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Confederate Generals Who Served in the Shenandoah Valley

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During the Civil War five major campaigns and 700 skirmishes were fought in the Shenandoah Valley. During those four long years of War many of the Confederacy’s finest senior military officers fought e and several died in the Valley. On this page the reader will find biographical information on many “Valley Officers”, men who fought in and immediately adjacent to Virginia’s Shenandoah Valley.

General Jubal Early


Jubal A. Early, Lieutenant General, CSA
Gabriel C. Wharton, Major General, CSA
Samuel Fulkerson, Colonel, CSA
John McCausland, Brigadier General, CSA
Robert C. Rodes, Major General, CSA
William L. Jackson, Brigadier General, CSA
Thomas Mumford, Brigadier General, CSA
Richard S. Ewell, Lieutenant General, CSA
William H. Payne, Brigadier General, CSA
Arnold Alzey, Major General, CSA
Albert G. Jinkins, Brigadier General, CSA
Albert G. Jinkins, Brigadier General, CSA-More complete page
Richard B. Garnett, Brigadier General, CSA
James A. Walker, Brigadier General, CSA
Joseph E. Johnston, General, CSA
John C. Breckinridge, Major General, CSA
Edward Johnson, Major General, CSA
Amborse P. Hill, Lieutenant General, CSA
John Brown Gordon, Lieutenant General, CSA
J. E. B. Stuart, Major General, CSA
William W. Loring, Brigadier General, CSA
William E. Jones, Brigadier General, CSA
Wade Hampton, Major General, CSA
Samuel Garland, Brigadier General, CSA
Richard Taylor, Lieutenant General, CSA
Joseph B. Kershaw, Major General, CSA
Harry T. Hays, Brigadier General, CSA
John D. Imboden, Brigadier General, CSA
John Echols, Brigadier General, CSA
Lafeyette McLaws, Major General, CSA


Shenandoah generals
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