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Quick Timbaland Facts. Did you know....??

Tim's name before he became Timbaland was DJ Timmy Tim.

At one point, Timbaland was the most expensive producer in the game, topping Dre, with charging up to $275,000.00 per track. Currently he charges between 120,000-175,000.

Sebastian (Real name Garland Mosley) of Beat Club is Tim's brother.

Magoo's real name is Melvin Barcliff

Thomas Crown (one of Timmy's many nicknames) was a millionair mastermind.

Timbaland's favorite cereal is Frosted Flakes.

Over 100,000 Timbaland fans were surveyed and up to 60% of them are producers.

Timbaland's middle name starts with a "Z".

Timbaland and Pharrell were in a group called "Surrounded By Idiots" before they seperated and went their own ways. Their friendship continues today.

Melissa "Missy" Elliott is older than Tim.

Timbaland worked at Burger King, Winn Dixie, and Red Lobster when he was younger.

Tim hardly ever sleeps. If he sleeps, it's in the daytime.

Tim still isn't used to having fans crazy about him.

Timbaland left a girl at the Alter before.

Timothy Mosley is a biblical name.

Submitted by Keenan Massey - Tim sang in the Choir at Salem Junior High.

Submitted by Soloboy - Devonte was Timbaland's mentor and also taught him about the industry.

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