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Welcome to Southern Virginia Rescue Referral's Home Page. We're being remodled and the above Menu is not completed. Please check back soon. If you need assistance NOW? Email me at

Animals are often abandoned or surrendered to the shelters or the rescue because "pet owners" can no longer care for their animals. Due to new additions to the family, moving, relocating, illness, financial hardship, death, "pets not allowed" housing or that the "pet owners" did not research just how much care and expense rottweilers need.

Volunteers and Foster Homes URGENTLY needed!!! If you'd like to foster or volunteer to help a rescue, please email me. There are rescues in every state, who need your help.

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We wanted to leave you with a few thoughts to consider.

Remember: "What you teach your children about being a responsible pet owner, they will also teach their children. Children learn by example. Your example!"

If you "dump" off your animals don't expect your children to learn any different. Be responsible for your own actions! Learn about the breed you wish to adopt BEFORE you adopt them. Research their breed specifics. A pet is a family addition and should be agreed upon by the entire family. That cute little puppy grows up to be a large dog that will need lots of care & can be very expensive. Learn what medical problems each breed may or will develop as they age. Be prepared!

As an addition, the same applies to kittens/cats. Even though you find they are cute and playful as babies. They do grow up! I should apply this to humans. Just because we are cute as children, does that mean AFTER we are adults, seniors or sick we should be thrown away too? Think about what you're doing to these animals you casually "leave at a shelter" or "leave in the country"... they started their lives with you. Trusted you. Just to have you "dump" them because you don't have time or space or room for them anymore. Animals may not be able to speak "English", but they show in their actions how they feel about you "not" loving them anymore. The sweetest family dog can turn aggressive when left in a shelter or "given away". An animal is not something disposable like trash. They are living, breathing creatures that need love and support too.

Everyone needs help, at some point in time, with their pets. Don't be ashamed to ask for it or to take your pet to obedience training. The shame is letting the behavior continue. Want to read some very insightful books about Rottweilers and Training? I've listed my favorites, just click HERE for some great reading.

SPCA of Martinsville - Henry County
PO Box 326
Collinsville VA 24078

Phone: (540) 632-0548
Petfinder Site: Full Listing


Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 11:00 AM - 5PM
Saturday 10:00 AM - 1:00 PM
Closed Wednesday and Sunday

Harry Byrd - Director

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