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Those Who Hunt Elves


Run time: Series, 6 Hours
Rating: 13+
Theme: Comedy/Adventure


Three earthlings have suddenly been transported to a strange elven world. When the spell that sends them back home fails, they know they’ll be there for awhile. The spell has shot onto 5 different elves bodies, So Junpei (My hero…) has vowed to strip every elf in the land! This doesn’t make the high priestess Celcia very happy since she is in charge of the place. But you gotta do what you gotta do so Junpei, the fighter, the talented Hollywood star Airi, and the young but tough Ristuko must venture off into this new world and strip every elf they meet!!!


Those Who Hunt Elves is a hilarious series! Almost not stop laughs, it has it’s serious moments, but it cranks out the laughs til’ the last drop! The fight scenes are terrible but I didn’t (and neither should you) buy it for that, I just heard that this was a funny title so I picked up Chapter 1. I ended up falling in love with it and bought the rest of the series. The humor is more on the immature side, I’d recommend it to 12-16 year olds, but it is a blast! I must note this is the first whole series I have bought, So I have a soft spot for it. Anyway, the story is consistent and entertaining, and actually makes sense. Junpei basically makes the series, Airi keeps it all together when they are in trouble. Ristuko helps a bunch with her tank, and Celcia provides the magic power the whole team needs, together they are THOSE WHO HUNT ELVES!!

7.8 (Quite Solid) / A very funny series. Not quite as funny as GTO or deep in drama, but just a great buy. I recommend Chapter 1, if you like it, you’ll love the series!

Reviewed by:

Dark Koga