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SweetHP's Van Fund

This photo was taken after my OES Intiation as Associate Conductress, March 27, 2004. Twenty-one years does make a difference!


I'm currently working on a bunch of new things for this site! I've added page three to the long story and now there is a van page with all the details and pictures of what I need to achieve my independence in transportation.

Someone once said to me, "If you don't let people know you need help, then how on earth do you expect to get help?" Well, I hope this website will help me...not for financial gain, but to gain independence (something I feel a lot of people have and never realize how lucky they are). I will be revealing a lot about myself and holding myself up to a lot of criticism by doing this website, but....nothing ventured....nothing gained. I do not want to invoke the "poor, pitiful me" attitude from people because that's just not me. I am simply asking for help with something I am not (nor my family) in a position to do...simply put...I need a wheelchair accessible van that I can drive.

My van preference is a Ford Windstar because I have been evaluated at a rehab center with wheelchair accessible vans and the Windstar works best with my type of wheelchair and for proper positioning enabling me to drive. I also prefer Ford vans because they seem to hold up better mechanically even when loaded with handicapped driving aids!

I'm sure the question going through your mind is "Why should I help you? Everybody has it tough." My answer is trying putting yourself in my wheels (or wheelchair)! Imagine living each day with no transportation to the grocery store, drug store, church, or doctor, and forget about anything as frivolous as a concert, movie, shopping trip to the mall, or a short trip out of town. This wouldn't be so much of a problem if there were any type of public transportation for the handicapped...but we have none where I live! Just a few months ago I found myself in an even more serious situation. My husband was taken from work by ambulance, he was having trouble breathing, and he was dizzy and blacked-out. Now imagine how you would feel if this happened to someone you loved and all you could do is sit at home and wait for someone to decide to call and let you know what's happening. What if it were your child? I have a just think about it.

I have been through the process of trying to get special funding and the best I can tell anyone is that funding is great if you can find ALL the right channels to go through, but for the most part funding by anything the government offers is tied up by mountains of "red tape"that some government workers can't get through themselves, much less the person needing the funding. I consider this site to be me taking a "pro-active" stance for myself. It may take me awhile to get the funds needed from the generosity of the general public, but it's better than doing nothing. The goal is to raise at least $65,000 (yes, that's approximately how much it will cost me) so, if you want to's how!

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It has come to my attention by someone that has donated money using their credit card to inform you that PayPal takes 2.9% of every donation amount given by credit card. So, this will make the "Current Balance" seem like an odd dollar amount. This is not a big problem for me, just something I want everyone aware of in the future. If by some chance you have an account with PayPal, you can donate directly from your account to mine by using the email address of: There are no fees charged when making a donation from one account to another.

Or you may send donations to:

National Bank Of Commerce

115 West Main Street

Bedford, VA 24523

Please note that it is for the Lynn Orange Handicapped Van Fund when sending donation!

as of Thursday, September 1, 2005, 12:23 AM (EST):


I will be giving regular updates as to the progress of the funds for my van. It is a large amount of money, but the equipment I need is expensive most of it is computerized, as well as customized to the user.

Now, to get to know on any of the buttons below. Some of these pages will still be under construction because this is a work in progress. Also, be prepared for a few heartbreaks, recounts of physical abuse, as well as a few funny and uplifting surprises. Here we go......