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Hey i juss redid this whole thing and im still working on excuse the mess plz ^.^


Oct. 29, 2004-------------- i'm at college now!!!! hard to believe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! a special message to all my friends at home:
Miss ya!! (i dunno why the movie is kinda messed up and doesn't show my whole face.... hmmm... haveta figure that out....)

Jun. 29, 2004-------------- i'm leaving korea today -.- i'll miss Eunkyung and her family and korea. we've had a veryyyy good time here. i want to come here one summer so i can learn korean. anyways, we'll be based in Hong Kong for the next three weeks! i'm excited. i'll be posting pictures here still... look in the "gallery." or here

May 17, 2004--------------this website is so disorganized n stuff i've given up!!!! at rice ill make a new cool website, but in the meantime i have this. ANYWAY... Graduation is in 29 days. wow.... it's been a long year. so much has happened... i practiced sooo much for my college auditions, which were the most stressful thing i have ever been through. it ended up alright in the end i guess... i got into rice, peabody and juilliard, and was waitlisted at cim. i guess that's b/c the teacher i wanted only accepted one student. anyways, i ended up choosing rice over juilliard [*gasp*] which was a really tough decision.... hm so now i'm a post-ap senior and i have nothing to do. i haven't practiced in a long time. i needed a break cuz before auditions i was doing 4 or 5 hrs a day plus rehearsals. speaking of which, my clarinet quintet is going to fischoff this weekend. unlike our rehearsals at the beginning of the year when we wasted most of the time goofing off, we've been working really hard lately. i hope we do well! i just went and bought matching dresses for us today... so hopefully we'll look good, too ^^ hmmmmmmmm this summer i'm gonna have soOOO much fun!!!!!! i'm going to asia w/ emily lam and we're gonna visit Eunkyung and also hang out in China. i'm so excited and it's like all i can talk about... hmm not much else is going on.... so later!!!!!

Oct. 10, 2003-------------- senior year... finally!!! yay! i haven't updated this site very much in the past year... im gonna try to put a tun of pix up here this weekend! so enjoy~

Aug. 05, 2003-------------- wow camp is done. i've been home for a few dayz. was fun (not the most fun year ever, but still fun) but i worked hard. my quartet= so fun! haha college auditions are coming up. oMG. newayz i will put up pictures here soon!!!! i'm going to the beach on Saturday! it is gonna be sOoOo fun, even tho there's no computer and my cell phone won't work there. can't believe im almost a senior. i keep on missing the senior picture dates tho. oh well i gotta go practice....

Jun. 17, 2003--------------the year is almost over. this year was one of the most stressful in my life, but there were good times ^^ i made so many friends, and had lotz of fun on the trips i went on! buttttt sooo many of my friends are moving. T.T i'll miss u guyz! write me!! on a happier note... today i had my last [stressful] exam. of course i still have physics, but wutever. and camp starts on Sunday! wahhoOoo! its gonna be lotsa fun i think even tho lots of ppl aren't going bak. hmmm wut has happened since i updated this last? wellll i went to nyc yet again to take a lesson w/ Ida Kavafian. blah. lol. i passed the AP US final. OOOOO im SOoOOoOo HAPPY!!! IM DUN W/ MRS HUMFELD's CLAAAASSSSSS! no more TEAPOT! ugh i hate that lady! rite now im debating if i should tell her wut i think of her. we had to write this letter to her, but i wrote a suck-up-y one so that my quarter grade would be raised (didn't work). but i'm amazed at my exam grade, so i dunno if i should bother. of course i feel really bad that in my letter i basically told her shes a really gud teacher wen really shes AWFUL!!!!! T.T ugh. hmmmm wut else. well all i'm basically doing on this update is putting up lotsa pix from this yr before i go to camp! so check out my "gallery" and enjoy!!!!! ~**rachelle

Apr. 19, 2003--------------hehe Lana and I took a picture yesterday^^ go see it here!

Apr. 10, 2003--------------wow! it's been a LONG time since i've updated!!!! welll... wuts happened since last time. well allstate orchestra was the best!! it was sOooOooo fuN!!! and i played in the kennedy center concert hall ^^ i still haven't organized the germany pix page yet tho! sumthing to do over spring break.... but i'm going to nyc!! wahooOoo! and then parties for the rest of the week. hehe. hmmm wut else. wellll i took a lesson from danchenko, who despite his scary reputation was nice to me!! and i played for elmar oliveira, who was also nice. i was gonna play for pamela frank in nyc, but shes not gonna be there. maybe later. hmmm can't think of anything else~ i've been so busy lately with school and all. ugh. K is making me do the musical! yuck. and even tho i've been so busy w/ skool and the violin, my grades don't show it >_< neither does my violin playing. ugh. anywayz~ off to practice or procrastinate. not sure which ^.^

Feb. 10, 2003--------------Germany was SOOOOOOOO FUN!! omG! it was the BEST! i juss put sum pix up... explanations coming later...i'm really busy w/ makeup work and stuff... but click here.

Jan. 28, 2003--------------Finally it's the day before!!! im sooo excited! anywayz.. im also really tired after 2 nites in a row of going to bed at 4 and waking up at 6 T.T and hahaha im laughing SOO hard from this story i made up about eun jin and a certain person's imaginary younger brother. and yoonjoo as alwayz FUNNY!!! hahahaha excerpts from convos:
BabyAngel875: she's like "his younger brother is so hot! and he's mine but you can have him!"
BabyAngel875: yeah, and now, she keeps threatening me that she'll tell him the story
violinforlyf: i dun wanna get used to it

Jan. 19, 2003--------------TEN DAYZ EXACTLY LEFT!! or nine...depending how u count. anywayz. laughed almost the enTIRE dayz cuz of convos w/ yoonjoo. hahahaHAHAHA still laughing LOL anywayz. today i went to Mr. Summers' house and tried bowz for like THREE AND A HALF HRS! so i was SOO tired cuz i was playing the vln the whole time i think the passages i used from the Saint-Saens to try out the bowz got SOO much worse! and i spent soOO much time online today! hehe did NO HW im skrewed! oh well thank GOODNESS i have tom. maybe ill feel gud and go and try out the Four Seasons w/ the bows i'm trying. hehe HAHA still canNOTTTT STOP LAUGHING!!! hahahahaha

Jan. 18, 2003--------------very hectic day today. was rushing around from place to place all day. lesson, pno rehearsal, taught, shopping, ak! I'm exhausted rite now! and hyunjoo is a child prodigy! omG amazing vlnst AND pnst too! even tho she sayz she isn't. geeeeeeeeeeeezzzzzzz. anywayz i WAS gonna go to the movies. but they're all too late. stupid curfew >_< i mite tom. tho but then kt can't come. aK! im soo tired. and i g2g practice orch stuff, quartet stuff, and THE FOUR SEASONS! cuz i have to perform the 4 seasons on um Fri. and i bARELY practiced... arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! anywayz g2g bother Lauren, my sister, and her friends (esp Tingy-Wingy) lol

Jan. 17, 2003--------------today was ok. took the makeup of the Eng. essay test on Huck Finn, which was the same question as the ppl who took it yesterday had. so it was easy ^^ i hope i got an a. Yesterday, the NSO thing was ok. the rehearsal was cool. but the other stuff was stupid/boring. Then today, we had an early delay! nice~** ELEVEN DAYZ TIL GERMANY!!! yesh. i went to Merri's house and borrowed her CD player, so i can have one over there. i asked for one for xmas, but didn't get one. THANK YOU MERRI!!! Ah lesson tom. g2g practice.

Jan. 15, 2003--------------lol KT... kevin...hahaHA wutEVER. u knoe its all a joke. hmm maybe the reason u keep on bringing it up is b/c u wish u had a ::sexy:: (yeah rite...) pic to give to KEVIN!! maybe U like him. or maybe for JT or Noah or Domenic or any of ur other like 15,000 crushes. MWAHAHAHAHA. lol anywayz.. im sOOO excited about Germany!! and I dun have to go to skool tom^^ NSO thingie.~**

Jan. 14, 2003--------------everyone likes the new format better ^^ even tho it still needs work.oh well. and KATIE im NOT naked on the beach!! im wearing a very NOT revealing swimming suit!!! lol. haha. ur soo funny i dunno why u took those pix the wrong way. lol

Jan. 11, 2003--------------still working on this. its improved a lot, but it still needs a LOT of work. ak i should be practicing/doing hw/doing things that need to be dun >_<

Jan. 09, 2003--------------i should be sleeping... but im stupid and decided to redo mai whole site....

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