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Dissolving Eggs in Vinegar


Start with a blown out egg.

No Sobo or other base coat should be used unless scraping little bits of glue from the inside of your 

project is how you want to spend 2 hours ;c)


Cover the egg with clay leaving enough empty space so you can fit a tool inside and peel or break out 

the egg shell.

Once you have baked the clay, poke a couple of large holes in the empty spaces inthe clay to let the vinegar in and to prevent the egg from floating.

Submerge the egg in a bowl of vinegar making sure it is completely covered. You can use a spoon to keep the egg under the surface, or poke another hole in the shell to let the air out. I used apple cider vinegar so it looks kind of nasty in the pic below.

After an hour or so remove the lining of the egg. I use a giant cross stich needle, but any small stick like tool will work. Put the needle in one of the holes and wiggle it around. The lining will catch on the needle and you should be able to pull it out in one piece.


After 6-8 hours the shell should be pretty much dissolved (and the vinegar will be foamy). A few large pieces may be left but they should just fall off with a little nudging from a needle. If any pieces don't want to come free from the clay, put the egg back in the vinegar for a couple of hours and you should be all set.