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What's With the Title!?!?

Sometimes I will have crazy insanse titles on page. These titles are always changing, depending on my mood. Here's the page where I explain the confusing, completely random, or totally not understandable ones. So sit back, grab a bowl of Ramon, and read to your enjoyment.

10/6/03- Black, The Darkest Knight *And Yami-Bakura and Marick aren't dead yet, so everyone rejoice with me!!!!*

First things first, Black, the Darkest Knight is the main name for the sight, a spin-off of Black (See his bio for more info). The second part is because I like to watch the show Yu-Gi-Oh, and I see nothing wrong with me, a fifteen year old female, to watch the show. I aptly name it 'The ultimate schizo show', and I just think schizos are the greatest. And so most of my fave characters are schizos, with the exception of Kaiba. (Explained further in the 'random bits and pieces bout me). And I also have a problem with all my favorite characters either dying, or being horribly cribbled (ie. loss of limbs, horrid insanity), and so, two of my absolute favorite characters did not die when all hope was lost. !Ha, in your face Yami-Marick! So everyone rejoice with me. !Yaaaayyy! NI!