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Michael J. Hardy's Ghost Marbles Puzzle Game For Windows!

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Ghost Marbles - Windows Video Game By Mike Hardy

updated: Febuary 3rd, 2005 at: 10:55 pm (Central Time)
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"That is not dead which can eternal lie, and with strange aeons even death may die."
-Michael J. Hardy (İOctober 31st, 2002)

This Site has been Visited Since Released in January of 2005.

Source Code and Development Section...

Ghost Marbles was Written & Programmed in a total of 13 days, Using Visual Basic 6.0 (Professional Edition) and the DirectX 9.0 SDK.

There were difficult times in placing all of the animations but I managed... The Source Code is Closed Source however, If you purchase the Game on a CDRom Disc then I will also give you the Source code for Free!

Click the buy now image to buy the complete game....

I have some Great News!!! On January 25th, 2005 around 11:30am (Central Time) My Wife found out that she's Pregnant. Yep, I'm going to be a daddy! (We're so Happy) It will be our First Child. We Don't know yet rather it's a boy or girl We won't find out until March or April of 2005. Please Prey that the nothing goes wrong and that the baby will be born healthy. I am Donating this Game (Ghost Marbles) to my Child... Who Knows, When He or She gets old enough to use a Computer or when I die, He or She might take over the development of Ghost Marbles...

I suggest before you download Ghost Marbles that you take alook at the Pics Section...

If you would like to help in the Development of Ghost Marbles, then please donot hesitate to contact me. You may contact me at or call me via telephone at one of the following phone numbers...

  • 573-860-4903 (Home/Office),
  • 573-860-5433 (Mother-in-laws/Office),
  • 573-860-2519 (Parent's),
  • 573-860-5783 (Father-in-laws)...

Note: You must dial a 1 then 573 if dialing outside of Sullivan Missouri...

Image of the Author and His Wife :)

Michael J. and Kara L. Hardy

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