HUSBAND:  Robert Warren SMITH WIFE:  Rhue Zelma Celeste Jane VINING
b: 24 Jul 1877, Dalton, GA b: 14 Feb 1880, Doraville, GA
d: 20 Nov 1946, Norfolk, VA d: 4 Mar 1969, Norfolk, VA
FATHER: George Right SMITH FATHER: James Clinton VINING
MOTHER: Elizabeth Frances (Fannie) SPENCER MOTHER: Alice Signora HENLY
Notes: Family tradition has it that Robert moved his new family from GA to Norfolk, VA on his way to a job in Baltimore.  When he stopped to visit friends, he found a job as a printer and stayed for the rest of his life.

For an in-depth paper on the exploits of George Right SMITH during the Civil War, click here.  Be ready for lots of reading... It's a very in-depth report with lots of quotes from actual particpants.

M Ernest Gerald SMITH 1903 1903
M James Ralph SMITH 18 Jun 1904, Dalton, GA 4 Jul 1989 Elizabeth Agnes GHISELIN
M Robert Lynn SMITH 20 Oct 1906, Dalton, GA 18 Aug 1994 Madeline (Dinky) McDERMIN
M Richard Shirrell SMITH 16 Dec 1921, Dalton, GA Abt 2000 Faith McCullin
M Leonard Ragsdale SMITH 10 Jan 1923, Marietta, GA Living Ann Pauline Saunders

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