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Ghost Marbles 3D Marbles Solitaire Puzzle Game...
Written by Michael J. Hardy © Copyright October 31st, 2004-2005 By ® Asylum Studios...
Development Page for GM!
©Copyright ® 2005

Splash Screen For 3D Ghost Marbles

mini screen shot

Welcome to the Development Page of 3D Ghost Marbles...

Before We get started, I'd like to tell you all something! I just found out on January 25th, 2005 around 11:30am That I'm going to be a Daddy! Yep, Thats right, My Wife is Pregnant with my Child. AnyWho, I just wanted to let everyone know, This will be our first child... We're so excited...

Anyway, 3D Ghost Marbles was Written, Designed, and Programmed By Me (Michael J. Hardy) Using Visual Basic 6.0 - pro - and the DirectX 9.0 SDK. I used the Best Technology as of 2005. I thought about using OpenGL But DirectX 9.0 was good enough. I'm not sure if this game is cross platform because I used DirectX instead of OpenGL.

Ghost Marbles took only a few Months to develop. There were difficult times in putting all of the Animations in place but I managed... All of the Graphics, Sounds, Music, Animations, and Etc... Was Created Using Adobe PhotoShop CS.

If you would like to help in the creation of Ghost Marbles then contact me at or call me via telephone at 573-860-4903, 573-860-2519, 573-860-5433, or 573-860-5783. Please ask for Mike Hardy.

If you would like to purchase the full no time limit edition then visit and fill out the online order form... (The Order is 128 Bit SSL Secure)

I thank you all for your support... My Wife and I love Ghost Marbles as a matter of fact we have Highscore Competetions all of the time. Who Wins the highscore Competetion has to take the otherone out to a nice dinner.