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Why Trigun and Hellsing are Alike.
  • Relgious Metaphors.
  • Fight of Good vs. Evil.
  • Dual Guns, one black, one silver.
  • Godlike Abilities of the main characters.
  • Two Sylable Titles.
  • Both Wear Red Coats.
  • Both Have Orange Tinted Glasses.
  • Both are involved with women that has something to do with they're field of work.
  • Theme Song of Hellsing and name of Trigun comic closely related
    (Trigun's Orginal Comic: Young King Hours, Hellsing's Theme Song: Young King Ours)

Really, I'm a pilosopher at heart.. I like to think.. I like to learn.. I like to discuss with people to see what they have learned. No other anime I've seen has come close to the impact that Trigun and Hellsing have had on me. Trigun is probably the best seris to see around, if you've seen it in anyway besides the orginal seris with subs, you are doing it a disservice.. and cheating yourself on a truely great experience.

Hellsing was different from Trigun, but I think only in its idea and the way to was played out. I believe it also had a lot to say of religion and the human spirit like Trigun did, it showed its darkest side however, instead of the light heartedness that vash always carriest with him. This shows that the shows were not only very linked, but I believe.. that one was inspired by the other. (Not gonna name names there.. I'll leave that up to you.)

In my entire exprience with anime, I have never quite seen such a pair of seris with so many similarities its hard to tell if they were or weren't done by the same people. These similarities are more then coincidence, so much more so and because I have no free time on my hands I have made this site.. as more of homage to 2 of the great anime seris that haven been developed by such creative and insightful artists, writers, directors. PS.. if anyone has any info regarding where I could get my hands on an original Hellsing soundtrack, tell me.


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