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Maryland Fishing Report – July 29

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Sturgeon Creek Marina


Lake Anna Tuesday Night Tournament August 4, 2020 - Week 8

1st - Nate Sullivan / Eric Johnson - 16.40 lbs
Big Fish - Wilson Bradley / Taylor McCann - 5.40 lbs
2nd - Josh Mullins / Jonathan Mullins - 13.24 lbs
3rd - Tyson Mastin / Daniel Mastin - 11.09 lbs
4th - Jeff Muller / David Blount - 10.83 lbs
5th - Lili Moran / Timmy Moran - 9.77 lbs

Lenny Baird‎ to Wednesday Night Shootout on Aquia Creek


Jesepth & Buck. 22.44 BF 7.12 ?
Brett & Logan. 14.33
David & William. 12.33
Tie for 4th
Kevin & Mike.
Lee & Greg. 11.48

Sturgeon Creek Marina


Lake Anna Friday Night Tournament
July 24, 2020 - Week 7

1st - Scot Sullivan / Dave Sullivan - 12.68 lbs
Big Fish - Scot Sullivan / Dave Sullivan - 5.12 lbs
2ns - Will Phillips / Charlie Bowles - 12.04 lbs
3rd - Jacob Dodson / Dillon Curtis - 10.80 lbs

Lenny Baird‎ to Wednesday Night Shootout on Aquia Creek


5 boats braved the rain and did decent tonight. I stayed home and took the family to Sonic for milkshakes ?
Nelms & Ramey 13.40
Brett & Pappa Page 10.14
Cliff &Billy 7.24
Kyle & Landon had 4.00 big fish

Sturgeon Creek Marina


Lake Anna Tuesday Night Tournament
July 21, 2020 - Week 6

1st - Nate Sullivan / Tim Garner - 17.36 lbs
Big Fish - Nate Sullivan / Tim Garner - 5.08 lbs
2nd - Dean Perrin / Trey Perrin - 15.59 lbs
3rd - Lucky Graves - James Graves - 12.17 lbs
4th - Wilson Bradley / Taylor McCann - 11.03 lbs
5th Pic - Charie Bowles
6th Pic - Hunter Iden - 22.5" Citation!!!
7th Pic - Timmy Moran / Buck Acors
8th Pic- Sam Taylor

Lake Anna Tuesday Night Tournament
July 14, 2020 - Week 5

1st - Bobby Campbell / Steve Campbell - 13.54 lbs
Big Fish - Bobby Campbell / Steve Campbell - 5.01 lbs
2nd - Scott Sullivan / Callie Sullivan - 11.63 lbs
3rd Pic - John Doyle
4th Pic - James Gallihugh

Lenny Baird‎ to Wednesday Night Shootout on Aquia Creek


7-15-20 Results. Good job on a tough night

David & Lenny 12.88
Mike & Michael Nelms 12.87
Greg & Lee. 10.94
Ryan & Richard. 10.46
Lewis & Floyd. 9.65
Big Fish Donnie & Marc. 3.52

Sturgeon Creek Marina

Lake Anna Friday Night Tournament
July 10, 2020 - Week 4

1st - Eric Johnson / Nate Sullivan - 15.01 lbs
Big Fish - Dee Kidd / Wil Vickery - 5.12 lbs
2nd Place - Dee Kidd / Wil Vickery - 12.46 lbs
3rd - Dillon Curtis / Jacob Dodson - 11.13 lbs
4th - Brandon Stayer / Sam Taylor - 10.65 lbs
5th Pic - CJ Dawson
6th Pic - Dave Sullivan


Greentop Fishing Report

Read Our Fishing Report

Updated: August 6, 2020 by Stan Cobb

(Next Update: August 12, 2020)

Saltwater – Some giant Flounder have been caught over the last week, predominately from ocean wrecks, the CBBT, and bay reefs.

The water has been a bit murky on the outgoing tide, but the incoming tide clears up, especially at high tide. High tide has been the best time for Spanish Mackerel. They are often jumping out of the water chasing bait. Smaller spoons work better, as the bait they are chasing is very small, about 2 inches long. Gold has been the better color.

Cobia catches continue to thrive throughout the bay. The Cobia bite usually lasts through September. So, there's plenty of time to chase after these tasty, hard-fighting fish. Live eels work well for bait, whether sight casting or chumming.

Encountering Red Drum is a good possibility while cruising for the Cobes. Drum readily attack lures such as jigs and topwater plugs.

The recent weeks have been good for those targeting Speckled Trout. Both sides of the bay have been producing quality fish. Just about any of the west side inlets/rivers have been good. The areas around the mouth of the Rappahannock are good places to try.

The offshore boats were catching Mahi before the hurricane forced them to dock. There were also some Wahoo catches occurring.

The surf and pier action is slow right now, as the hurricane shut things down over the last few days. Hurricanes often improve fishing after they have moved on. Look for dramatic improvements almost immediately

Freshwater – The Bass fishing has been outstanding on the Chickahominy River lately. It's been taking 20 pounds or better to win 5-fish limit tournaments. Kevin Gregory recently caught a 9.25 pound Bass from the Chick. Over the weekend, weights of 17 pounds did not make the money. The usual summer baits are working: crankbaits, grass frogs, plastic worms rigged on Texas rigs, shaky heads, and senkos.

There hasn't been as much action reported from the James. Kerr Lake is currently at 301.54 feet and is expected to rise due to the hurricane. This should improve things as Bass fishing there has been tough lately. 14 pounds has been the average winning weights, even for team tournaments. Many of the anglers are reporting having the best luck with shaky heads and drop shot rigs.

The Crappie fishing has been better as they are relating to deeper brush and some of the bridge areas.

Stripers in Lake Anna continue to bite well on live bait presentations in the early morning hours before boat traffic gets heavy. Also, Anna has been seeing average weights of 14 pounds as winning weights for Bass tournaments there. Ten-inch Texas rigged worms have been catching the quality Bass.

The upper James has risen slightly to 5.31 feet. Take advantage of this now as the river may very well rise quickly from the rain early this week. Topwater action has been good early and late.

Weekly Fishing Report:

Steve Chaconas National Ba …...ss Guide Service

Much Cooler
Morning high tides spread fish out, so moving lures early are a good choice.
Water is in the upper 80s! Highs in the mid 80s all week with a chance of thunderstorms. Overnight lows around 70 through the weekend. Warming for the weekend to the upper 80s.
Get out early and use moving baits, like bladed jigs, shallow crankbaits, and spinnerbaits. For all, tie to 12 pound test Gamma Edge fluorocarbon. The ¼ ounce spinnerbaits with gold Colorado blades work best when there's a bit of chop, low light or a slight stain to the water. All of these need to be in contact with cover, grass or wood. Vary retrieves to get fish to bite. Be ready to abandon as the tide and sun get higher. 
A switch to swim jigs, either black/blue or craw patterns will allow coverage of the water column. Crawl through grass and pop and allow to fall. Don’t hesitate to allow the jig to go to the bottom after snapping free from grass. 
Also topwater is still worth a shot, but with high water, bigger and louder baits will be best. A loud walking bait like the Hubs Chubb or Lucky Craft Gunfish will  get bites early with water not at peak high tide. Use 30 pound Gamma Torque braid on casting gear. Pay attention to how and if they are hitting these baits and adjust speed or size. Going to the other moving lures mentioned above is next. 
The bite gets tougher as the tide rolls in and the sun is high. Move around a lot with short pitches with soft plastics and stick worms. Try working pads at high tide.

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https://mustad-fishing.com, code NATIONALBASS20 at checkout. .  >>>>>>CONTINUE

FISHING REPORT By Charlie Taylor



Fishing Report - August 7, 2020


POTOMAC RIVER - D.C. - Largemouth bass are thick around the river vegetation. The hydrilla and wild celery are holding the fish. Top water lures are effective early and late in the day, particularly when the wind is not blowing. Other times, spinnerbaits and plastic baits of all kinds are the ticket. All lures should be worked as close as possible to the vegetation. Main river bridge pilings are holding fish. Senkos, plastic worms and creature baits are the baits of choice. Washington Channel anglers are taking fish from the War College Wall dropoff on Rat-L-Traps, spinnerbaits, deep-diving crankbaits and plastic worms. All the wood pilings are potential hiding places for bass, especially on outgoing tides. Crappie are schooled up along the seafood restaurant wall. Small minnows and jigs are helping fill stringers here. Catfish are suckers for clam snouts or cut bait, fished on flats adjacent to the channel or in outside bends of the river channel.

POTOMAC RIVER - BELOW WOODROW WILSON BRIDGE - Main river hydrilla beds from Swan Creek to Nanjemoy Creek are holding numbers of good sized largemouths. Likewise, the grass beds on the Virginia side, from Mt. Vernon to below Potomac Creek. Best action is occurring on the bottom end of the tide and on the far outside edges of the grass. Berkley Power Worms in red shad color and green pumpkin plastic stick baits, dropped in the outside edges, will trigger strikes. Topwater lures, particularly plastic. . >>>>>>>>CONTINUE

Chickahominy Lake Fishing Report – August 5, 2020

Posted on August 5, 2020 by Capt. Art

Capt. Art Conway of Conway’s River Rat Guide Service (804-514-1486) out of
Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait reported that Chickahominy Lake mid-day water
temperatures were in the mid to high 80’s in the central lower lake on
Wednesday (8/5/2020). The lake level was about a foot over the top of the
dam and the water was medium brown and moderately cloudy in the central
lake, with more murky water near windy shorelines and up the lake.

Many blue cats and bullheads were along drop-offs and in channels in the
main lake, but some were on flats and in creeks. When active, cats were
hitting live minnows and cut bait. Most crappie were on deeper main lake
flats near creek mouths or on channel edge brush piles, but a few were on
deeper shorelines with wood cover. When active, crappie were hitting live
minnows, Wright Bait Co. and Southern Pro curly tail jigs, small tubes,
Kalin crappie scrubs, and small swim baits. White and yellow perch were
scattered or in loose aggregates on flats and drop-offs in the main lake and
creeks and when active were hitting small live minnows, swim baits, and
jigs. Moderate numbers of bluegill and shellcracker were along main lake
shorelines and in the lower areas of major creeks, in loose schools holding
around wood cover or vegetation. When active, bluegill and shellcracker
were hitting live worms and Nikko nymphs, flies, and small swimbaits.
Pickerel and bass were located around cypress trees, on flats, along
shorelines, and on channel edges, especially near the mouths of creeks.
When active, bass and pickerel were hitting live minnows, spinnerbaits, swim
baits, stick worms, crank baits, jerk baits, and jigs.

Fishing with Capt. Conway, Tom Porter had 14 bluegill, 1 crappie, and 1 gar.

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