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Robot Carnival


Run time: 130 Minutes
Rating: NR, Violence
Theme: Robot/ Short film


Eight short films all having one thing in common, robots.


I believe there is a VHS verison of this movie which is dubbed...I looked everywhere for this movie for about 4 months...until i finally ordered it straight for Japan itself...Im a sad lil man....but! 9 weeks later...I finally get it in the mail. I recieved the DVD verison in entirely japanese, so I really dont know whats going on throughout the talking films BUT! that does not mean I did not enjoy this movie greatly. This film features such films as "Presence","Star Light Angel", "Deprive", and "Cloud" now, thats not all...those are just the names I remember...hehe. This film is not for everyone most of the short films are set to music and have no talking once-so-ever. A few of them were very boring in my aspect but then again alot of them were great!!! lets go down the list...shall we?

Franks Gears: F.G is your basic Frankenstein's Monster story only involving a robot instead, great art work, set to music and it ends rather sad...

Deprive: Deprive is about a robot and his "love"? for a girl, i dunno if you would call it love but, the young girl is taking away and he sets off to rescue her, set to music also and its animation style is very similar to...Ronin Warriors..

Presence: Next is Presence, I loved this short anime film, it was stunning in animation, although I couldnt understand what they were saying I got the jizt of it, and it was such an strange feeling that I got from the movie, especially when he is standing over the girl after about 30 years has passed.

Star Light Angel: Star Light Angel has alot of RPG music! it was weird...I dunno if it was actually Final Fantasy music or Lunar but it sounds alot like this so, could watch this as an rpg! It is about a girl who goes to a carnival and falls in love, awwwww....ok yea...but still I liked it. Set to music, no talking...

Cloud: Cloud is very good, I mean wow...i couldnt believe it when I saw it. It focuses around a robotic boy and something...LOL I dunno...but he journeys thru the clouds for a long time.

A Tale of Two Robots, Chapter 3: Foreign Invasion: LOL! this one is niiiiiice, another one of actual talking, funny too, although I can only understand half of the speaking, its all good. It is an old robot battle, you umm....shitty Gundam haha! but nice none-the-less.

Nightmare: Nightmare is awesome, the detail in this movie is great, its your basic Japanese city that gets trashed by robots at night, and one man is awake to see it.

Overall, I like Robot Carnival and it is def. in my doubt. I suggest you all atleast see Cloud or Presence.


9/ (Robotastic!, I liked it, youll like it, we'll all like it, we should fight wars with it!)

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