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Phoenix 2772


Run time:121 Minutes
Rating: NR.
Theme: Fantasy-Scifi / Love Story


In the future, the people of Earth are born in laboratories, raised by robots and ruled by a tyrannical government. Into this bleak world, Godah is born, a sensitive boy who will soon hold the future of the world in his hands. While training to become a spaceship pilot, Godah learns of the Legend of the Phoenix, a mystical space firebird with magical blood. Whoever controls the Firebird will have immortality and everlasting power.


Phoenix 2772 is an anime that is undoubtable not for everyone, I wasn't too keen on it the first time I got it, but it has began to grow on me and is now one of my favorites.I dont quite understand it either myself, but it is. I don't even think that this anime can be found that easily anymore, so if you want it, I'd check Ebay or any local stores that sell old videos.

7 (averaged) / Good story, basic animation, but like I said, it's not for everyone!

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