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My Work Shop

When living in California, I bought this trailer from a company that was going out of business. It had a work bench, lights and many storage bins. I planned on using it for a portable work shop.

On planning my retirement, I decided that I was tired of the congestion, traffic and smog on the west coast and headed for the little town of Rocky Mount, Virginia with my tools and belongings loaded in the trailer. Rocky Mount is in the Blue Ridge Mountains and Franklin County which is known as the "Moonshine Capital of the World".

It took three trips across country with my trailer during the summer of 2001 but I am finally settled in and set up to enjoy life at an easy pace. I had bought my lathe in California but had never tried my hand at turning. So in August of 2001 I found Kevin Neely's site on the internet and decided to try my hand at turning bowls. I was really surprised at the outcome of my first attempt at bowl turning. Below is a picture of it which just happened to be the first bowl I sold.

Click on an image to get an enlarged picture.

All of my tools are set on wheels and on a nice day I can roll what I need outside and enjoy working with a view of the surrounding woods. If it is snowing or cold weather I just close the doors, turn on the heat and turn away.

Well today is starting off to be a pretty nice day so I think I will work outside and finish the vase I am making out of Pau Amarillo and Granadillo.The Granadillo I brought from California and the Pau Amarillo I got at Steve Wall Lumber in Mayoden, North Carolina.

Finished Vase


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