. *shakes head*
Post-Xmas Update: *sigh* I knew it wouldn't last. Well, the horrible color has, but, alas, I have a female Pud again. His other stats are going up and down fairly evenly, so I'm not really getting anywhere. I'm glad I don't battle.
Xmas Update: I've been slacking and I haven't logged any changes. In any event, BFP is a boy again (yay!) but he's *cough* CHECKERED. Anyway, with him gaining levels almost daily at Deadly Dice, I'm starting to think he's going to end up at a hopelessly high level but with no other stats.
Day Eighteen (November 24, 2003): *hiss* Broken again. When will I catch a break?
Day Seventeen (November 23, 2003): Loses two strength points.
Day Sixteen (November 22, 2003): Loses three movement points.
Day Fifteen (November 21, 2003): Gains two levels.
Day Fourteen (November 20, 2003): Loses two strength points.
Day Thirteen (November 19, 2003): Gains three movement points.
Day Twelve (November 18, 2003): Gains two strength points.
Day Eleven (November 17, 2003): Gains two levels.
Day Ten (November 16, 2003): Loses two levels.
Day Nine (November 15, 2003): Species changes to Yellow Grarrl.
Day Eight (November 14, 2003): Color changes to Yellow.
Day Seven (November 13, 2003): Gains three HP.
Day Six (November 12, 2003): Gender changes to Female.
Oh dear...
Day Five (November 11, 2003): Gains three defense points.
Day Four (November 10, 2003): Loses two defense points.
Day Three (November 9, 2003): Color changes to Fire.
Day Two (November 8, 2003): Loses two movement points.
Day One (November 7, 2003): Loses two movement points.