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Welcome to Corey's Nicholas D. Wolfwood Shrine. I have chosen Wolfwood because he is the absolute coolest character in Trigun, maybe even more than Vash. I hope you enjoy my site, and if you have any questions or comments, send them to Corey The Stampede. Thanks, and LOVE AND PEACE!! Don't forget to check out my picture gallery. There are more pictures of Wolfwood than you can shake a big pointy stick at.

Updated- 2-15-03 Wow, long time no update. Then again, that's because I like it this place just the way it is. I don't think I'll be adding anything anytime soon, but I still love to hear from people. I check my e-mail almost everyday, and at least once a week. As always, send me an e-mail if you have any questions or comments. Thanks, and Love and Peace!!

PS: The little Wolfwood floating by at the top of this page is from Happy Donut Land. Get the address from the links. Hell, check them anyway because most of them lead to places where I got Wolfwood info, especially Trigun Machine. The rest of them are sites I really like (or am obligated to like, *nervous laughter*). ^^

NOTE ABOUT FANART- I would really like to start a fanart section, except at the moment I don't have time to write one. If anyone has an idea for one, or has already written one, please write to me with the subject "FANART". It should have something to do with Wolfwood, but it can be before he meets Vash. This is a serious offer, and I would appreciate only serious e-mails. Thanks, and I look forward to seeing some fanart!

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NICHOLAS D. WOLFWOOD - Wolfwood is a traveling priest, going from city to city preaching to all. He carries with him some equipment he uses to set up his miniature chapel, and he also carries a large cross. The cross is wrapped in cloth, and we dont find out what it looks like until Nick has to unwrap it to woop some robot ass. We find that it is a huge weapon, which many call the "Cross Punisher".

TRIGUN SUNGLASSES - Check out this site, they are the best place for anime stuff, and they even have Vash's Sunglasses!


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