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yeah, this is my music page. fav bands, worst bands, other music crap. lol. if u have any ideas for what to put here send me an email.^_^

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  1. This is a tie between Leftover Crack and Choking Victim. Both of thier lyrics are the greatest and are full of emotion and meaning to me. Plus they have awesome bass!!!^_^
  2. Cradle of Filth takes second. They have the most emotional music and can make me feel every emotion by just listening to the music, not the lyrics. The only reason why they cant take first is becuase of thier lyrics. Most of them are too biblical for me and only a few of thier songs can i connect with what Danni sings, such as Suicide and Other Comforts, Thank God For the Suffering, and Her Goast In the Fog.
  3. Third goes to Anti-Flag. Thier lyrics speak so much to me and they are so true.
  4. And fourth goes to Nirvana! Yes they are awesome and should take first but i like the rest more. Its very close between Anti-Flag and Nirvana though. The reason why Nirvana doesnt beat Anti-Flag is becuase Nirvana's lyrics are more poetic and dont speak to me as much as Anti-Flag's.
  5. Fifth goes to Orgy. I love thier cd Candyass. Thier music really gets me thinking as does thier lyrics.
  6. sixth i will give to Minor Threat. well, now im just starting to stop ranking them. Minor Threat would come up higher on the list but im always discovering new bands and it would just become a real pain in the ass! so now its just becoming a list of good bands and bad bands. ^_^
  7. ok next is going to be Against All Authority. they are awesome. they have a great horn section, and their bassist is sweet. plus they have great lyrics.
  8. next is Nine Inch Nails. he is awesome. he has a great beat to all his music, they lyrics rock, and come on, its a one man band!!! how can you get any better than that! dont have to worry about a band break-up or a crappy bassist comeing in and butchering they music.^_^

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  1. This one is actually an entire catagory. yes, the dreaded BOY BANDS! They should all die a horrable and painful death.^_^ I'm so nice!
  2. Ludicrist or how ever you spell his name. lol. I hate him. He absolutly sucks!!! Him and all the other annoying rappers out there.
  3. Sum 41 is so annoying!!! The think that they are punk too!!!
  4. Good Charolette is in 4th on the worst band list. I like some of thier music but its most of the fans that are what cause this band to get on this list. That is what it is like with most "pop-punk" bands. They have ok music but when they go as far as calling themselves "real-punk" and thier fans go as far as thinking that they are true punks then that is what i hate about them.
  5. Even Esseance goes on this list too.(sorry junell and ed lol) They have ok music and i could stand to listen to them if someone else wanted to, but i really dont like them. They are one of those really big and annoying band that is constantly on the radio and MTV. Thier songs just get old and tiring.

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