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Random Bits 'n' Pieces Bout Me

Are you ready to be shocked to death when you learn about me? No? Ah well, just have fun reading the next text encrypted page. I'd tell you to pull up a chair, but I'd rather see you try to stand up and read all of the heart-stopping details of my life.

Name: Danielle Rose Marciniak
Nicknames: Drags, Elf, Dani, Qaof, Poke Squared, Sir Master No One.... I think that's it... for now...
Age: 15, as of March 23rd, 2003
Species: Dragon, Elf, Human, question mark, no idea, and unknown, respectively
Gender: Female, male, Female, ?, male, male, respectively
Eyes: Blue, red, blue, ?,?,?, respectively
Hair: None, dark green, blonde, ?,?,?, respectively