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Black, The Darkest Knight
*And Yami-Bakura and Marick aren't dead yet, so everyone rejoice with me!!!!*

What's with the Title?!?!
Random Bits 'n' Pieces Bout Me
All Bout Black

So, you've dared to step into the humble abode of the creater of Black, also known as Drags, Elf, or Dani? I credit ye to have much courage, but steping onto this page only shows how much courage you have within you.
So, just what is this site about? Me, of course. And I'll throw in Black too. And anything else I feel like at the time. And just who's Black? A Vampire character I created. Created for what? Stop with the questions already! Check the other pages for info about him, and me, o' course. Too much info, if you ask me.

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