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Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Police Department

Providing Police Services for the following Medical Centers

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The United States Veterans Affairs Police in Los Angeles, is a fully operational 24 hour/7days a week police department that provides police services for 3 U.S. Veterans Affairs Medical Centers and currently employees over 60 Officers.

The law enforcement authority of VA Police Officers is derived from 38 United States Code, 901-904. This authorizes the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to prescribe rules for conduct on VA property. That statute also authorizes VA Police officers to enforce those rules and Federal laws for acts occurring on VA property. The rules for conduct are found at 38 Code of Federal Regulations 1.218.

Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Police Officers enforce and arrest for violations of federal laws, to include VA rules and regulations. The agency also, in accordence with Calif. Penal Code section 830.8 and Memorandums of Understanding with the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department, have been empowered with Calif. Peace Officer arrest authority and are authorized to book prisoners directly into Los Angeles County Jail.

The Los Angeles Veterans Affairs Police also has the only FBI and Calif. POST certified Special Response Team within the nationwide agency.