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Wrath of the Ninja (The Yotoden Movie)


Run time: 87 Minutes
Rating: NR, Brief Nudity and Violence
Theme: Action/Adventure


In the year 1580 in a hostile Japan, Lord Oda and his unholy armies spread and kill everything in their path. Ayame, who barely escaped the grasps of Lord Oda, hides in the shadows, she is the last of the Kasumi Clan. She wields a dagger of immense power, it is one of the "3 Mystical Blades". She is later joined by Sakon and Ryoma, both renegades that hold the two other blades. They must unite and fulfill the "Prophecy of the Enchanted Swords" Will they make it? Is Ayame hot? Scroll on down buddy. . .


First, let's get to the important stuff, this anime was made in 1989, but for it's time period, Ayame is quite a babe. Moving on. . . I enjoyed this anime a lot. It seemed very realistic in the way of how the characters were introduced and how they performed in battle, I just love watching ninja fights, and this has a lot of them! It's not quite as pretty as the animation in Ninja Scroll and such, but it does have its good points and for when it was made, I can't complain. The story is great, it's very fluid and you always know what is going on but never know what we'll happen next. The ending is a good one, Wrath of the Ninja is just a solid title.

7.5 (Not to shabby!) / Wrath of the Ninja has very little flaws and many high points. A bit out dated, but nothing major. A definite buy if you're a ninja fan!

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga