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Angela's Swoosh Place

Some of My Favorite Things

My Favorite Web Sites

Yoshitaka Amano's FF Art Work (Celes from FF 3)
Cool Pic
Another Cool pic
Dark Chi
From Sailor Moon
More Chi
Another Chi (See any patterns?)
A Really Cool Pic ^-^
A Cool Cat-Girl Pic
It's Pink Chi!
It's a Panda Puppy
Dont Get Wrong Thoughts Now^-^
An Amy Brown Pic
CUTE Kitten
Look At those........Eyes
Yoshitaka Amano's Terra Pic
This is so Cute
IT'S So cute and ish
She Has A Pen!!!!
She's a bloody angel
This Is my Big Brothers art gallery!!!
More Kewl Pics!!!
Pics of me and my friends

Updated 07/14/05 Hey thanks for taking time to visit all my favorite pics!!! Mail me Your Opinions!!!!