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Junk Boy


Run time: 45 Minutes
Rating: 17+, Nudity and Adult Situations
Theme: Comedy


Ryohei Yamazaki is a horny 23-year-old, very horny! He gets a job at a naughty magazine company as a joke, but turns out to be one of the best employees. . .


You see how short and quick I made the background? Thatís how the movie feels. It goes by very quickly and lacks a real plot of any kind. Itís just some guy thatís hornier than. . .ManaMoon, scary thought. There is alot of nudity but you wonít get your jollies off to this one, itís just too comical to take seriously. Junk Boy is pretty funny if youíre a guy that has gone through puberty; you understand his position all to well. At the end it gets a bit serious, one of the better parts of the film, but itís just not enough to save it. . .

5.5 (Meh) / Junk Boy isnít hentai nor a true anime, itís just there making perverted jokes, funny at times, Maybe worth a rent if your desperate.

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga