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Cool Devices


Run time: Series, 315 Minutes
Rating: 18+, Contains graphic sex, nudity, rape, and incest
Theme: Hentai / Horror


Cool Devices is a collection of eleven hentai short stories referred to as "operations". These operations are:

Operation 1: "Curious Fruit" - An innocent girl named Ai is plunged into the underground world of sado-masochists and exhibitionists. But Ai likes it there...

Operation 2: "Sacred Girl" - He has always been a bit obssessed with his sister, and she feels exactly the same way about him...

Operation 3: "Lover Doll" - It's about a man with a house full of female pets. 3b: "Winter Swimsuit" - A guy shreds his gal's swimsuit to bits with a blade while she's wearing it. 3c: "Enema" - A girl gets some serious anal treatment from her guy.

Operation 4: "Kirei" - Two unsuspecting girls take a vacation on a beautiful island only to discover that the natives are too friendly to females.

Operation 5: "Seek 1" - Marino Ohkura's an ordinary girl who somehow falls into the hands of some masochistic dominators. They're going to do things to her body that she never thought was possible.

Operation 6: "Seek 2 (SM Queen Saki)" - Saki's a real experienced girl. So much so that she can no longer tell the difference between pleasure and pain... thus she tortures and molests her female acquaintances with such gusto.

Operation 7: "Yellow Star" - Yellow Star is a drug that robs one of strength and will. Furthermore, it magnifies sensations. Beautiful Ayana's stepfather seems to have a limitless supply, making her daily life a perpetual nightmare...

Operation 8: "Slave Warrior Maya 1" - Somehow, Maya is pulled out of her ordinary life on Earth into another world, where she gets sold off as a slave to a menacing master who straps her onto some sort of sex machine...

Operation 9: "Slave Warrior Maya 2" - Maya is no longer the uninitiated girl that she was in part one. She's enjoying her master's hospitality and she had also gained a new body part...

Operation 10: "Binding" - Masaki's on a train, dreaming about a woman he's never met. When he wakes up, he finds that his stuff has been stolen and that he's stranded... following a pleasant woman from ths station, Masaki stumbles upon a house full of women. The women take an immediate liking to Masaki, and when night falls, Masaki sees things not meant for his eyes...

Operation 11: "Fallen Angel Rina" - A popular idol singer discovers that there are too many debts to pay and favors owed after her father's death. But they want her body as payment, and they want her to do things. All kinds of things.


Cool Devices might not be everybody's cup of tea. While there aren't any demons and tentacles, there are plenty of extreme hardcore stuff like bondage, S&M, torture, rape, incest, and other various disturbing and mean-spirited stuff. You either like it or not :) Cool Devices is a collection of non-related girls. Each girl basically takes one fantasy and acts it out. Some segments actually have a decent plot (Slave Warrior Maya, Binding). The artwork and animation is generally speaking pretty bad except for maybe Slave Warrior Maya and Yellow Star (which has the same designer as Kite). Kirei probably has the worst designs (those breasts are huge), but it is somehow more memorable because it's so genuinely sad (and disturbing). If you're into perverted stuff, look no further.

8 / Based on Porn and Story, It is, afterall, pretty intriguing....ahem...the stories...yeah..Intriguing yet hard to sit through...and not say hello to jimmy...yeah...BUT ANYWAYS, I found it all to be interesting, sexy, and hilarious at some points. Not a bad buy.

Reviewed by:

Magus Prime