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My Drawings
I humbly present these drawings for your viewing. I have a great love for the period of the American Civil War and have always been fascinated by the art work I have seen over the years. This is my meager attempt to share with others that even a novice can have fun drawing about the past. I have a lot of drawings to do, as I add to this collection, I hope that you will return for another visit and see how my artwork progresses.

For a "large" version of any drawing, left "click" on the picture and I will automatically provide an enlarged version of the original drawing.

Gen'l AP Hill Genr'l RE Lee Gen'l Fitzhugh Lee
Conf. Infantry Captain Genr'l JEB Stuart Confederate Soldier
Gen'l Nathan Bedford Forrest Genr'l Stonewall Jackson Genr'l Jubal Early
Confederate Soldier Genr'l William Mahone Confederate President Jefferson Davis Helping the Wounded Confederate Seargent Nature Reclaims the Battlefield
Union General U.S. Grant Confederate Deer General James Longstreet
General George E. Pickett

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