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----This guide will teach you how to create a bodyguard in Evil Genius.----

note: This guide preassumes that you have already extracted the resource.erb file, using the erb reader found here

Creating a bodyguard is a lot like making a henchman, except that bodyguards cannot have special abilites. You also cannot control them.

For this example, we will be making a bodyguard using the S.A.B.R.E exceptional verteran model.

Step 1: Go to C:\Program Files\VUGames\Evil Genius\ResourcePAK\Resource\EntityDescriptions\00000-00999 Characters\00300-00399 Specialists and open the file 00400_Plaything_Male.desc. Select everything in the file (Ctrl+A) and copy it. (Ctrl+C) Now, open up notepad and make a new file in C:\Program Files\VUGames\Evil Genius\DynamicResources called 00402-Bodyguard1.desc. Ensure that the file saves as .desc and not txt. Do this buy making notepad save as all files.

Press Ctrl+V and paste the contents into this file.

Step 2: We now need to edit some things in this file in order for things to work properly. Firstly, we need to change the model file to be that of the sabre veteran. Where it says change this to say Europe_Soldier_A_04.COL. Above this, we need to add ObjName=BODYGUARD in place of ObjName=HOT_HOT_DUDE. (0_o) We also need to change the animation set. I used Red Ivan's, as it seemed fitting.

Finally, where it says TextDescription=HOT_HOT_DUDE change this to say TextDescription=ALEXIS_BODYGUARD_1 (actually, its completly optional what you put here, as long as you remember what it says)

Once your done with that, you should have something that looks like this:

Step 3: We now need to change our bodyguard's skeleton.

This is the skeleton:

Its up to you what skeleton you want to use, but some may look strange, and may not hold weapons correctly. I used Moko's skeleton. Which looks like this:

Since we are down here, we may as well change our bodyguard's name and weapon. Once again, its up to you what you want your BG's name to be, and what weapons he uses. Change his name where it says Desiredname= and change his weapon ID's to that of the ones you want to use. If you don't know what weapon id you want, take a took at the file Weapon_stats.csv in the DynamicResources/BalancingSpreadSheets folder.

Step 4: Time to customize your BG's stats. I made mine pretty powerful, but feel free to do whatever you want to with yours.

The desc file is now complete. Yours should look something like this:

Step 5: Its now time to add refrences to our BG. Firstly, lets add our BG's Short Name and Text Description.

To add his Short name, open the file EntShortNames. Press Ctrl+F, type 401 and press enter. Below this, we need to add this line:

Now, do the same thing with the file EntTextDescs except add this line:

Remember that in the EntShortNames folder, it needs the same Filename as that in the desc file and EntTextDescs needs the BG's Text Description.

Finally, we need to add a refrence to our BG in the csv stats. So, go to C:\Program Files\VUGames\Evil Genius\DynamicResources\BalancingSpreadsheets and open the file Misc_Character_Stats.csv. Press Ctrl+F, type 401 and press enter. Now, copy this whole line.

Below this line, type 402,ALEXIS_BODYGUARD_1, (or whatever you BG's Text Description is.) Then, press Ctrl+V to paste the line you just copied.

Lastly, you just need to match the stats so they are the same as in your BG's desc file.

Step 6: Time to see if your character works. Launch EG and spawn your character. Hopefully, you will have something like this:

I hope you found this guide useful. -Seipher

If you are lazy and want all the work done for you, then download the bodyguard here.