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Here is the Page where you can earn points for the sweeps, there is also more pages withother ways of earning points so be sure and check those out as well. From time to time I will adjust items as needed by adding or taking away from the list. I will let you know what is going to be taken away with ample time to give you a opportunity to still send those items in for points!. I will also run some items as multipliers when the need arises or Im low on a certain item here at home.

Any entry that you send in may be doubled or tripled by the following ways!!

To double a entry just send in $3.00 (cash, money order,paypal or check) OR 8- (37 cents) stamps!!
or 2 of any of the following u can even mix or match
( pair of socks, pk of computer stationary, one free movie ticket or one ink catridge for canon s200)
To triple a entry just send in $5.00 (cash,moneyorder,paypal or check) OR 14 (37 cents) stamps!!or
3 of any of the following u can even mix or match
( pair of socks, pk of computer stationary, one free movie ticket or one ink catridge for canon s200)


Anytime during sweeps before the the Last day of them at midnight you may double or triple the entire sweeps by doing one of the following....Plese remember you can do this only oncce so make your choice wisely Please.

Double entire sweeps total at the end of sweeps by sending in $5.00 or
2 of the following items
full size calgon body wash
full size shampoo or conditioner
disposible camera
3 pkg bar soap
new vhs
100 count box sweet n low
Triple the entire sweeps total at the end of sweeps by sending in $10.00 or
4 of the following
full size calgon body wash
full size shampoo or conditioner
disposible camera
3 pkg bar soap
nip dvd
nip vhs
100 count box sweet n low
The money can be Paypal, Cash well concealed,Check,Money order or Cashiers Check. To get the points checks must clear the bank first. I will also be adding more items that you can send in to double or triple sweeps in a few weeks!

Make sure to check behind each item for a multiplier I wil be using them from time to time! Also you may send as many of each item that you want to. The items listed under each of the different point sections is for EACH item unless otherwise noted in front of the item. Ok now on with the items so you can start earning those points!!!

100 Points.

Each paperclip
Each new white envie(X2 if security)(X10 if whole box)
(x10)Each eraser(X3 designed or a topper for pencil)
Each index card(X5 if colored)
Each blank recipe card(x3 if designed)
Each mechanical pencil
Each Rubberband
Each piece of chalk(X2 if colored)
Each piece of hard candy or cough drops
Each band aid (X3 if designed)
Self addressed Envie for a Freebie Bonus mailed back to you
(x10)Each pk. b-day candle holders
Each lollipop
Each straw
Each cent spent on postage

250 Points.

Each regular ink pen
Each Piece of stationary paper
Each cupcake liner
(x10)Each pencil(x5 if designed)
Each balloon(X2 if navy blue,silver or white)
Each sheet of computer paper(X4 if designed or colored)
Each address label with my correct NAZ(x3 if picture on it)
Each craft stick ones like popsicle sticks
Each plastic silver ring for wedding crafts
Each glue stick
Each Blistex or Carmex for chapped lips
Each hot glue stick for glue gun
Each postcard
Each cookie cutter
Each loose sticker
Each coupon with a month before expiring
Each pk. gum

500 Points

Each gel pen (X 3 if scented or glitter in it)
Each pk of flower or vegtable seeds
Each pk of herb seeds
Each deck of cards
Each Plastic stencil
Each Sharpie marker
Each colored pencil (x5 whole box)
Each Marker (X5 whole box)
Each mini candy bar (X5 if snickers)
Each plastic Utensil for eating with
Each paper plate
Each Sponge (x5 if it has scrubbie side)
Each toothbrush(x10 if childs character)
Each disposible razor
Each Tea Bag (x3 if Tetley)
Bottle white out
Each highlighter (X4 if a pk of 4 or more)
Each pk. Hot cocoa
(x5)Each box crayons
Each snack size zipper bag
Each small silver bell for wedding crafts
Email entry on the way

1,000 Points.

Each Sandwich zipper bag
(x10)Each Lip Gloss or Lipstick
Each filing cabinet folder
Each Blank Notecard
Each Ruler
Each Comb
Each box toothpicks
(x5)Each box birthday candles
Each bar soap
Email me for my NAZ
Email me your NAZ
Each Coin wrapper
Each Dryer Sheet (X5 if whole box)
Each wooden spoon for mixing
Each pk Kool-aid
Each SOS Pad (X5 whole box)
Each nicely printed recipe
Each post it note pad

2,500 Points.

Each Regular size Candy bar
Each Plastic spatula for cooking
Each slotted spoon for cooking
Each Plastic spoon for cooking
Each Apron
Each roll of toilet paper
Each sm bathroom trash bag
Each Penny
(x5)Each fruit snack
Each car air freshner
Each small gift bag
Each box jello
Each box pudding
Each small bag of Sunflower seeds
Each small bag Peanuts(X2 if honey roasted)
Each freezer bag quart size
(x10)Each coloring book
Coupon for cat stuff(X3 if iams or science diet)
Each granola bar
Each cereal bar
Each box of raisins
Each pouch of instant oatmeal or cream of wheat
Each sheet scrapbook paper
Each die cut for scrapbooking
Each rubber stamp

5,000 Points.

Tally sheet
Each Nail polish
Each blush
each eye or lip liner
make up bag
Each Sample item(X2 if perfume or cologne)
Each Potholder (X3 cats or birdhouses)
Each kitchen wash cloth
Hair Scrunchie
Hair barrette
Each freezer bag gallon size
Each yankee tart candle
Each kids puzzle
Each pk dental floss
Each stick up
Each gauze bandage pad (X4 if whole box)
pk of gravy mix
Each pk shake n bake(X3 if for potatoes)
Each bag clip
Roll of scotch tape
Each stationary set
Each nickel
Each flat sheet wrapping paper any occasion
Each gift tag
Each blank b-day card
Each blank get well card
Each thinking of u card
Each pk streamers(x4 if navy blue,silver or white)

7,500 Points.

Each Wedding bubbles favors
Each spool tiny ribbon (x4 if navy blue,silver or white)
Each BBQ tongs
Each BBQ fork
Each paper plate X4 if whole pkg or foam)
Each pk napkins
Each dime
Each roll packing tape
Each padded envie any size
Each whistle
(x10)Each bottle of bubbles for kids
Each dictionary
Each small sticker strip
Each picture of yourself
Read the rules
Each emergency candle(X5 whole box)
Each small flashlight
Each dry eraser marker
Each Oven mitt(x3 cats or birdhouses)
Kitchen hand towel(X3 cats or birdhouses)
Each place mat (X3 cats or birdhouses)
Each bottle of spices
Each seasonings & bag(i.e pot roast, pork chops)
*NEW* Each ruler(x4 if colored or designed)

10,000 Points.

Delivery confirmation on entry
Each plastic cup
Each plastic throw away tablecloth(x4 if navy blue,silver or white)
Each puzzle book (x3 if Large Print)
Each set of two corn cob holders
Each plastic bowl cover or bug tent for picnic's
Each plastic condiment holder (empty squirt bottle u fill for Ketchup & mustard)
Each paper plate holder(made of bamboo or plastic)
Each lint brush
Each roll of curling ribbon (x4 if navy blue,silver or white)
Dream catcher (can be anything)
Each individual bag flavored coffee
Each dry coffee creamer plastic jar
Each pk of coffee filters
Each pk of lighters
Each set measuring cups or spoons
Each pk of incense or cones
Each checkbook cover
Each tealight candle (X4 if dark blue and scented)
Each lace doily
Each coaster set
Each pk Ramen noodles(generic's fine)
Each cat toy nip
Each tube antibotic cream(genric's fine)
Each pk Q-tips
Each mystery book
Each glade plug in refill
Each medium notepad
Each spiral notebook
Each pencil holder plastic

15,000 Points.

Each metal eating utensil(X4 if one place setting)
Each vacume bag(type A)
Each pk batteries at lesat two in pack
Each lint brush refill
Each can of vienna sausage
Each juice box or pouch
Each pk of cat treats
Pizza cutter
Ice Cream scoop
vegtable peeler
Each laundry coupon with month before expiring
Each calculator
Each kitchen knife
Each steak knife(X3 if set of six)
Each mdium gift bag
Each piece of colored tissue paper
Each set of bows
pk of push pin thumb tacks
Each tissue bell(x4 if dark blue,silver or white)
microwave poppcorn(X4 if new toffee flavor)
Any size paint brush for home painting
any size plastic drop cloth
Each bottle of wedding favor bubble (can be found at dollar bills)
Each individual handy wipe
Each pair shoe laces
*NEW* Each Make up full size item

20,000 Points.

Insurance on a entry mailed in
Pair of socks mens or womens
Individual snack item(i.e sm.cookie pks, cheese & crackers, snack cakes)
Small can or pouch cat food
Each blank CD/RW
Each noodles & sauce(generics fine)
Each muffin mix
Each wash cloth (X2 if dark or bright Blue)
Each handmade craft item
Each americana item(X10)
Each dollar toy for boys age 7(X 10)
Each dollar toy for girl age 14
travel size item
Pair of earrings hypo-allergenic please
Each rice & sauce (generics fine)
taco seasoning
chili seasoning
meatloaf seasoning
Each pk taco shells
Each pk of croutons
Each bottle salad toppings the crunchy ones
Each jar bacon bits
*NEW* Each Pencil Case

30,000 Points.

Each Cookie mix
Each Quarter(X3 if new state quarter)
Each new 37 cent stamp
Each sheet of stickers
Each dry mix salad dressing
Each dry mix meat marinade
Each dry mix dip mix
Each box of stuffing mix (generics fine)
Each box macaroni & cheese(genercis fine)
Each can tuna
Each can of Spam
Each picture frame
Each pkg. potatoes any kind
Each pudding cup
Each cutting board
Each mens belt size 38
Anything unicorn
Anything bears
Anything Cats
Anything angels

50,000 Points.

Each pc game
Each CD burned by you
Each scrapbook kit
Each small photo album
Each disposible camera
Each cake mix
Each icing
Each b-day cake decoration
Each cupcake sugar or sprinkle decoration bottle
Each box birthday candles
Each hand towel (X4 if dark or bright blue)
Each can of cr. of mushroom soup
Each can of durkee fried onions
Each Each roll of paper towels
(x5)Each laundry detergent tablet
Each antenna ball
Each scrapbook scissors
Each bag catnip
Each King size candy bag
Each large gift bag
Each bag of potpourri
Each air freshner spray

75,000 Points.

Each baking pan(can be found at $$ store)
Each plastic food container with lid
Each $1.00 sent in with a entry
Each spoon rest for stove
set of salt N pepper shakers (x4 cats or birdhouses)
Each pair of tongs for kitchen
Each timer for cooking
Each maxi pad
Each pk of blank addy labels
Each pouch pancake mix
Each pair gardening gloves
Each knee pad for gardening
Each Lrg. Plastic bowl for picnics
Each adult puzzle
Each box cereal no mini boxes
Yankee votive candle
Each bath back scrubber
Each bath poofy thing
pk. Tub non slip appliques(x3 if dolphins)
Each shower liner
Each shower hooks

I'm gonna fight until the end and WIN!!!

100,000 Points.

Each jar peanut butter (X3 creamy)
Each jar Jelly(X3 grape or plum X10 if homemade)
Each small yankee jar candle
pk of bread crumbs(x2 if seasoned)
Each shoe insole pads size mens 13 or size womens 9
Each half dollar
Each biscuit pouch mix
Each jiffy corn muffin mix
Each flower pot plastic
plastic waterer
Each pk twine to tie tomatoes up
Each plain glass votice candle holder
Fingernail or toe clippers
Each taper candle
Each dish soap container
Each soappad holder for sos pad
Jar of honey
Kitchen grater
First aid tape roll
Each bottle bactine
Each bottle peroxide

500,000 Points.

Each garden decoration
Each figurine for shelf
Each Silver dollar
Each sewing kit
Each windsock
Each door decoration
Each 4th of july window cling full sheet
Each 4th of july decoration(X10)
Each anti- persperent & deodorant stick
Each Dry soup mix pouch
Each buffalo Nickel
Each Wheat Penny
Each pks earrings backs
Each jar jewerly cleaner
(x5)Each Box Top for education unexpired
Jar parmesaen cheese(generics fine)
Can of fix a flat

1,000,000 Points.

Manicure kit
Foot Buffer for pedicures
Foot powder
Foot soak
foot lotion
(x5)pk play-doh
Pk of ribbons or bows for gifts
Any bag of candy
manual can opener not electric
Container of oil for car 10w40
Can of Transmission fluid dextron 2
Can of power steering Fluid
Thing of brake fluid DOT 3
(x10)Each Susan B Anthony coin
Each pair New Mens Boxers Size Lrg
Each New Ladies undies Size 10
Each First Aid kit
Each Gardening tool
Each Item used for camping(as long as not otherwise listed)
Each item used for picnics(as long as not otherwise listed)
Any Ty Beanie baby or similar as long as good condition can be used(X2)
*NEW* each bottle sunscreen
*NEW* each can of Bug Spray(X25)

2,500,000 Points.

Roll of 35mm Film
Each Wind chime
Each reg. or large Photo Album
Each craft painting book
Each craft painting pattern & instructions
(x10)Each $2.00 BILL
Each ink cartridge for Canon S200(cheap on Ebay)(x2 if colored)(x5 if both)
Each T-shirt size XXL or larger(x3 if designed)
Each tool item
Oil wrench
pair of house shoes(mens or womens)
Eye glass fabric holder
Pair of Mens Pajama pants size XL
Each bunch of fake flowers
Each Blank Vhs Tape
Each full flat sheet
(x5)Each Blank Cassette tape(X2 if sony or memorex)

5,000,000 Points.

Each VHS MOVIE(see wish list or email me what u have)(X3 NIP)
Each Ebay item won
Each Item off Wishlists(X25)
Each Plastic canister for flour, sugar ect.
Each flower vase
Each Each used clothing item mens size xl shirt 36 X 34 pants 36 shorts
Each Pocket knife
used clothing item ladies size 26W
Nice Tie for man
Each 2 piece set of pillowcases
(x10)Each king Flat sheet
Each panel of lace curtains(cheap ones are fine)(X3 if colored)
set of 4- real glasses(x4 birdhouse or cats)
Picture for wall
*NEW* Each lunchbox (X10 if character)

10,000,000 Points.

(x5)Each DVD (see wish list or email me what u have)(X3 NIP)
Each throw pillow(X3 burgandy or hunter green)
Any item for car (not items already listed elsewhere)
15,000,000,000,000 free pts
Sleep shirt Size 3x or larger
Pampered chef items on wishlist
Alarm clock
curling iron
*NEW* Each Bookbag(X3 if new)
*NEW*ANY PK SPIDERMAN B-day items(See wish list for items needed and extra pts)(X25)

30,000,000 Points.

Used King Conforter(X25 NIP)
Used Love nice seat cover (X25 NIP)
Used Couch nice cover (X5 NIP)
Each Wall paper border(X3 dolphins,cats or birdhouse or americana)

If you have any questions about Sweep items or points or any question about My Spring into Summer Sweeps just Email me by clicking the TIGGER email button below!!!

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