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Misc. Stuff Last Updated: Nov. 3, 2002

Here are some funny things I have been collecting from all the sites I've seen. Please don't ask me where I found these sites because I don't even really know. Some of them may be wierd or disgusting, but that's my style, so you'll just have to stop your whining and maybe laugh a little.

WARNING: Most of the content of this web site may not be suitable for anyone, so if you get offended easily, don't bother looking at the stuff.

First here are some pics that I thought were a tad bit humorous:

Pretty self-explanitory...WhoopDeFingDo

Here is a test to check if you're healthy!

I didn't know they sold fleshjuice in Japan.

Here is proof that the lunar landings are fake!

Bums are funny guys!

Brazillian Internet Advertisement

Even though I know that many people have seen or heard of this, I had to put it on here.

This is the ugliest face I have ever seen

Chinese babies look funny

Those Crazy Japanese!

Now I'll be getting into the movies and sounds.

Many Uses of the F-Word! Rated: R

What women will do to get a job... Rated: PG-13

Some women are clueless when it comes to cars. Rated: PG

Vibrator prank call. Rated: R

WINNA! Rated: PG-13

Shit on ur lip! Rated: R

Clapping WITHOUT your hands... Viewer Discretion Advised Rated: NC-17

Dog Vs. Pokemon!! Rated: R

Why I love AOL so much! Rated: R

First you have to watch two movies to get the third one... He is not sweating, I promise! Now he starts loosing it. Now the japanese music video. Rated: PG

If ya like Tenacious D, then you will enjoy this little flash. Rated: NC-17

This is just plain funny! Ghetto DelltaRated: PG-13

If you had Nintendo when you were a kid, you will enjoy this, although it doesn't make much sense at the end. Rated: PG-13

This is really strange, but I love it! Rated: PG-13


Some wierd cow music video. Rated: R

Japanese people are really funny! Rated: PG


Gonads in the lightning! In the lightning! In the rain! Rated: PG-13

It's penut buttah jellah time! Rated: G

A little old, but I found it funny at the time. Rated: PG-13

Kinda like the last one. Rated: PG-13

This one is funny cause I learned more about the play "Romeo and Juliet" from watching this then from my Freshman English Class. Rated: PG-13

Playing with dead animals is FUN! Rated: PG

Why do all the good music videos come from Japan? Rated: PG

This is the funniest thing I have ever seen, seriously I crapped my pants! If there is one thing on this site that you need to see, this is it!<---STAR WARS Rated: PG-13

And to think that I thought bad for the nerds... Bling Bling To The Extreme! This is just pathetic. Rated: PG

It doesn't get much better than this (Except for the Star Wars nerds)Rated: G

Hockey... Jackass style! Rating: PG

Having a girlfriend whos dad has a sense of humor: Priceless! Rated: R

All your base, are belong to us! Rated: PG


Now finally just some links I found amusing.

Just click

Remember the cartoon, Smurfs? Well, Papa Smurf was a commie!


I have been playing this for days. High score: 347 (Too much free time)

Two Words... Tard Dance


Couple Seeks $5M For Lost Cat

SAN FRANCISCO—A couple sued Air Canada for $5 million, claiming the airline lost their tabby cat during a flight from Canada to California. Andrew Wysotski and Lori Learmont, formerly of Oshawa, Ont., traveled to San Francisco with their 15-year-old cat, Fu, and four other cats last August. They claim Air Canada, its cargo-handling company and San Francisco International Airport personnel, are guilty of negligence, negligent infliction of emotional distress, fraud and false advertising. "It's not about the money," Wysotski said. "It's more the attention to the problem than the money." The Aug. 16 filing in Superior Court said the couple got airline-approved plastic crates for the cats before they boarded the flight at Pearson International Airport, outside Toronto, Canada. Upon arrival in San Francisco, Fu's crate had a large hole in a corner, the front door was broken and open, and the cat was gone, the claim said.

In a related story an Oregon man was killed when he was struck by what appeared to be a half frozen cat. Long time friend of the victim, Kyle Bowers told reporters, "It wasn't the cat that killed him, though, it was the brick in the cat's mouth." He then added, "That's some strange shit, there."

On a hair dryer: "Do not use in the shower."

Only in America.

On a Curling Iron: "Do not stick in any orifice"


On a stick of roll on deodorant: "Do not apply to eyes"

Smelly eyes?

On a batman costume cape "Caution: Cape does not enable wearer to fly"

Batman never flew. Get a job, buy a plane ticket.

That's all I got for right now, plus I ran outa web space, but I'll find more for your viewing pleasure later.

Dave (A.K.A. Eggy Jr. or Zap)

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