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Vampire Hunter D:Bloodlust is by far one of the greatest movies i have ever seen!!! I have watched the dvd about 20 times. lol. It is the perfect mix of an action-packed anime to appeal to the american tastes, a wonderful romantic love story so it will appeal to the more sensitive personality, and great animation for the otakus out there. The basic story line is that a young girl, Charolette, is kidnapped by her lover Mihier Link, a vampire. Charolette's father and brother contact D, the vampire hunter(who happens to be a dunpeal, half vamp, half human) to find Charolette and bring her back, dead or alive. They also hired another group of vampire hunter's, the Markus Brothers. Durring the chase to save Charolette, the Markus Brothers and D meet many times and realize about the secret love between Charolette and Mihier. I dont want to give away anymore of the movie so watch it!!!^_^

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