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Sweet 16 Angels

Good morning/afternoon/evening Ladies and Gentleman, Hallo, Was gibt's? Our names are Heidi and Emma. We will be updating about every week or so. So keep coming every week, we will appreciate that. Thanx! a little to start out yes we both are 16 but I am taken and she is single(and looking in our area ONLY!!!) chow!!! ~Emma~ You have found us!! I hope you like what you see. I hope you like it. We will update it as much as possible(like Emma said)...but neways...That's it for now. L8r! :) ~*~Heidi~*~ nothing much going on now im at my house. like ny1 wants to know.nywyz. i just came back from a school play it was funny and i found out that MTV came to our school today fr. MADE for one of our friends b'cuz he wants to be PROM KING!!! byes. tlkatchal8r. chow. ~Emma~

Qualities we look for in a guy!!!

My Favorite Web Sites

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