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All Bout Black

Here be the page of which I esplain bout my little vampy boy named Black *Black: I'm not little!!!* Black is my favorite character from a story I am writing for NaNoWriMo 2003 (and no, he doesn't die!!!) which you can find here: Her Macabre Creation

Name: Sivis NightWalker a.k.a Black
Gender: Male
Species: Vampire
Age: 311 (Looks to be 34)
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 203 pds.
Eye Color: Dark Red
Hair Color: Black
God(s): Desmundo
He hates you ALL!!!
Black is the type of guy you defiantly do not want to meet in a dark alleyway. He’d rather drink first (or kill), and ask questions later. Living for such a long time, long even by Vampire standards, Black has become indifferent and cold to many people. A man of few words, and even less patience, Black more than occasionally yells at many people once they have gone past the tolerance point. This proves to be a difficult habit he tries to break on his journey, but being stuck with ten teens is bound to cause him to loose some of his sanity. He also both hates and loves his immortality and vampiric powers. He calls them ‘The curse without the blessing’.

When Black is first introduced into the story, he meets Jake, and then the rest of the teens. Aurora, however, needs no introduction to Black; the vampire holds the seemingly human girl in high esteem, esteem considered appropriate for a Queen. Black is also the favorite of all Vampires with the god, Desmundo, and this is one of the reasons of why Black is one of the oldest living vamps. Another reason is because of his superb sword skills that are enhanced by his vampire ‘gifts’. Before his mortality slipped away, Black was a paladin for the god, Visorith, known as the god of goodness.

When Black defeats the Monogers, he is recognized as the man who fulfills part of the prophecy set forth hundreds of thousands of years before the creation of the world called Erath. What he is needed for is still unclear, but currently, he is charged with taking the ten teens across the continent of Malosia to the temple of Harkasis in Brailez. Black becomes close with the teen called Jake, and as no hope of the teens getting back to their own world, Jake looks upon Black as a father.