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Fishing Reports

VDGIF Outdoor Report

Maryland Fishing Report – May 22

Trout Stocking: May 21, 2019

Weekly Fishing Report:

Steve Chaconas National Bass Guide Service

If it hasn’t happened by now, we can expect waves of spawners to move up this week. So, time to fish bedding areas slowly and deliberately.
Near 90 to start the week, with temperatures falling to the low to mid 70s before returning to the mid 80s on Thursday. Overnight lows in the 60 degree range. Possible morning thunderstorms on Thursday in the mid 80s. 80s for Friday and rising into the weekend. 
Without Potomac grass beds, spawners can be difficult to target. However go with the flow. Emerging spadderdock, wood cover, and docks provide great areas for fish to stage near spawning flats. Otherwise, look for bottom irregularities. A slight drop in depth is all fish need to hold. 
Fish near drops are falling prey to drop shot, shaky head, Neko rigs and other soft plastic presentations. Split shot and Carolina rigs are a great way to cover flats where fish will be spawning. Use Power Poles to lock down once bites happen. 
Start presentations in shallow areas and work deliberately down drops. Attractants like Jack’s Juice Bait Spray encourage fish to hold on longer. 
With high morning tides, go to pads and docks. Buzzbaits are working. Try replacing the skirt with a soft plastic toad bait. This will make it easier to keep the bait up and slower. Fish are going to be either up on the marsh banks or on pad edges. Also cast parallel to docks and make repeated casts to aggravate fish into biting. 


FISHING REPORT By Charlie Taylor



Fishing Report - May 24, 2019

POTOMAC RIVER - D.C. - The Fletcher's Boathouse area is palgued with high water and strong current. Be especially careful if boating in that area. The river is dropping, but it will be a couple of days before it is fishable for novices in this area. The main channel through the city is showing largemouth bass being taken on plastic lures and crankbaits around the Roosevelt, 14th Street and Woodrow Wilson bridge pilings. Catfish and carp are available throughout the river. Catfish are taken on clam snouts, cut bait and live minnows, and carp on cut corn and doughballs. Washington Channel grassbeds and dropoffs are producing bass for anglers using buzzbaits, spinnerbaits and plastic worms. Shallow crankbaits over the grassbeds and deep-diving crankbaits along the edge of the dropoff will also take some good fish. The Blue Plains area is attracting large numbers of striped bass on early and late high tides. Rattling crankbaits and live white perch are taking the fish.continue>>>>>>

Fishing Report

Fredericksburg Free Lance-Star


POTOMAC RIVER: Reel Bass Adventures reports waters are clearing and the bass bite remains steady. Spatterdock pads have good bass that will strike a chatter bait, shallow running crank bait and plastic worms. Wood continues to give up good bass to slowly fished plastic worms and creature baits. More and more grass is showing up and rattle trap type baits and wacky rigged worms worked through the grasses will turn up bass and an occasional snakehead.

Maryland Department of Natural Resources

Upcoming Youth Fishing Rodeos

Youth fishing rodeos are great events to introduce a child to fishing, even if you've never been fishing yourself. Typically held at small ponds or lakes, the rodeos are aimed at helping beginners catch a fish!

Steve Camp
FRIDAY – JULY 26th 2019
Ed Dustin shared a post.
May 9 at 3:36 PM

SPONSORS: Jacks’s Juice / TEVA Sandals / Gamma Fishing Line / Maui Jim Sunglasses / Water Gremlin Weights / Mann’s Bait Company / Mustad Hooks / 13 Fishing / Boat US
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$20 OPTIONAL BIG FISH – 100% Payback

1st PLACE - $5000 / 2nd PLACE - $2500
3rd PLACE - $1500 / 4th PLACE - $1000 / 5th PLACE - $500
*based on a field of 100 boats
Hours 6:00 am to 3:00 pm / 2nd Flight (if necessary)
Boat number will be assigned to entries in the order they are received

Chris Craft
16 more boaters needed for this great event!!!!!! If you can help out, please click on link and register! Thank You!

The date is Sat, August 3

9th Annual Reel American Heroes Fishing Tournament | Reel American Heroes Foundation

What We Do RAHF Tournament Team RAHF Fishing Trip Wounded Hero Fishing System Past…

Reel American Heroes Foundation
Today one of our Proud Supporters informed us that they moved to an application process and that the application process for sponsorships and that it has ended for the year. We were shocked at hearing this news as they were always dedicated to helping our wounded, disabled and combat heroes. To receive this information approximately 2 months before RAHF9 hurts, as we just lost a large donation for our heroes today is $3,000.
It will be really tough for me to raise this money before RAHF9 as I will be having a surgery to replace 3 discs in my neck in the next few weeks. For that reason, I am making a personal request for donations to RAHF to help our Wounded, Disabled and Combat Heroes receive much needed recreational therapy on the water.
If you share this, please copy the text and put it in with the shared post.
The link for donations is below.


Updated: May 23rd, 2019 by Stan Cobb

(Next Update: May 31st, 2019) 

Saltwater- Lots of Cobia are being caught along the oceanfront, and a few have been caught from the CBBT area. The Cobia season opens June 1st. The minimum size limit is 40 inches. There is a 1 per person, 3 fish per vessel restriction. Of the 3 fish limit, only 1 fish over 50 inches may be possessed. This bite will greatly increase as we enter June, and the hotter months. The season ends Sept. 30. Along with the Cobia, the Red Drum are being caught along the oceanfront, and just inside the bay. Large schools of Red's are being encountered at this time. The Eastern Shore shallows are still producing the Red's, but the Black Drum are coming in bigger.

Freshwater- The tidal rivers are the place to be for Bass fishing right now. The strike zone is expanded with the warm water temps. Topwater baits are quite productive, as are Texas rigged soft plastics, such as the brush hog. Crankbaits are coming back into play, as the Bass enter post spawn patterns. Spinnerbaits are always an option, especially on cloudy days. Late May, and early June is also a good time for tidal Crappie. The Chick and James can be especially good right now. The Bass bite has picked up on the tidal Potomac and Rappahannock rivers also. Soft plastics and topwaters have been best so far. The catfish bite has become overwhelming on the tidal Rappahannock. They  upper James is at 5.54 ft. at the Westham gauge.  This is a good level and time of year for many presentations. Like the tidal rivers, topwater action can be quite explosive at this time. continue>>>>>

Chickahominy Lake Fishing Report – May 19, 2019

Posted on May 19, 2019 by Capt. Art

Capt. Art Conway of Conway’s River Rat Guide Service (804-514-1486) out of Ed Allen’s Boats and Bait reported that Chickahominy Lake mid-day water temperatures were in the high 70’s to middle 80’s in the lower main lake and slightly higher in the major creeks on Sunday (5/19/2019). The lake level was a few inches above the top of the dam. The water was medium brown and slightly cloudy in the central lake, and very cloudy along many downwind shorelines. Many creeks and some shorelines were hard to fish due to clumps of filamentous algae.

Some blue cats and bullheads were along drop-offs and in channels in the
main lake while others had dispersed onto flats and into creeks. When
active, cats were hitting live minnows and cut bait. Some crappie were in
creeks and others were in the main lake, in both cases frequently near wood cover in shallow to moderate depths. Active crappie were hitting live minnows, Wright Bait Co. and Southern Pro curlytail jigs, small tubes, Kalin crappie scrubs, and small swim baits. continue>>>

McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service McCotter's Lake Anna Guide ServiceMay 18 at 9:21 AM ·
McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service Late Spring Fishing Report/Forecast
Lake Anna, VA - As we begin to transition out of spring spawning season, anglers will need to adjust their fishing tactics accordingly. Water temperature is 74 and rising. Here's what you can expect for a visit in the coming weeks.
Largemouth Bass - Fishing in the mid lake region has been the best this year so far. Down lake was better than normal while up lake has been off. That could change very soon, however, but with the amount of herring and shad currently in the mid lake region spawning, it's doubtful. When fishing in the mid lake region use topwater baits like a Berkley Fishing Surge Shad or Cordell CJ7 Redfin over points and humps. Follow that up with a dog walking bait or soft plastic jerk bait like a FITT Premium Lures River Darter (now available at High Point Marina). When the sun gets a few fingers over the treeline, consider switching to a shaky worm and fishing offshore structure 12-20'. Up lake fish are relating to the willow grass lines and bluegill beds when the spawning carp aren't churning them up! Buzzbaits, poppers and wacky-rigged worms are good early up lake then it's time to switch to the shaky head and a mid-depth running crankbait. If you fish a frog way up the North Anna, don't be surprised to have a snakehead attack the bait!
Striper & Wiper - Both are schooled heavily in the mid lake region from The Splits down to the marinas. There are some down at Dike III if you want to make that run, too. It appears the fish never left mid lake from the winter so anglers are tracking them as they slowly move into the region from The Splits up to the first two bridges following shad and herring. You can cast topwaters over long, shallow, main lake points early, then vertically jig the new "Toothache" a.k.a. the KT Slab spoon available at High Point Marina when the fish go deep. Trolling umbrella rigs and deep diving Redfins is also working. If you enjoy employing live bait like herring, you can catch a mess on downlines now, too. Just look for the fleet in the morning and you'll find the striper, too. I encourage you to release even 20" wiper as the more of this initial stocking class is left to grow, the better chance we have of seeing 10-pound wipers, and believe me, that is a fish that will fight harder than a comparably-sized striper!
Crappie - There are plenty of small fish on bridge pilings now, but please don't keep any fish under 10". These fish are post-spawn but some still linger around up lake grass lines and shallow wood cover. Small, straight tail jigs and minnows on slip bobbers do best now. You'll sometimes have a tricky time keeping the white perch off your minnows if you are fishing over deep structure now.
Good luck, we hope to see you on the water!
McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service

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Jason Shay Susquehanna Smallmouth Solutions

Pete Holmes is with Hunter Chamberlin.

Great day with Chamberlin, Morgan Crider and Mark. Undercover Baits tubes in Legend color and chatterbaits with Undercover swimbait trailers put the fish in the boat.

Susquehanna Smallmouth Solutions ·

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McCotter's Lake Anna Guide Service

Jim Hemby Striper Guide Lake Anna Daily Journal

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Steve Camp‎ to VA Elite 70

The June 15th James River tournament will be launching from Hopewell.
1051 Riverside Ave hopewell city marina

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