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The Civil War in the Shenandoah Valley
provided by A Heritage Enterprise-Your History Connection


16 January 1862

OR- SeriesI, Volume V, Chapter XIV, Pg 395

Ashby's Cavalry --- Lieutenant Colonel Turner Ashby and Virginia Militia

13 - 14 February 1862

OR- Series I, Volume V, Chapter XIV, Pg 405 UNION FORCES- Lander's Brigade

5th Ohio Infantry Regiment --- Colonel Carroll*
*= O.R. in unclear whether this was the 5th or 8th Ohio
CASUALTIES = Killed 11 Wounded 5 Missing 0 TOTAL 16


Virginia Militia --- Colonel J. Sencendiver
51st Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Major Wotring
31st Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Colonel R. F. Baldwin
67th Virginia Infantry Regiment
89th Virginia Infantry Regiment --- Major Davidson
CASUALTIES = Killed 13 Captured - 65

Partial Casualty List

Captain R. F. Baldwin - Pow
Captain William Baird - Pow
Captain G. M. Stewart - Pow
Captain Thomas McIntyre - Pow
Captain William Lodge - Pow
Captain Byron Lovett - Pow
Captain James Willis - Pow
Lieutenant Charles S. Brown - Pow
Lieutenant William Wilson - Pow
Lieutenant William A. Holland - Pow
Lieutenant Thomas Steele - Pow
Lieutenant R. L. Gray - Pow
Lieutenant A. L. White - Pow
Lieutenant H. R. Hottel - Pow
Lieutenant Isaac Rewner - Pow
Lieutenant Joseph Siebert - Pow


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