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tWiStEd MiNd Of A pOeT

Hello my cheery chappies. This website is just a place to submit my poetry and thoughts, after all these are what make me special. My name is Kayleigh Jade Tosh and I am 16 years of age. I am currently living in UK, England, Leicester *birth place* and live with my parents and fiance. I am in my last year of school and can't wait to leave. I go to a hospital school because I am suicidal and the reason for that is I am bullied. I am happily engaged to Richard Davies from Derby and we hope to get married in a few years time (I want to finish college first). he is 19 years of age and I love him more than anything. That's all there really is to know about me; apart from that my musical influences are: JaCk oFf jIlL, fInCh, Mu|dV|Ay|nE, cOaL ChAmBeR,CrAdLe oF FiLtH, gOoD ChArLoTtE, dEfToNeS, tHe dIsTiLlErS, dIsTuRbEd, FeNiX Tx, FeAr fAcToRy, HaTeBrEeD, hElL Is fOr hErOeS, iLl nInO, tHe mOvIeLiFe, No dOuBt, KiLl sWiTcH EnGaGe, KiTtIe, RaNcId, ReD HoT ChIlI PePpErS, sCaRlInG, sIkTh, SlIpKnOt, SoUnDgArDeN, sTaTiC X, sYsTeM Of a dOwN, mAcHiNe hEaD, mY RuIn, NiNe iNcH NaIlS, tApPiNg tHe vEiN, tApR00t, ThRiCe, ThUrSdAy, TsUnAmI BoMb etc!