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Vampires Live Forever !
Wednesday, 23 July 2003
-to kurt- ( 5-25-03 )
Today i realized just how much you fill my life with joy
How you can be my best friend, my shoulder to cry on, and my boy toy

You know all the right words to say to put a smile on my face
You know how to be a perfect boyfriend, and take everything at a certain pace

Your eyes when i look in themseem to calm me and let me know everythings alright
Your touch can comfort me when i'm extremly uptight

Even though at times i may not let you know
Or i may not let it fully show

I want you to know i love you
It's such and awesome feeling, so amazing and new

When I'm not with you my every thought has you in it
Every time i blink I see you or a memory of us i'll never forget

I don't know exactly how i can tell or show you how much you mean to me
Hopefully one day you'll know my hearts ALL YOURS, and only YOU hold the key!!

- i love you baby!! *MUAH*

Posted by vamp/bloodlover at 8:17 PM EDT
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You are. . . ( 3-10-03 )
your my best friend
your my soul mate

your my smile
your my tear

your my sunshine
your my cloudy day

your my broken heart
your my patched up soul

your quiet
your loud

you keep me pure
you make me dirty

you fill my life
you empty my mind

you make my world spin
you stop my day in its tracks

you make minutes fly by
you make hours drag out

you broaden my horizons
you tie me down

your my key
your my lock

your my open book
your my shut case

your my energy
your my laziness

you lift me up
you shut me down

your my teacher
your my torture

you lite me up
you blow me out

you keep me sane
you make me crazy

you hug me
you hit me

your the nicest
your the cruelest

your so clear
your so confusing


Posted by vamp/bloodlover at 8:09 PM EDT
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confused ( 5--7-03 )
He tore me apart, he ripped up my soul
Now instead of a heart, theres a wounded hole

I stood in front of him crying, letting out every last tear
His anger and rejection was my biggest fear

On minute he grabbed me, kissed me, and wanted me
The next minute he called me a whore and yelled for me to " LET HIM BE!"

He is so charming
He is so cruel

I dont understand.

Posted by vamp/bloodlover at 8:04 PM EDT
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A suicide ( 3-14-03 )
This corner is freezing
My pulse is easing

I see my reflection in the blade
Just remembering a little cut and my life could fade

I am wondering what my mom will say
When she sees me, then the blood the next day

Why do i care
My lifes so unfair!

Slowly i close my eyes
As i remember all people have said, all the little lies

I lift the knife to the edge of my throat
And i picture my life, a hell, a fastly sinking boat

I tense every muscle and take one last breath
In a matter of seconds my soul will meet death

I clench the handle , it'll be over soon
Then blow out the candle that lit the room

And pulled the knife hard across my neck
I open my eyes to see drops of blood falling spec by spec

The room starts to become deathly cold
I freeze into a permanent mold

The little light in my view starts to dim
My breath grows thin

I pray to God to take me!
Then i can no longer breath or see, I'm Gone. . .

Posted by vamp/bloodlover at 8:03 PM EDT
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leave me ( 3-14-03 )
At first i was timid
My heart was so frigid

I opened my heart
And you tore it apart

You looked into my mind
NONE of your thoughts were close to kind

Did you want to hurt me?
Did you ever really care?

My thoughts are going crazy...
Just let me be!

Posted by vamp/bloodlover at 7:56 PM EDT
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a journey ( 3-18-03 )
I dig into this chamber it's so dark and cold
To complete this jouney I must be bold

I step foward as i hear drops of blood trickling down the walls
I push and move cobwebs to get down the halls

All around me i hear yelling and i hear cries
I hear someone screaming " STOP WITH THE LIES! "

I keep walking but i come to a ' T '
As i look down one way, i see me

I don't even take a minute to look the other way
My mind is wondering, " What do i do? What do i say?"

As I come closer it seems as if i'm looking into a mirror
But I stand in wonder, and down her face rolls a tear

I get a feeling shes trapped
So i reach up to touch her, and it's glass that i've tapped

Is this what i am really feeling inside?
But i have to conceal, I have to hide?

Maybe i should visit here more than i do, a habit i should start.
This way i know the True feelings inside my heart!

Posted by vamp/bloodlover at 7:36 PM EDT
Updated: Wednesday, 23 July 2003 7:37 PM EDT
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