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Macross Plus


Run time: 115 Minutes
Rating: NR
Theme: Mechs / Love Story


It's 2040 on the planet Eden and earth's Ministry of Defense wants to test a new prototype to help protect themselves from future alien attacks. And who gets the job? Two rival pilots named Isamu and Guld both want it, and both want the love of their childhood friend Myung. Who will get the job? Who will get the girl?. . .


The "Background" just doesn't do the justice, there's alot more to the plot than that, I just don't want to give anything away. Also, this review is based on the movie, not the 4 seperate shows. And I recommend the movie over the shows, they just take out the boring useless parts on the four seperate shows and add a little bit more to make it seem smoother, therefore making it a better buy, read on...
I love this anime! I love it! The animation is so awesome, especially in battle scenes. Even though it is mostly story, what anime isn't? The story is so good though, and has a great twist at the end. You learn to love Myung by the end, and hate Isamu and Guld. Isamu is so arrogant and annoying that you wonder why he would even try for Myung. And Guld is the big buff guy that is also annoying but it's nothing that is unbearable. Also, this anime has a suprising amount of music in it, because Myung is the manager of a singer. . .You have to watch it to get what I am saying. Macross Plus delivers in every aspect rock-solid. A great anime, a great movie, a excellent master piece.

10 (Can we say, Perfect?!?) I love this anime, It is quite possibly my favorite. The story pulls you and won't let go until the very end. You will not regret forking up 20 bucks for this beautiful piece of work!!

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga