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Themed Entries For Big Points!

This is something New and Different that I borrowed from my friend Donna's Sweeps. The idea is to complete a whole themed entry and send in all at once for points. Those being for any Themed entry totally complete and mailed in together will get you a total of 25,000,000 Points plus any list points if any of the items are on the sweep items list. These can be doubled or Tripled using that option described on the Sweep Items Page. Most of the items can be bought at the dollar stores or they can be found rather cheap at other stores like walmart. Here are the themed entries for now and I will change them up as needed but I will give you fair warning! that they are going to change. I will do this by placing a picture of Eyeores Head in front of the ones having 3 days left before being removed.


Picnic Themed Entry

Throwaway tablecloth
Pk. mixed eating utensils
Pk paper or plastic cups
Pk paper plates
Bowl cover or tent

Wedding Themed Entry

White tissue bell decoration
Pk. of NAVY blue or silver or white balloons
Pk streamers (navy blue,silver, white)
Scented votive candle(navy blue)
navy Blue plastic tablecloth

Kids Themed Entry

Coloring book & crayons
Dollar store toy
Pk of designed Pencils
Bag of candy

Mens Themed Entry

Fishing Lure
Designed Lighter
T-shirt XL OR XXL
Pr of Socks
Pocket knife

Womens Themed Entry

Make up item
Pair of socks
Pk Hair scrunchies
Body spray
Bath beads or gel

BBQ Themed Entry

Bbq fork
Bbq tongs
Plastic tablecloth
Food tent or cover

Swimming Themed Entry

Pk of arm rings
Inflatable ball
Inflatable mattress or toy
Ear plugs

Spice Themed Entry

Jar of garlic powder
Can of black pepper
Jar of onion powder
Jar season salt
Jar of Mrs Dash.

Chocolate Themed Entry

Bag of chocolate
2 pks hot cocoa
Regular size crunch with carmel bar
Regular size snickers bar
Chocolate cookies

Car Themed Entry

Air Freshner
Something to hang from miror
Towel to clean it
Some soap to clean it
anything u want car related

Cat Themed Entry

Pouch or small can of food
Pk.Cat treats
Cat toy
Pk of catnip
Stuffed Mouse

~*~NEW~*~Party Themed Entry

red or blue or spiderman balloon
party favor
candles b-day
stickers pack

~*~NEW~*~4th of july Themed Entry

box of snakes
box of sparklers
something red
something white
something blue

~*~NEW~*~Fundraiser Themed Entry

Toy for boy
Toy for girl
Toy for infant
Toy for toddler
Something for a teenager boy or girl


~*~NEW~*~Pamper yourself Themed Entry

scented soap
bath oil or beads
body spray

~*~NEW~*~Hair Care Themed Entry

hair clip

~*~NEW 6/17~*~Back to School Themed Entry


~*~NEW 6/17~*~Food Themed Entry

box macaroni & cheese
can of cream mushroom soup
can tuna fish
can of mushrooms
small aluminum toss out pan

~*~NEW 6/17~*~After School Snack Themed Entry

Pk kool-aid
Snack cake
fruit rollup or chews
snack size cookies
snack size bag chips

~*~NEW 6/17~*~Home ALone after school Themed Entry

Pk Kool aid
candy bar
puzzle book
gel pen

~*~NEW 6/17~*~baking Themed Entry

shake n bake pouch
bake in a bag
oven mitt
pot holder
any spice

I WAS SWIMMIN ALONG and for the last time give you 750,000,000,000,000 pts!!!!~!

Don't forget If you have any questions about Sweep items or points or any question about My Spring into Summer Sweeps just Email me by clicking the TIGGER email button below!!!

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