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Rock The 40oz

shoot the kids at school / all in a bloody pool

i'll show the teachers too / 'cuz they can't tell me what to do

* getting C's and D's / saying thanks and please
ya broke the golden rule / yer staying after school

land is real estate / to the ones I hate
the cops say you just refrain / from squattin', drinkin', and hoppin' trains

drink but don't drink this / it aint beer it's piss rock the fourty ounce / it's the change that counts
when we get there on the train we'll get some booze and start again

i'm living in the past /i'm goin' nowhere fast
jesus has a place for me / a life of sin and infamy

droppin out of school / teacher is a fool
so ya run away / livin day to day

doin whatcha gotta do
and what makes you happy too

* fallin prey to drugs / sportin' body bugs
rock the fourty ounce / it's the change that counts

just don't get locked up in jail
cuz no ones gonna have the bail
taking time to break the laws
& then i'll lick my dirty paws
dodging all the lies i'm fed
i'll live my life and then i'm dead