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Devil Hunter Yohko


Run time: 120 minutes
Rating: 17+, Violence,Nudity and Language
Theme: Action/Comedy/Crap...


"Yohko is pretty much your average, run of the mill high school student; she's got a crush on the school stud, the school looser has a crush on her, her oversexed mom and ninja grandma routinely get into brawls at the breakfast table, and she's the latest in a long line of Devil hunters. Ok, make that average, run of the mill anime high school student. In any case, the principle at her school has some extracurricular activities planned, namely summoning up the minions of the demon world to overrun the earth. And, of course, Yohko (as soon as she gets over the shock of having her friends possessed and finding out about the whole Devil Hunter thing) is going to have to take on the bad people and save the world. Just another day at high school..."

Plot summary thanks to... Because Im a lazy bastard.


NO NO NO NO!!! This anime is no good, you would think if you had a choice between Hellsing and Devil Hunter Yohko, you would choose Hellsing right? Well not I, I figured, 17+ rating...allllllright....Meh, did it suck. The animation was ok, but it was just not good! not good at all...Filled with bad langauge, most of the time out of place and basically pointless. Nudity, which was ok...hehe but still not needed...And just a bad and, somewhat predictable plot. It was just bad and I have really nothing good to say about it.
So, take Sailor Moon, add...langauge, blood, and nudity, and you got Yohko....wait a tick...Sailor nudity...and blood...and langauge? Does this not sound like the greatest anime EVER!! I give it a 10 A 10!!!!!!!!

2 (Ok, so I lied...) / There is nothing good to say about this anime, or any way to save this review. So let's go out with a bang!

Two muffins are sitting in an oven, one turns to the other and says, "Man is it hot in here." The second muffin turns to the first one and says, "Holy shit! a talking muffin!!!"

Thank you, and good night.

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