Chapter One

"Faith Heavens!" Screamed a loud voice out of an intercom. A girl curled up in the corner of a small room looked up from where she was sitting. The room she was in, was all gray, gray metal floor, and gray padded walls. There was a steel door about five feet in front of her. Her long blonde hair hugged her body as she stood up. She took two steps toward the door, gaining more and more courage as she went along. Breathing deeply she stopped in the middle of the room, and waited. Her crystal blue eyes were once filled with love and desire, but now they were sparkling with the greatest hope she would ever feel. Her ruby-red lips that once tasted the sweet nectar of life, trembled as she started to cry. Her whole body shook, with pleasure. She has waited for this moment her entire life, and now it was finally here. She was going home.

"Faith Heavens!" The voice screamed through the intercom again. The girl gained all of the confidence she had and opened the door. The rush of fresh air from invaded her nose, she breathed it in freely. Tears were now pouring from her eyes. Everything around her was a misty gray, the long hallway, the doors to other rooms, the ceilings, the floors, the hand rails on the side of the walls, the mop to her left, and the towel to her right. She eased forward very slowly, not wanting to make a sound. A sudden feeling of uneasiness came over her, as she walked by another room, just like hers. She could hear some muffled words from the other side of the door. She stopped to listen for a moment, but couldnít quite make out the words she was hearing. Just as she leaned closer to the door to listen, whatever it was on the other side slammed something against the door, and screamed.

"Faith Heavens!" Terrified the girl stepped backwards and tripped. She landed on her back and was panting heavily. How did this person know her name? Surely she has never met them before. Her once beautiful blonde hair was now stringy, and plastered to her face from her sweat. The smell of freedom now turned to agony, she had to get out of here. She stood up and was just about to run when she heard someone speaking from behind another door.

"Faith Heavens!" It screamed. It was a manís voice this time. All around her people from behind the big steel doors were screaming her name. She couldnít escape from it. It surrounded her. Tears of joy, quickly dispersed and a strong feeling of ire came over her. Enraged she ran back to her room and slammed the door behind her. She stood there for a moment trying to regain her thoughts, and get a peace of mind.

"Faith Heavens!" The voice from the intercom screamed again. Why wouldnít they just leave her alone? Why were they so intent on driving her insane? The girl looked up at the ceiling and saw a microphone. She sniffled and stepped to the center of the room, below the microphone.

"Iím not leaving you!" She screamed at the microphone, "Iím not leaving you!" She repeated. Tears started streaming down her flushed cheeks, she crouched in her corner again and began rocking back and forth on her feet.

"Iím not leaving you, I wonít leave you." She murmured to herself over and over again, as ĎFaith Heavensí was finally getting drained out of her mind as it all went still.



"Faith Heavens! Itís 1:36pm get your ass out of bed already!" Faith opened her eyes. Leaning over her was her stepsister Jersey Jameson. Jersey had long brown hair that was pulled back into a bun, and hazel eyes that seemed to be dancing, her hundreds of freckles were growing by the day. She had that goofy smile on her face, the one that she always had when she knew something, that she couldnít keep to herself.

"Ugh..What time is it?" Faith asked her sister, while she wiped the sleep out of her eyes.

"Itís 1:37, Faith you have to stop sleeping in so late, did you know that the more you sleep the sooner youíll die? You donít wanna die before me now do you?"

"What? Why would I care if I died before you? Why are you talking so fast so early in the morning anyway Jay?" Faith sat up in her bed and stretched.

"Early my ass! Itís 1:30, as in PM. Hello! Come on you slept half the day away!" Jersey walked over to her sisterís radio and pressed play. "Whatcha got in here?" She asked.

"Mandy.." Faith said between yawns.

"Mandy, eh? I should have known that. Thatís all youíre listening to lately. Oh well, Iím playing my song. What number is it? Oh never mind, I see where it is. Numero sixteen. Ha, thatís your age! Wow, isnít that cool?" Jersey said as she pressed buttons on the stereo.

"Okay, youíre starting to bug me now. What do you know that I donít?" Faith asked still laying in bed. The smile that never left Jerseyís face grew even bigger.

"What makes you think I know something Fay? Canít a girl spend some quality time with her lovely sister? Why does there have to be a reason behind everything?"

"Jersey you have that smile, and I know that smile. So tell me whatís up now!" Jersey laughed, and walked to her sisterís bed. She sat on the corner and told her sister to listen closely. Faith stared at her older sister, waiting for her to say something. When she didnít say anything, she started to get annoyed.

"Dammit Jay! Tell me already! Youíre pissing me off!" She yelled.

"Well, Iím not gonna tell you with that attitude now." Jersey laughed, and left the room.

"Damn you!" She yelled after her. Faith got out of bed, and brushed her long blonde hair into a pony tail. She looked at herself in the mirror for a moment, and sighed. The usual blonde hair, the usual blue eyes, the usual red lips, the usual clothes. She got tired of her look, and decided to wear something different today. She walked over to her dresser and opened the top drawer. She looked through all of her shirts and slammed it shut. All the same clothes she wears every other day, she wanted something new. Faith sighed and walked out of her room, and into her sisterís. She opened the top drawer and found a black halter top. "Nice." She said to herself. Then she opened the second drawer and pulled out a pair of short black shorts. She quickly changed into the clothes and went downstairs for breakfast. Her sister Jersey was already eating a bowl of cereal at the table, and reading the comics from the daily paper. When she saw her sister walk in wearing the very revealing clothes she was shocked. Faith Heavens, wearing a low-cut shirt, and showing off her legs?

"Barbieís looking like a hoe today? Wow, you know what Fay, I never noticed that you had a rack, or an ass as a matter of fact until now. Damn girl, go out there and find yourself a real man, not some bible boy!" Jersey joked, she loved to bug her younger sister, it was her duty in life.

"Jay shut up, theyíre your clothes."

"Yeah, I know that Barbie, but youíre so pretty in pink, and.. Covered. Whatís with the skank look?"

"So, you are calling yourself a skank?"

"Yeah, pretty much. Ha, come on, you arenít into that kind of clothes."

"Well, I need a change Jay. I kinda like the cute outfits you have." Faith said looking at herself in one of the mirrors on the wall.

"I never thought Iíd see the day, Faith Heavens wearing real clothes! Ha, Iím so totally taking you shopping!" Jersey was amazed at her sisterís new found style. She was waiting a long time for this day to finally come. "So, now that youíre cool. Do you wanna know whatís up?" Jersey asked smiling at her sister.

"Yes! Tell me now!" Faith begged.

"Okay, Jam is moving back!" Jersey squealed.

"Oh wow.. No way! Seriously?"

"Yeah! He is moving here today, he is getting a house with one of his friends he met in Toronto. He didnít tell me until this morning, I had to wake you up right after I got off the phone with him, I just had to tell you the news! Iím so excited."

"Why did he wait so long to tell you? Why is he moving back? What friend is he bringing? Oh wow. This is so cool. Is he bringing me a present?" Faith smiled to herself. "He always said I was the coolest kid, and that whenever he visited he would bring me a little something."

"He said he wanted to surprise me, and just show up at my door today, but he said he couldnít wait any longer. He waited two months to tell me, and he couldnít wait another five hours. He said that the head honcho at his job offered him a great deal, at their division right here in Calgary! He says he jumped at the chance to take it. His friend is named Trek

Kaines, he worked at the office with him, and got promoted as well. Jamal says he is a very nice guy, and heís single." Jersey hinted to her sister and smiled. "He is eighteen as well, and he loves puppies." Jersey shook her head and laughed. "He sounds like a really great guy. Iím sure it will be fun to get to know him. They called from the road, they are in Saskatoon right now. They said they spent the night in Winnipeg, and itís a very nice city. They didnít visit Old McBain though. Ha, wouldnít think they would anyway. Jamalís quite scared of Old Man McBain But anyways, they are going to be here in about four and a half hours. I want the house clean Faith, and I mean clean.. Not that half assed job you do all the time." Jersey said. Faith rolled her eyes.

"I donít do half-assed jobs of cleaning the house, Jay. Iím not a sped, and I can clean when I want to clean." Faith said in her defense. "Donít worry Iíll clean something."

"Thank you." Jersey said and continued to read the comics. Jersey hasnít seen her boyfriend Jamal Tzcheck, for five months. He moved to Toronto a year ago, when his job transferred him to a bigger factory. He came and visited Jersey and her family for two weeks last Christmas, and now he was coming home for good. They have been dating ever since Jersey was fourteen. The perfect couple.

"Hey Fay wait!" Jersey called out as Faith was walking away. Faith turned around.

"Huh?" She asked.

"Are you still having those dreams?"

"Yeah, I had another one. But you woke me up before it finished, I think."

"Maybe you should see your therapist again? It might help you."

"No, it didnít before. There is no reason why it would now. Iím used to them now though, I always know what is going to happen. Itís alright, donít worry about it Jay." Faith smiled and walked away.

Ever since Faith was thirteen she has been having the same recurrent dreams, over and over again. They used to scare her, and she would wake up screaming every night. But they didnít seem to be bothering her as much anymore. Her mother used to make her see a therapist to help her with her problems, but it never seemed to work with her. All she said in a session were lies, and tell someone who was trying to help her false information. Her mother decided it was a waste of time and pulled her out of therapy. Faith seemed to push anyone who tried to help her further away. She liked to think that she was old enough to handle all of her problems, and that she wasnít dependant on anyone. She started thinking like that, after her father died.

Her father died when she was only twelve, he was a highly respected man in their community. Father Heavens, god sent, is what people said about him. He was a priest at their local church, happily married for thirteen years, and raised one beautiful daughter named Faith. There were even plans on another child, in her parentsí lives. Two children would be nice, her mother would always hint, one miracle isnít enough.

But one night, after working late at the church, Father Heavens didnít make it home. It was really late, and extremely dark out. There was a black out, and it was a hazardous blizzard outside. Maybe he was driving that little bit too fast, or maybe he just wasnít paying attention. Either way, his car slipped off of the road and flipped into the ditch. He wasnít wearing a seatbelt so his body smacked against all sides of the car. There was no one else driving outside, so no one could help him. He died, alone on the cold road. Police officials found his body the next day. The whole town was in awe, no words could be said. Faith could not believe what happened, and she lost all faith in god. Ever since that night, she would have these nightmares over and over again.

Two years later, her mother met a man by the name of Jonathan Jameson. He too had lost a loved one, and had a daughter only one year older then Faith. They got married, and moved to the town of Calgary.

Faith went back to her bedroom, and sat at her desk. Her room was fairly big, and was the shape of a circle. She called it when they first moved in. Her walls were a baby blue, and she had a ruff navy carpet on the floor, her ceiling was white. In addition to her bed in her room she had a 27" tv, a stereo, a walk in closet, a big window that shows the view of a beautiful lake in their backyard, and a white balcony. Faith liked to go out on her balcony at night and watch the stars.

Living with the Jamesonís wasnít as bad as she first thought it would be. Of course they werenít as high class as her and her mother were. Mr. Jameson was a biker, he wore ripped jeans, dirty T-shirts, and old shoes. His hair was long and never brushed, he just pulled it back into a pony tail every night before going out to party. He was a boozer and a drug user. Her daughter was just like him, she grew up with no mother, and was raised by hard asses. It wasnít her fault. That girl had the worst mouth Faith has ever heard. These poor people living in sin, all their life, she always thought. How could her mother, such a respected lady, fall for a man like Mr. Jonathan Jameson?

But of course Faithís mother cleaned them up nicely. Instead of dealing drugs, Mr. Jameson now worked in an office building at High-Tech Legacy and was headed toward a huge bonus. He wears suits to work, and cleans up every day. Her mother even got his daughter, Jersey Jameson, to dress and act like a girl. The poor girl had to grow up living with roughnecks, not a good way to raise a young lady.

Over the last couple of years Faith and Jersey got to know each other better and accepted that they were sisters now, and even became friends, best friends at that. The more they talked the more they saw that they had a lot of the same interests and ideas.



Chapter Two


Angel Parker stepped down from the stage and sighed. This was going to be the last time she would ever be here. The old auditorium was rusted, the seats were ripped, and the doors were boarded up. ĎUnsanitaryí they said, unsanitary was not the word for this place, dirty yes, but unsanitary? No, it wasnít that bad. Sure, the place could use some touch ups, maybe paint on the walls, and plaster to fill all the cracks, but she loved this place.

It was where she had first ever sang in public, the place was packed. Angel was only fourteen years old, and her mother had just finally talked her into singing a couple songs live. She was a nervous wreck, but right when she got on that stage and the music started to play, the beat of the drums making her heart bounce, she just knew, this was what she wanted to do. The auditorium was filled with hundreds of people from all around town, they were there to see the 4-ever concert. 4-ever didnít have a band to open for them, so seeing as how that Angelís parents owned the auditorium, with the permission from 4-ever Angel got to go on stage and sing a couple of her songs for the crowd before 4-ever went on stage to do their thing. Her first song that she sang was called ĎBaby Ií, it was a ballad that she wrote when she was only twelve years old, the more she sang the less nervous she was. After her three minutes and forty-five seconds of singing that song, she got a standing ovation, heaps of cheers, and cries out for an encore. Angel then sang ĎBest Friendí, ĎCouldíve Beení, and ĎSaturate Meí all songs she had written when she was younger. The crowed loved it, they were dancing, screaming, and shouting for more. Angel could not believe her ears, it was a total shock. Ever since Angel Parker was on stage singing for anyone who would take the time to listen. Angel couldnít hold back the tears, she loved this place so much. It was a part of her, if it wasnít for this place, she would not of ever sang for anyone and realized her talent.

But after a few years, people stopped coming to the auditorium so her mother wasnít getting as much business, therefore they couldnít pay the bills and Angelís mom had to get a new job and forget about the auditorium. Ms. Parkerís job transferred her to their location in Calgary last week, the whole Parker family had to pack up and leave their town. Angel didnít want to leave she liked living in a small town, she didnít want to leave all of her friends and family. She never was very good at making new friends, so she dreaded the move. Angel walked over to the center of the stage and looked at all of the empty seats. She sat down and pulled out her pocket knife, on the center of the stage she carved in ĎAngel Parker 2002.í Angel blew away the saw dust and looked at her carving for a moment before getting up and walking outside. Waiting in their baby blue Sunfire GT was her mother, Janie Parker, her younger brother Billy, and her sister Jamie.

"What did you do?" Billy asked her.

"Nothing..." Angel replied staring out the window of the car blankly.

"What did you do!" Billy asked again.

"Nothing Billy." Angel rolled her eyes.

"What did you do just tell me!" He asked again.

"Billy shut up, oh my god!" Angel yelled at him.

"Angel! Donít tell your brother to shut up." Her mother said to her.

"Yeah donít tell me to shut up!" Billy yelled.

"Billy, be quiet." Her mother said. Angel sighed and looked out the window again. She could see her reflection in the window. Her hair was shoulder length, and dyed a golden blonde. Her blue eyes, looked somewhat gray and misty. She was wearing her blue sweater she bought earlier that week, and her new blue jeans as well. She was very skinny, almost too skinny, but skinny enough for her liking. Angel crinkled her nose at her reflection and laughed. She looked like an anorexic rabbit when she did that.

"Itís going to be a one long drive." Her sister Jamie sighed to herself. Angel pulled her bag our from underneath her seat and got out her pillow, and a CD player. She put the headphones on and played her CD she had inside, it was her 4-ever CD she got from the concert. She wedged her pillow in-between her and the window and closed her eyes. She hoped she could sleep through the whole drive there. Her music became fainter as she drifted off to sleep.


"Miss Parker?" Angel Parker turned around and saw a tall lady wearing a suit, and carrying a brief case with her.

"Yes maíam. Iím Angel." Angel smiled and walked towards her. The lady sighed a sigh of relief and smiled at Angel.

"You look just like your picture, but I must say, even more beautiful in person."

"Oh, thank you." Angel huffed, and straightened out her clothes. She was wearing a midnight black gown covered in sparkles.

"Do I look alright?" She asked.

"Yes, donít worry about a thing, you look great!" The lady then pulled out a walkie talkie from her pocket and dialed in four numbers.

"Yeah huh?!" A voice crackled through.

"Miss Parker is ready." She said into the receiver.

"Great, send her in!" Angel took a deep breath and stepped forward.

"Follow me, Angel." The lady said and led Angel to a large empty room. Nothing at all was in it.

"Hey whatís the deal? Whereís Scott Albert--" Angel asked and turned around, but there was no one there. Confused Angel looked around the room, she saw a mirror on one wall. She walked up to it, and tapped it.

"Anyone on the other side?" She laughed. Angel paced back and forth in the room for over an hour, until finally someone came in.

"Miss Parker?" The man asked.

"Yeah, are you Scott?" She asked him.

"No, Miss Parker, my name is Tom Grace." He smiled and reached his hand out to shake Angelís. Angel walked up to him, and smiled. She shook his hand, he had a firm grip, a great hand shaker.

"Where am I? I thought I was supposed to meet Scott Albert in his office, where is he? Is he not here?" She asked.

"Relax Miss Parker, donít worry about a thing, Tom Grace is here."

"Yeah, uh. Thatís nice Mr. Grace, but I really need to speak with ScottĖ"

"You donít need to speak with anyone Angel, Iím here." Angel turned around and saw Scott Albert standing behind her grinning.

"Scott? How did --"

"Donít ask questions Angel, thatís why I am here. Thank you Tom, you may go." Scott smiled at Angel. She turned around and Tom Grace was gone.

"Scott, Iím confused. What is going on?" Angel asked.

"Shh.. He said and pointed at the ceiling." Angel looked up and saw a microphone hanging down. Surely that wasnít there before, she was in the room for over an hour, she would have seen a microphone hanging from the ceiling. Scott could see the confusion in her eyes. He stepped closer to her, and put his hand on her shoulder. Angel looked at his hand, it was covered in blood. Shocked she stepped back from him.

"Scott! Your hand! Itís covered in blood!" Scott looked at his hand, and laughed.

"Yeah, it is." He said, and looked his hand over "Weird, isnít it." Angel was amazed about how calm Scott was with his hand dripped blood all over the floor. Tears started to pour from her blue eyes.

"No, Angel. Donít be afraid, Iím alright see." Scott stepped closer to her, and grabbed a towel from behind her. Hew wiped off the blood and showed her that there was no cuts. Angel looked behind her, there was nothing there.

"Where did you get that from?" She asked. Scott laughed.

"Where, oh where did I get it from anyway Angel? You should know." Angel was confused, she didnít know what Scott was talking about. She turned around and almost tripped over a bin full of white towels. She blinked hard a few times, and it was still there. She turned to face Scott again, and he was laughing.

"What are you laughing at?" She asked, become afraid. She did not understand what was happening. Scott tilted his head and licked his lips.

"Youíre a very beautiful girl Angel Parker, even more stunning then your picture." He took a step towards Angel, and she stepped back.

"Get away from me!" She screamed at him. Angel shut her eyes and wished he would disappear. When she opened her eyes, there was no one there, nothing was in the room, there was no microphone, no bin of towels, no Scott. She walked up to the mirror again and screamed at it.

"What do you want from me!?" She yelled over and over. There was no reply, Angel thought she was going insane.

"Angel." Something whispered from behind the mirror. "Angel." It said again. Angel looked at the mirror concentrating hard.

"Angel, Angel, Angel." It kept repeated getting louder as it went along. She stepped backwards and tripped over an empty chair sitting behind her. She shook her head and looked up at the chair, Scott Albert was sitting there shaking his head laughing at her. Angel got up and ran towards the door, but out of no where the first man she saw, Tom Grace, showed up.

"Why do you want to leave Angel?" He asked her. She stepped backwards, and stepped on some ones foot. She looked behind her and saw the lady that took her there. They were all staring and smiling at her. Angel was terrified.

"Angel." They all said together. Over and over and over again they kept repeated her name. Angel stood in the middle of the room and screamed at the microphone as they all closed in on her.



"Angel! Dammit, Angel! Wake up." Angel opened her eyes, and took off her headphones. Her sister Jamie was very angry.

"What?" Angel asked.

"Weíre here, mom told me to wake you up. Little did I know it would take me five minutes to wake you up, otherwise I wouldnít have agreed." Jamie said leaving the car. Angel got up and cracked her neck. She put her pillow and CD player back into her bag and looked outside. Sitting in front of her was a beautiful blue house, two floors high. The yard was fairly big, and had a lot of treeís surrounding it. Maybe living here wouldnít be so bad after all. Angel was lost in thought and didnít notice her brother sneak up to the car. Billy slammed his fist on the window and it made Angel jump out of her seat.

"Dammit Billy, donít do that! Youíre going to break the window!" She yelled at him. Billy frowned and left the car. Sighing Angel got out of the car, and grabbed her bags. Calgary was a nice city, it had a lot of nice people, and her favorite band grew up here. She knew she would like living there from the start, but that is why she hated it so much.

Chapter Three


Jersey sat on her bed, five straight hours of cleaning. The house was perfect. She was expecting Jamal to arrive at any moment. Smiling to herself she got up and looked in the mirror.

"Oh my god!" She said to herself when she saw her reflection, "Iím gross!" She went over to her dresser and quickly went through all of her clothes until she found what was just right. She pulled out her baby blue top that tied around the neck, and her new hip hugger jeans. Jersey looked at her watch, it was 6:10. Sighing, she grabbed her curling iron and put some quick waves in her boringly straight hair. She applied some mascara and went to see if Faith was finished cleaning her part of the house. Surprisingly enough, she was and it was perfect.

"Oh wow, thank you so much Fay." Jersey said amazed. Faith laughed.

"I told you Jay, I clean when I want to clean. Donít worry about it." Faith smiled and flipped through some TV channels. Jersey looked at her watch again.

"Jay, itís only twenty after, theyíll be here any minute. They probably got stuck in traffic." Faith said trying to reassure her sister. Jersey groaned.

"I want him here right now Faith, or else Iím going to go insane!" There was a pause, and then they heard the doorbell ring. Smiles broke out on both of the girlís faces. Faith jumped up from her spot and ran to the door. When she opened it she saw two guys standing there.

"Hello!" Said the taller one. He was six feet tall, had brown hair and chestnut brown eyes. He was muscular, and stood with confidence, his goofy smile was plastered on his face. She recognized him right away.

"Hey Jam!" Faith squealed and jumped up to give him a hug.

"Yeah, whatís up Fay?" Jamal laughed. "Whereís Jersey?"

"Jay will be here in a second she is just getting something. Come wait in the living room!" Faith said, and led the two guys to the living room. Jamal and his friend sat on the couch and Faith sat on the chair beside them.

"You have a new style Iím guessing?" Jamal laughed, when he noticed what Faith was wearing. She laughed.

"Theyíre Jerseyís clothes. But I was thinking maybe ofĖ" Jamal cut off Faith from talking when he saw Jersey walk into the room. He stood up and walked up to her.

"Jersey." He said. Jersey smiled.

"Hi, Jamal."

"You look good." Jamal said as he put his arm around her waist.

"Thanks, so do you." Jersey laughed. "Hey, I wanna show you something. Itís in my room."

"Sure." Jamal smiled. Jersey led the way to her bedroom.

Faith looked at the guy sitting on the couch laughing, and smiled.

"You must be Trek, right? Iím Faith, Jam doesnít seem to be very good at introducing anyone." Faith laughed and sat beside him.

"Uh yeah, thatís me. Youíre the little sister?" He asked looking her over.

"Yeah, Iím the little sister. Iím not really that little, I am sixteen, turning seventeen in a few months." Faith laughed.

"Yeah, I can see you arenít that little." He said staring at her chest. Faith followed his gaze and saw where he was looking. She shook her head, typical guy.

"Trek I donít think thatĖ"

"TK. Call me TK." He cut her off.

"Okay, TK. I donít think that staring at my chest all day is going to do you much good, you do want to live to see tomorrow right?" Trek looked up at her face, and laughed.

"Your chest? I wasnít staring at your chest. I was looking at your cross you are wearing. Itís very nice. Is it real silver?" Faith looked down and saw her cross hanging from around her neck, she had forgotten she was wearing it.

"Oh, uh. Yeah it is real silver." Faith answered slightly embarrassed. "Iím sorry I thought you were looking at my chest and I Ė"

"Donít worry about it, you have a very nice chest as well." Trek laughed. Faithís face turned a bright cherry red. She looked at Trek, he was a very nice looking guy. He looked somewhat like Jamal. He was about five foot eleven, and had the same chestnut brown eyes and hair. His skin was a sexy milk chocolate, and his lips were luscious and full. Definitely a change from all of her old boyfriends. They were all clean cut, well dressed, white Christians.

"So, TK, how are you?" Faith asked him flirtatiously twirling her hair around her pointer finger. Faith sighed and tilted her head a bit, "You know what, Iím going to call you Tiki instead. Okay?"

"What?! Tiki? Aw, come on girl. Canít you think of a better name? Whatís wrong with TK?"

"TK is just so. . . BLAH! I donít know, I like Tiki better. TK is so bland."

"What! TK is awesome. Tiki is gay, it makes me sound like a fag!" Trek laughed.

"Anyways, how are you Tiki?" Faith smiled. Sighing Trek gave up fighting her.

"Iím doiní alright. How Ďbout you, everything going alright?"

"Oh yeah, itís all been going pretty good. I just cannot believe that Jam came home! And he brought a cute friend with him, he always said heíd bring me a little something. But like, wow!" Faith laughed.

"WhaĖwhat?!" Trek asked shocked. Faith laughed again.

"Iím just kidding Tiki, relax." Faith smiled at him.



"Whatís this?" Jamal asked as he picked up a blue notebook that was laying on Jerseyís bed. "Oh, thatís nothing, itís just a story that I was working on over the last couple of weeks."

"What about?" He asked her.

"Itís about a beautiful girl who has to go through hell while her boyfriend deserted her to move to another city. But, eventually, he comes back one day and they make love over and over and over again."

Jamal looked up at her and laughed. "So, what you sayiní!?" He asked. Jersey went to her door and locked it. She looked at Jamal and a devious smile came over her face. She walked over to where he was sitting on her bed and took the notebook out of his hands. "This is what Iím saying." She smiled and kissed him, she hadnít kissed his lips for months and forgot the feeling of it. As soon as her lips touched his the vast memories indulged her mind. Jersey threw her book on the floor and pushed Jamal on his back. Just as she was moving in to place another kiss on his lips there was a knock at the door.

"Jersey?" A voice called from the other side. Jersey rolled her eyes and sighed. She got up and answered her door. "Yeah?" She asked.

"Jersey, I just got home. Faith said that you were up here. Who is that boy she is with? I have never seen him before, and what is she wearing?! Did you see her yet today? Why was your door locked, you never lock your door, Jersey. What were you doing?"

"Mom, Jamal is back!" Jersey said excitedly and pushed her door open more so her mother could see Jamal.

"Heís what?! - - Oh my! Oh what a nice surprise! And here I am thinking that my good little girls Jersey and Faith cleaned the house from the goodness of their hearts." Jerseyís step-mother Allison laughed. "Jamal, how are you? How long are you going to be here for, this is such a surprise! You never called to say you were coming? Jersey you didnít tell me Jamal was going to come over!"

"Yeah, he never told me either! I found out a couple hours before he showed up."

Jamal stood up and walked toward the door. "Hey mom, yeah Iím sorry I didnít call, I guess I should have. But I wanted to surprise everyone! I got a promotion! High-Tech promoted me to Escort Supervisor here in Calgary. My buddy TK got promoted as well, so weíre here to stay!" Jamal explained.

"Oh Jamal! Thatís great!" Allison exclaimed and gave Jamal a hug. "You boys can stay here as long as you need, until you can find a place of your own. It will be no problem, Iíll get the spare rooms set up." She smiled and walked to the spare rooms. Jersey looked at Jamal.

"Watch this." Jersey smiled and pointed into the room where her mom went.

"Oh my!" They both heard. Allison came out of the room with a shocked expression on her face. "Jersey, did you guys set up the guest rooms already?"

"You bet we did." Jersey laughed.

"Oh my, wow! You girls are great, Iím so glad you two are mine! What is there for me to do?"

"Nothing at all, go relax!"

"I canít just do nothing Jersey, what can I do? Jamal do you need any help unpacking?" She asked him.

"No no, itís alright, donít worry about it!" Jamal laughed.

"Oh okay, if you need anything Iíll be right downstairs just come and tell me."

"Okay!" Jersey and Jamal said at the same time and laughed as her mom walked down the stairs. Jamal shook his head, "She hasnít changed a bit!" He laughed.

"I know, ugh! She drives me insane!" Jersey laughed and turned to face Jamal. She tilted her head and looked him in the eye. "Well?" She asked him.

"Well what?" He asked.

"What do you want to do?"

"Do you even have to ask me that?" He laughed and put his arms around her waist. "You know what I want, you always know what I want." He said. Jersey smiled and leaned closer to kiss him.

"Oh whoa! Iím sorry!" Allison laughed.

They broke away and looked at the stairway. "Uh, hi mom." Jersey said as her face went beat red.

"Who is that boy Faith is with?" She asked.

"Thatís my friend TK, he is moving to Calgary with me, weíre going to get a house together." Jamal explained.

"Oh okay, just asking." Her mom said and went back downstairs.

"She does seem to have perfect timing now doesnít she!" Jamal laughed.

Chapter Four

"Mom, where is the box that has my cdís and stuff in it?" Angel shuffled through some more of her boxes. "Mom, I canít see it anywhere, is it in my room?" Angel called down the hallway to the room her mother was in. When there was no reply, she sighed and went back into her bedroom. She picked the biggest bedroom in the house, it was a square room with green walls and floors. Her closet was fairly big as well, she could fit everything she owned in it. Angel liked this room the best because it had a big window which showed a view of the lake behind their house.

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