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I am right!

Sunday, 6 March 2005

Webmin is great!
I don't know why it took me so long to find it.

Since the days of Mandrake 6.0 I was a linuxconf user. It was OK, and over time it has become less and less reliable. As the distros have changed and upgraded versions of the included servers, linuxconf hasn't been something that I could rely on as much.

I was looking for information about a GUI config for apache and was introduced to webmin. It is fan-fucking-tastic. What I really like is that it gives you the ability to get the rough layout of your changes done via web forms, but then allows you to fine tune your changes by editing the text files, all in your browser window.

It supports all kinds of OSes. From *BSD, to GNU/Linux through HP/UX,Irix and Solaris you're set with webmin.

Webmin is great.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 2:49 AM EST
Updated: Monday, 7 March 2005 2:24 PM EST
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Wednesday, 17 November 2004

Professional Football is Gay
Mood:  irritated
Originally posted 10/20/2004

Over the past few years, I've been working on a theory that America's obsession with professional Football is indicative of massive amounts of deep seated homosexuality. I think that having this all organized in writing will help me to develop the theory.

Let's start at the beginning. What is the objective of a game of Football.

The game is played by two teams consisting of big strong muscle men wearing tight shiny pants.

One team of big strong muscle men in tight shiny pants goes about attempting to "penetrate the endzone" of the other team of big strong muscle men in tight shiny pants.

The other team of big strong muscle men in tight shiny pants is trying to prevent the other team of big strong muscle men in tight shiny pants from "penetrating their end zone".

The action of the game centers around the Quarterback. At the beginning of most plays, the quarterback lines up behind the center. The center is on all fours while another man steps up behind him in a simulation of gay sex.

Whenever one team successfully penetrates the end zone of the other team, you will see grown men spanking each others buttocks to celebrate.

After the game, two teams of big strong sweaty muscle men go back to their locker rooms, strip nude and shower together.

Let's take a look at some of the names of positions.
"Tight End", "Wide Receiver", "Slap Back"

Let's take a look at the names of some of the teams in the NFL.
"The Buccanners" Butt Pirates anyone?, The Green Bay "Packers" What are they packing?, "Browns" This one explains itself. The Raiders, The Titans, The Oilers, etc...Many of the names have obvious homoerotic overtones.

The uproar over the "Janet Jackson Incident" at the Super Bowl wasn't really over indecency. It was because the great homoerotic love fest was interrupted by a woman's breast.

I grew up in Pittsburgh, hating football. This is like growing up on an island and hating fish. About 8 or so years ago, something like 40% of the people in and around Pittsburgh actually voted YES to an additional 0.05% sales tax because the team was threatening to leave town.

These people were ready to financially take it in the rear just to keep a sports team here! I don't get it.

Football is Gay.


The NFL and some of their homoerotic fans are upset that ABC dared hint at a naked woman during this week's Monday Night Football game.

In case you missed it before...

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 12:01 AM EST
Updated: Wednesday, 17 November 2004 1:21 AM EST
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Thursday, 11 November 2004

Attention little bitches!
John F Kerry lost. Deal with it. Live with it.

We, Republicans that is, got our asses stomped in 1992 and 1996. Sure, we didn't like it, but you know what? We dealt with it.

You bet on "gay marriage" and scaremongering about the supreme court. Sorry, that was not a winning bet.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 4:09 AM EST
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Wednesday, 3 November 2004

My Dawg, the president.
As I sit awake watching election returns on TV I can't help but celebrate a little. It would appear that GWB has won reelection. 4 more years of my favorite President during my lifetime. It's a good thing.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 1:19 AM EST
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Sunday, 24 October 2004

Israel is a bad friend
I've been trying to put into words how I feel about the situation with the "War on Terror".

Time and time again, middle eastern Arabs and Muslims say that the US's unconditional support of Israel is the number one reason why they don't like us.

I'm not going to assign blame for their conflict (arab/israeli), both sides have done some pretty awful things. What I will do is compare Israel to an old college buddy who gets into a barfight every time you go out with him.

It may or may not be his fault, but how many times do you have to get a busted lip or sore knuckles before you realize that this isn't someone that you want to go out with?

I say "no more". We should end all financial and military aid to Israel. We should maintain neutral diplomatic relations with them, but they shouldn't get the special protection that we provide them.

Want to make America safer? Let our friend learn to get along with his neighbors on his own.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 2:11 AM EDT
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Saturday, 2 October 2004

Wife Killers
Mood:  incredulous
I've been passively following the Scott Peterson murder trial. Time and time again I keep hearing about how guilty he has been acting. What I don't hear about is any actual evidence. It looks like the prosecution doesn't have any iron-clad proof of his guilt. I suspect that we'll have another OJ-esque situtation where someone who appears to be as guilty as hell gets acquitted because the prosecution screwed the pooch. I can't wait to see how "White America" responds when Scott Peterson gets away with killing his wife.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 2:53 PM EDT
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Tuesday, 7 September 2004

My friend, the President
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Politics
Maybe I'm too much of a cynic or conspiracy theorist, but I keep reading about how President Bush is stomping ass all over John Kerry in opinion polls.

This is at the same time that all of the hollywood elite is working hard to mobilize the base of the opposition. I keep finding myself thinking that this is about lulling the Republican base into a false sense of security. Making us complacent so that when election day comes, we will think that we have it in the bad and won't turn out in force to support our candidate.

Here I sit in Pennsylvania, a big Democrat base of support, I don't think that my vote will mean much. I am still going to the polls anyway. I urge my fellow Republicans to do the same.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 12:39 AM EDT
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Friday, 27 August 2004

OMG, disregard previous "Hot Women" entry
Mood:  amorous
I have now come to the realization that Jenna Von Oy (Blossom & The Parkers) is THE hottest woman on television. All of the women I named in my previous entry are still very hot, but Jenna is the current leader of the pack.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 4:02 AM EDT
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Tuesday, 24 August 2004

Why are people trying to burgle my machines?
Mood:  irritated
I have been looking at the logs on one of my linux machines and there are all kinds of unauthorized attempts to connect to my machine.

I am not harboring any nuclear secrets but so many script kiddies are trying to access my boxen that it is really starting to piss me off.

I think maybe that I'll start posting their IPs here on my blog.

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 4:52 PM EDT
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Thursday, 29 July 2004

Kate Faber!!!!!!!
After wondering again who it was that has accused Kobe Bryant of rape I decided to google around a bit. I found out that the name of his accuser is Kate Faber. I have an ethical objection to "rape shield" laws, so repeating her name on my Blog is my own way of protesting the collection of grossly unfair rules that are known as "rape shield laws".

Posted by vamp/assamite0 at 2:24 AM EDT
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