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Run time: 100 Minutes
Rating: R, Violence and Brief Nudity
Theme: Action


It’s the year 1999 (Year of Destiny) in Japan. Kamui Shirou has recently returned home for his pre-determined destiny. The Dragons of Heaven must protect the world from the Dragons of the Earth, who want to destroy it to bring about its “purification”. Even though he’s not to thrilled about fighting, he must choose a side. When his childhood friends Fuma and Kotori Monou are put into danger the choice is quite simple…But there’s always a catch.


X is quite dark (animation and story) but never takes it too far (I mean it was made for theaters). The story sometimes gets a bit confusing here and there but as long as you pay attention and turn your volume all the way up, you should be all right. The animation is the definitive for this anime, it is wonderful and just amazing to watch. The fight scenes are entertaining and fast-paced. . . But. . .X officially has the worst boss fight in history. But that still doesn’t matter all that much. . .all right yes it does, but my verdict is final!

8.5 (GOOD) / Story and animation are good, just turn it off quickly after the boss fight and throw it in a safe so it’s protected from your angry hands. . .Then you’ll watch it again. THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE ANIMES!

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga