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I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures of David as much I do. Click on the minimized pictures to view the full images. The new pictures have borders.

To view all of the full-sized images in this gallery, click on the first one in the top row and then click on "Next picture" to jump to the next picture.

These pictures are copyrighted to many different organizations including TV Guide, The WB Television Network and UltimateTV. Some are from the Official Buffy the Vampire Slayer web site. No copyright infringement of any kind is intended. No profit is being made. These pictures are not for distribution; they are presented here solely for the enjoyment of the fans.

Some of the more recent pictures came from Asylum and from Gist. I would also like to thank Anime Nut who allowed me to use the pictures from his web site, Domain of the Slain. I also got some pictures from AngelusT and Star Crossed Lovers and from Cyberpaws with Lisa's permission. (All of these sites are listed on our links page.)

You are free to download the pictures, but remember to put down the copyright info to protect yourself. Also please do not link to the pictures on my servers; create your own pages for these pictures. If you use these pictures to create your own Angel or Buffy web site, it would be great if you put a link to Angel's Secrets on your page.

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