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Run time: 95 minutes
Rating: NR.
Theme: Sci-fi/Fantasy


"The mountainous kingdom of Paro and the coastal city-state of Itha had been at peace for over a century. They would have remained that way but for the ambitions of Paro's power-hungry king. Despite the love between Jill, Paro's prince, and Ahanas, Itha's princess, a viscious assault is launched. Caught between duty and emotion, the star-crossed lovers must fight a war to its bitter conclusion.
When Isu, a simple farmer from the neutral village of Saki, saves Itha from being destroyed by a spy from Paro, he finds himself hungering for wealth and glory that the Ithan monarchy cannot provide. Agents from Paro make him an offer he feels he can't refuse, despite the protests of Marin, his dedicated and loving wife...
The Tree of Windaria, located between the embattled kingdoms, is said to bring only good memories to those who live under it's branches, including the inhabitants of Saki. But by the time the senseless war is over, memories may be all that remain..."


Windaria, Windaria, Windaria...oh Windaria. I figured you know, i would just pick up a random anime from BlockBuster, take it home watch and review...that didnt happen...I ended up liking it!, I was like, "What the hell?!"
but I guess thats the way the cookie crumbles...
Anyways Windaria is pretty good, if you can get passed the bad voice actin, the main character is so naive its sad, and he ends up hurting alot of people with this fact, included someone close to him.
Plus then you have the Princess and Prince from two different kindgoms which ends very sadly in my opinion...Alot of people that you grow to love within this anime seem to die which is what I think truly made this a good anime to watch for me, because it kept my emotions on a rollercoaster the whole time. Its good, i suggest you atleast see it once.
Now for the bad things, the voice acting is horrible, so is some of the diologue and the animation is quite old. I do think that the plot and overall feel of the anime are enough to save it, but not by much. So this is one of those animes that will not score high, but will not be a peice o' shit either. So take my word for it or not, I think you should atleast see this anime once.


6 (And now, I wanna cry) / My overall review basically sums up the reasons for my scores, thats about all i haveta say.

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